Chapter 523.2: 523.2

Chapter 523: You Can Choose to Trust Me (Part Two)

On the way, when a big man in a trench coat walked past the three of them, he suddenly threw a powerful kick at the other agent, sending him flying away . The female agent subconsciously pushed Dr . Hawking to the side and began fighting the big man .

Just at that moment, a person suddenly came from behind Dr . Hawking and covered his mouth with a piece of cloth as he dragged him towards a door . Not long after, Hawking passed out .

Seeing the commotion, the other agents that were on the way walking over immediately ran over, wanting to chase after the other man in the black trench coat that took Hawking away .

That man directly walked down the corridor into an elevator . There was a giant suitcase inside, and he quickly took off his trench coat and revealed another outfit, and then he put both the clothes and Hawking into the suitcase . Putting on a pair of glasses, looking completely different than just a second ago, he pushed the cart out once the elevator reached the ground floor and went towards the pickup zone of the airport .

Back at the airport, those MI6 guys were scrambling for leads . Some chased out of the airport to look for suspicious vehicles, while some went to the surveillance room . The guy that was keeping the female agent occupied immediately disappeared into the crowd moments after Hawking was taken away .

The man in glasses that were pushing Hawking waved down a cab . The cab took him out to a place about 5 kilometers away from the airport . After getting off, he directly got onto a big bus that was parked by the side of the road .

And on this big bus, there were black curtains pulled all the way down, and it was pitch dark inside . There were a few CIA agents sitting inside, and they all looked at Hawking when the man opened the suitcase and rolled him out .

Hawking also woke up and saw them . Upon seeing the way they were dressed, he bitterly smiled . “This isn’t fun at all . ”

“We aren’t playing with you . If you want to play, there’s only one way . Either join the M Nation and serve the 5th Division or… A few days after today, we will direct a tragedy to be posted on the news saying how you were abducted and killed . You know our Hollywood screenwriters never lack a good plot . ”

“I’m already this old, how much time would I have left to work for you guys anyway? You are overestimating me . ” Hawking bitterly smiled .

“You don’t have to serve us, but you definitely can’t work for any nation besides the M Nation . Do you get what we mean?”

Hawking didn’t want to compromise . “I was kidnapped at the M Nation airport and got into an accident, how does the M Nation plan to answer the U . K . ?”

“We don’t need you to remind us about this . Our nation is a diverse country, and we have people here from all over the world . It could be anyone . As long as the U . K . doesn’t have any evidence directly pointed at us, would we have the final say? Could it be that the U . K . dares to use force against us?”

Just then, the bus driver heard someone knocking on his window .

“Buddy, give me a ride . ”

The driver rolled down the window and said impatiently, “Go away!”

The one greeting him was indeed Xu Cheng . He suddenly dragged the driver’s head out of the window and twisted his neck, and then he threw him onto the passenger seat .

Xu Cheng directly got onto the driver’s seat and started the engine . (

Inside the bus, they didn’t realize that the driver was changed . Along the way, Li Wei jumped onto the car and took over the steering wheel .

Xu Cheng jumped onto the top of the bus, walked to the back, and jumped down, and kicked into the back window, sliding into the bus .

There were five people inside, 4 of whom were CIA agents, and there was also a big man in glasses .

Xu Cheng killed all five of them in a split second .

Then, he took off the mask he used to disguise himself and revealed his true look . Looking at Hawking, he said, “When you don’t trust nations, you can also choose to trust me . Just like how I can save you from illnesses that no doctor in this world can . ”

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