Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Master of Deception


Sena shuddered at his words but Xuefeng assured her, not trying to antagonize the poor girl. "Don't worry. Nothing will happen if your father answers my questions honestly." 


Even though Xuefeng was bluffing, the King of Heaven had no way of verifying it. What if he really had a bomb capable of disrupting the space of the Fate Realm? If Xuefeng had a way to break through their Heavenly Gate, it was definitely possible he could create a Fate Qi Bomb. 


Not to mention that Xuefeng's life couldn't compare to the lives of the whole Kingdom. Even though their Souls were immortal, they could at most return to life with the help of Fate Holders. It wasn't something the King of Heaven would want. 


"I locked my Fate Kingdom to protect my people," the King of Heaven lied again, causing Xuefeng to shake his head. 


"That's a lie and we already established that. You locked your Kingdom to protect yourself," Xuefeng replied as he gazed at him sharply. "Now tell me, where is Sena's Mother?" 


Although Xuefeng couldn't kill him now, he could at least have some small revenge for his wives and ruin the King of Heaven's comfortable life. The King of Heaven immediately frowned when he heard the question while Sena and the guards displayed saddened expressions.


"What does she have to do with anything? She is not here," the King of Heaven replied sharply but Xuefeng was already prepared. 


Xuefeng canceled his Dragon Claw and extended his hand at the cube in a dramatic manner. 


"I asked you a question. Don't push me to take drastic measures," Xuefeng spat coldly.


He wanted to check the cube's real purpose by touching it when the cube actually reacted to his call. A metal arm reached out to his palm and pressed against him. It was hot to the touch, almost burning his palm but Xuefeng's face showed no surprise, pretending it was all his doing. 


His act quickly pissed off the King of Heaven as he clenched his fist, causing vibration in the air. 


"You! I already told you she is not here. My wife left the Fate Kingdom a while ago and I don't know where she is right now," the King of Heaven replied angrily. "Stop with those games and say what you want!"


Xuefeng couldn't help but cringe at the King of Heaven's words. To think he still dared to refer to Ming as his wife after everything he did to her and Ling. 


Looking into his eyes, Xuefeng could see the King of Heaven suspected that he knew something. Xuefeng already mentioned two big clues that lead to the King of Heaven dirty secret yet he still pretended as if he knew nothing. 


The desire to end him grew in Xuefeng's heart and thankfully, the Cube was cooperating in that matter. It already started injecting Fate Qi into his body and Xuefeng was already familiar with this process.


It was imprinting itself on him and acknowledging him as its master! Every Artefact was bound to the Cultivator and this cube wasn't an exception. 


Xuefeng felt a sting in his Soul before a stream of information forced its way into his mind. 


"Hahaha!" After a short moment of silence, Xuefeng burst out laughing, confusing everyone in the room. 


Multi-realm Teleportation Artefact! 


Xuefeng couldn't ask for a more perfect Artefact in the current situation. He could now go all out and escape whenever he wanted to.


"Tsk, you asked me what I want?" Xuefeng asked with a snicker. "Let me show you what I want."


Xuefeng suddenly flipped Sena around to face him and picked her up while hugging her into his chest. Before she could figure out what happened, he was already jumping out through the balcony with the Cube following closely behind. 


He flew above the palace where everyone could see and hear him clearly before whispering into Sena's ear. 


"I was sent here by your mother. If you want to meet with Ming and Ling soon, confirm whatever I am going to say."


She momentarily trembled and looked at him in shock but Xuefeng didn't give her time to ask questions. The King of Heaven was already chasing after them. 


"People of the Fate Kingdom!" Xuefeng's voice reverberated far and wide. "Come out and listen to Princess Sena's announcement!"


He grasped Sena's waists as if he was her man and let her stay by his side instead of hiding in his arms.


Just as he thought, he didn't need to wait long for the people to notice them. Princess Sena was indeed popular in the Fate Kingdom. 


"Princess Sena came!"


"Who is the man beside her?"


"He is holding her waist and she doesn't object to it! Did our Princess find herself a man?" 


People gossiped as they flew up from the streets and homes when the King of Heaven interfered. 


"Don't listen to him! He kidnapped my daughter and now threatens her!" 


His words created a commotion but Xuefeng was already prepared. 


"Such disgusting lies just to hide the truth! Princess Sena, tell everyone! Am I threatening you?" Xuefeng asked in front of everyone, showing a sincere smile while he rubbed her side. 


Thankfully, Sena didn't disappoint him. 


"Don't worry everyone! I am not threatened by anyone. Please hear whatever he has to say!" Sena requested, calming down the crowds. 


"Sena! Don't let him manipulate you!" the King of Heaven yelled but Sena ignored him. 


"My name is Liu Xuefeng! I was hired by Princess Sena to find her mother, the Queen of the Fate Kingdom, and her sister, Princess Ling! I can proudly announce that I finally found them!" Xuefeng revealed. 


"Lies!" the King of Heaven shouted back but Sena countered immediately. "It's the truth! I hired him!" 


"The two of them want to return home but your bastard King keeps them locked away, unable to reunite with their loving race! How many years have they suffered?!" Xuefeng cried out with his voice full of pain. 


"Shut up!" the King of Heaven shouted and finally exploded, reaching out to attack. 


Too bad, he was against the master schemer, Lord Xuefeng. 




Flames exploded in front of Xuefeng and Sena, swallowing them both. 




The crowds cried in worry when Xuefeng flew out from the dark cloud with Sena in his arms. That didn't calm them down though. 


"Oh no!!!" 


"Princess Sena!!!"


Xuefeng's back was all black, charred from the flames while Sena was hidden within his arms. Despite being saved by him, she still suffered some injuries, small burns, and cuts visible on her body.


"He tried to kill us!!! He tried to kill his own daughter!!! Cough, cough!" Xuefeng yelled with a hoarse voice before coughing out blood. "He wants to silence us!!!"


Xuefeng could see the King of Heaven almost coughed up blood himself hearing his accusations. 


"That wasn't me! He is framing me!" the King of Heaven explained but how could anyone believe him? All of them saw their King extend his arm at his own daughter and then the explosion blasted them away. 


"How could you attack our Princess?! Our lovely Princess Sena! Your own daughter!" Xuefeng added fuel to the flames as the cube spun rapidly and turned into a metallic liquid that wrapped around their bodies. 


"This place isn't safe! I'm taking Princess Sena away to her mother! Please stop this maniac before he kills us all!" 


With those last words, the liquid covered his head and they both disappeared, leaving the King of Heaven with the angry crowd. 


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