Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Double Trouble (**)

"Hey…" Xuefeng muttered, caressing her cheek while making Bella look up at him. "I was always considering you… I just didn't want to ruin that something you had with Drakos."

He kissed her on the forehead but then Bella reacted with a sudden euphoria. She reached up, holding his face passionately, and pressed their lips together. Bella clearly tried to recreate a kiss but after an initial pull on his bottom lip, she didn't seem like she knew what to do next. 

"Can I try to have something with you too…? Even Phoenixes make mistakes. I want to try till I get it right…" Bella expressed as she pulled away ever so slightly before whispering, "I'm sorry… I never kissed…"

Xuefeng melted at her innocence. "It's okay. It's not hard," he informed as he parted her lips, showing her how its done on the spot. 

"Mhmm…" Bella moaned as he constantly pressed and pulled till the rosy pink of her lips reddened while their breaths were halted. 

Meanwhile, Wu didn't remain idle. She wiggled around his body as she stripped him off his pants before returning to him while having his erection fully in her grasp. 

"I want kisses too…" Wu demanded as she gently bit on his ear while continuing to stroke him. She missed him for so long, so she deserved some attention too. 

"My wife," Xuefeng muttered as he turned around to her and he was joyfully seized, not even giving him time to breathe. 

The flavor of a hungry wife was truly different, her tongue spicing against his own before sweetening his moist mouth. She wasn't trying to win a battle but rather seeking union, closeness, and the sharing of one breath, one sensation, one timeless and passionate moment. 

Xuefeng got aroused from the kiss alone which Bella noticed. 

"You are getting so hot and your thing is twitching just from Sis Wu holding it… I wish I could do that too…" Bella commented in amazement as she gazed at his hotness. 

She observed them still going at each other, their moves quick and electric, getting firmer and more determined with each move before she let go of him, switching into less occupied targets. 

Kissing on his neck, Bella trailed down, watering his collar-bone and chest. She sucked and licked his nipple as if she wanted to cover his whole body with the warmth of her tongue. He could feel her nose tickle his abs as she kissed every muscle from the top to the bottom till she reached his lower belly. 

"It's not slippery…" Bella muttered as she held him gently, taking over Wu who let her have her little moment. 

Having no experience whatsoever, Bella found it hard to stroke it raw, so she licked her fingers and spread the saliva on the shaft. That only helped a little, causing her to squint her eyes. 

"I need some more…" Bella figured and leaned down while lying on his stomach. 

She glanced at the rosy head from up close and suddenly licked, testing the waters by trying. Seeing Xuefeng twitch, her eyes widened and she repeated the motion, licking him like a cat, her tip rotating boldly. She grasped the first step without anyone's help but the second was more complicated. 

"Let me help her," Wu suggested with a smile, leaving his lips with a heated breath. "Just relax and enjoy."

Even though she was the one requiring attention, Wu still prioritized his own pleasure. Xuefeng naturally wouldn't let her off this easily, seizing her butt the moment she turned around. 


Before she could react, Xuefeng already squeezed her thighs as his tongue made her moan. 

"Bella, you are doing well, but instead of just licking, try sucking as well," Wu informed as she joined Bella, quickly leaving a sucking kiss as if to get back at him. 

"Oh!" Bella exclaimed and copied, kissing from the other side, their lips almost touching. 

"Now try adding your tongue as you suck," Wu continued to instruct, sliding all the way to the top. Her tongue circled around the head before she swallowed him whole. 

"Sis Wu, so good," Bella praised as she tried on her own. She trailed down all the way to the base and sucked on the two balls, licking aggressively at the same time. 

The double combo was much for Xuefeng who has been blue-balled just earlier. 

"Bella, come here!" Wu called out as Xuefeng trembled and began stroking. Bella only managed to get back when Xuefeng climaxed, exploding right at their faces. 

"Ah!" Bella exclaimed in surprise while Wu grinned happily, opening her mouth with her tongue out. Bella only copied her at the second shot, claiming some of the liquid for herself. 

"Taste it! It's good," Wu suggested before shamelessly gulping down the whole thing for herself. 

Bella's eyes widened when she swallowed it all deep in her throat but when she tasted the golden liquid, she entered an even bigger shock. 

"It's so good!" Bella called out, understanding now why Wu was so eager to get more even before she cleaned her face. 

Xuefeng thrust with his hips but Wu didn't mind, taking it all excitedly. 

"So deep…" Bella muttered as she gathered the remaining liquid from her nose and cheek. "Why is it so relaxing? My body screams as if it wants more of it…" 

"Hehe," Wu giggled as she pulled back. "I know right? The more you taste it, the more you want it— Ahh…" 

Her speech got broken by a moan as Xuefeng continued to stimulate her. Bella seized this moment and took his erection into her hands, swallowing it down herself. 

"Cough, cough!" 

She withdrew a moment later, almost choking from her first try. She couldn't help but look at Wu with respect. 

"Don't force yourself. You have time to learn everything," Wu reminded, licking her fingers before her own portion gets stolen. 

"Hmm, can we get more?" Bella wondered curiously as she stroked, trying to squeeze the last drops. Her eyes were literally shining. 

"You will have to ask the man himself," Wu replied as she escaped from Xuefeng's clutches, letting him sit up. 

Knock, knock. 

Xuefeng only managed to hold the two perky bottoms when they heard a knocking sound. 

"Yes?" Xuefeng called out, the person disturbing them at the worst possible moment. He was already all fired up and he didn't want to wait anymore. 

"Xuefeng, I know you are with Wu but have you seen Bella? I cannot find her." 

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