Chapter 675.2: 675.2

Chapter 675: Once At His Level, the Counter-attack Force Would Have to be in the Thousands (Part Two)

Benjamin never had an idea of Xu Cheng’s ability because he had never seen Xu Cheng in action . The only time he had seen it was once when he followed him to assassinate the head of the Wild Wolf Mercenaries .

But it was different now, it was a regular army with tanks and heavy security on the other side . He was a little worried as he rushed back to the Deviant Corp’s basecamp and reported to Chekhov and the others .

Chekhov and the others were still roasting steaks and eating .

Benjamin was anxious . “You’re just going to let Boss go in alone? I saw it, this time Blackwater’s defenses are even better than when you two went it . They had a circle of tanks patrolling outside, and less than a hundred meters away from the barracks, there were machine guns piled up in the trenches . There’s simply no shortcut to get in except from the main gate . ”

When he finished speaking, he saw the crowd looking at him with careless expressions .

Chekhov spit out one word . “Oh . ”

Then they continued to play cards .

Benjamin got angry . “Isn’t Boss the foundation of our organization? What will we do if he’s gone? How will we continue down this path without him leading us?”

Li Wei, who has always followed Xu Cheng, smiled . “Benjamin, is this your first day knowing Boss?”

Benjamin smacked his lips . “I know he’s supposed to be strong, but Blackwater’s defenses are really flawless . ”

Mario waved his hands . “Wrong, he’s not just strong, he’s incredibly strong! Your ability hasn’t awakened yet, so you don’t have a proper definition of yourself and the Deviant Corp . It’s not a rumor that our Boss’s ambition is to take control of everything . Why do you think we say the boss is the foundation of our organization? It’s because he’s very strong and as long as he doesn’t fall down, we Deviant Mercenaries will not perish . If his strength was just average, then did you think he would dare to have overhead control of Kush?”

Benjamin: “That’s what I’m wondering too . I heard earlier that he and Kush had a draw and both were badly injured . So why is Kush at the mercy of others this time?”

Li Wei: “Because Boss’s strength has increased again! The fact that he was able to save Kush without hesitation means that Kush is no longer a threat to him . You don’t need to worry about his strength, as long as he’s not facing a nuclear bomb, then I’ll bet that a battalion can’t even take him down, or even be enough to tire him out . ”

Vala and Diesel nodded .

Diesel then said to Benjamin, “I’ve realized something recently since I was doing assassination missions . If I was capable of taking out the target with hundreds of soldiers against me, then wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for Boss to kill all of them? It’s only recently that it dawned on me why the Boss no longer wanted to command the army, but chose to hide and work behind the scenes; it’s because with his strength, he really wasn’t afraid of someone like Kush or anyone who have thousands of soldiers, simply because he could easily kill them all! At his level of solo combat, the counter-attacks would have to be in groups of thousands and that is the biggest reason why us Deviant Mercenaries can’t be exposed . ”

Chekhov looked at the clock and said, “It’s been half an hour, let’s go . Everyone, get into the car, they really have a lot of ammunition and I’m sure we’ll take a lot back this time . ”

The group nodded .

Chekhov then said to Benjamin, “You tag along as well and see how the so-called flawless defenses in your eyes are destroyed by our Boss . I bet there’s a massacre going on there . ”

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