Chapter 524.1: 524.1

Chapter 524: Left Behind a Mess (Part One)

Hawking saw the Xu Cheng that had suddenly appeared and killed everyone, and he pretended to remain calm and chuckled, “What if I choose not to?”

Xu Cheng: “I will turn around and leave, and you will stay here with the car . There will then be people from the 5th Division that will find you and make you a puppet scientist for their quantum experiments . ”

Hawking shrugged his shoulders . “What’s the difference? Do you represent Huaxia? Over these years, it seems like there’s only this country in the East that still dares to go up against the M Nation . ”

“What if I say I’m not?” Xu Cheng smiled .

Hawking was a bit shocked . “Who do you work for then?”

“If I say myself, would you be willing to work for me?” Xu Cheng said .

“You?” Hawking sneered . “Even the U . K . government lost sight of me, what makes you confident enough to go up against the M Nation? I feel like in comparison to working for you, I will at least be much safer being a puppet in the M Nation . Look at those big entities that went up against M Nation in the past, which one of them wasn’t more capable than you? But what happened? They all died facing the M Nation military . I’m not just a naive and hot-blooded youngster, I’m already over 70, child . I can’t go on these wild adventures with you . I was just praising you for your calmness and low-key style, I didn’t expect you to be just like the other people your age, adventurous, rebellious, and naive . ”

“Listen, Dr . Hawking, I don’t need you to lecture me . If I were you and was given a chance to come back to life, then if I don’t do something big, I would feel like this opportunity would go to waste . To be honest, you aren’t someone my organization definitely needs . I will just treat it as I picked the wrong person, and I don’t need you to do anything to repay me in the future . Now, you are free,” Xu Cheng said as he turned around and left . Through the little mic, he said, “Li Wei, park the bus, we are going . ”

The bus was suddenly parked by the side of the road .

At this time, Caesar’s voice came over . “Boss, the man you killed, he seemed to be from the 5th Division . There should be some monitoring system on him or the car, they have been alerted now and there are at least 2 cars coming your way . ”

“I got it . ”

After getting off the car, he said to Li Wei, “Take him to somewhere safe, I will clean up the mess . ”

Li Wei nodded and led Hawking away from the area .

Xu Cheng began driving the truck again and stomped on the gas pedal .

The man in glasses he killed back there was a soldier from the 5th Division, and they were all equipped with a device that monitored their vitals . Their HQ would be immediately alerted when the vitals go out when someone dies, and thus, 10 masters from the 72 Demons of Soloman were dispatched to track this bus .

“Bus is en route to Brooklyn Bridge, intercept it!” The HQ was tracking the bus through satellites .

Xu Cheng said to Caesar, “Tell me the license plate for the vehicles that are coming to intercept me . ”

Caesar: “Boss, what are you planning to do?”

Xu Cheng grinned . “I’m putting on a show for you guys . You guys have never seen me in action yet, right? You are in luck today . Li Wei, tell that Stephen to watch if I’m really a mad man with a brain or not . ”

He said as he drove the bus calmly towards the Brooklyn Bridge .

He could get away and leave no traces behind right now, but he wanted to create some chaos and refresh his existence in the eyes of his enemies .

Caesar told Xu Cheng the license plates of the two cars from the 5th Division .

Xu Cheng remembered it and as he drove on, he spotted them two streets away from him coming towards him .

At a spacious intersection, the two cars from the 5th Division saw the bus on the road perpendicular to theirs .

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