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Episode 13 The Body Who Was Lurking in The Moonlight Night.

Several days had passed after that. I acted like usual, in the daytime I am a Heart Family employee. At night I’m living a double life to hunt goblins to take their souls while using my Glutton skill.

Also, I was anxious about Rafal’s group. I have staked out many times on the luxury stores where I had witnessed them. However, they haven’t shown their appearance in the shop. Most likely they were always changing their gathering places. But, why? I don’t know their reason as the time flew by.

I could have informed this matter to Roxy, although reporting information about them plotting to do something would have zero value . She should already be suspecting that Rafal’s group would do something bad. The important part was the content.

Even though I think without any information, the answer would be no. Thus if I want to know more, it’s quicker to confront the related parties directly.

I had reached this conclusion in these last several days.

It was said the second son of Burix Family started investigating about the wandering monster in the goblin prairie and hob goblin forest, where I rampaged back then.

Therefore, I decided to put on a black hooded overcoat, the skull mask, and became the wandering monster who was feared by the Warriors in the Royal Capital.

Occasionally, I showed my appearance on purpose to the few parties of Warriors who hunted at night.

And then, from the gathered sighting information, I became well-known as the fiendish monster named Lich.

The monster who wore black hooded clothes, and there was no meat attached onto the body. Certainly, there was a part that matched the figure I was disguised as.

There were no clouds in the night sky tonight, it’s a splendid night for hunting. The Warriors brought their weapons into the Goblin Prairie and the Hobgoblin Forest.

At that moment, I became Lich and ran freely in the Goblin Prairie under the moonlight night.

I killed every goblin that I found, and I let my appearance get caught briefly by the Warriors on purpose.

While keep repeating that, the worried voices about my existence among the Warriors were gradually growing.

I had killed ten goblins, and when I was resting, there was a scream that came from the grass.

[Lich is here! The Corpse has appeared, everyone run away!]

A Warrior with a severe face, looked at me who wore the skull mask, and his face turned blue as he began to run away.

Recently, I had been called the Corpse. Because I was often being witnessed standing on the mountain of the goblins’ corpses.

Among the Warriors, the Goblin Loving Lich-san—Corpse, was said to start attacking humans sooner or later. Because for monsters, human is their favorite food.

Although it’s an unusual monster, it surely will begin to aim at humans… Even for the regular visitors at the bar, the warriors who sat next to me said that with a face filled with uneasiness and drank in desperation.

The bar shopkeeper said because the time period when The Corpse appeared was around midnight, there was no impact yet to the logistical distribution. However, if the rumour spread outside the Royal Capital, the story would be different. If the quantity stagnated, the purchasing price will rise, which may put pressure on the management of the bar.

I apologized to the shopkeeper in my mind, I was waiting for the Holy Knight-sama to make an appearance.

However, the next day, I had a business that I couldn’t afford to avoid.

I was invited by Roxy to accompany her to the Heart Family territory.

Although I had spent a lot of trouble to make Hado, the second son in the Burix Family come out…. It’s really regretful.


[You looked gloomy, Fate, do you not like coming to the territory…?]

On the carriage, Roxy watched me while pouting. Only the two of us were inside here.

Nevertheless, my mind had been wandering to the other matters. The strategy to pluck the bud of Burix Family was stalling for the moment.

Not good, not good. I couldn’t spoil the happy moment when Roxy returned back to her home.

[That’s not true. I was really looking forward for it!]
[Is it true?]

She looked at me with doubtful eyes. Was I really showing such an uninterested face earlier.

[It’s true! It’s time for grape harvesting now. I can’t wait to join harvesting grapes together!]

[Well, you remembered it.]


Every year when she returned to the territory, Roxy harvested the grapes with the people there. It was one of the few events where she could interact with the people within the territory. From the time we got out from the carriage, I felt excited because I was being highly taken care of .

Roxy’s territory was located in ravine of mountains on the north of Royal Capital. It’s autumn now, but when it becomes winter, the scenery changes into a harsh, snowy landscape.

However, as a result of repeated soil improvements generation after generation with the people, it became a rich and productive land. To prepare for the harsh winter, they not only harvest and stockpile crops, but they also send them to the Royal Capital in large quantities.

Apart from the wine, being able to contribute various agricultural products to the Kingdom, it was said to be the pride of the Heart family.

[I have heard it from Roxy-sama to the point I understand. These dishes seem to be so delicious!]

[Fufufu, Fate always bring the stories about foods. It’s true, being able to have an abundance…. There are always monsters aimed at the crops. I returned back to the territory to subjugate them]

[Monsters, huh?…. They really appear anywhere]

When I distorted my eyebrow, Roxy laughed while she put her hands to her mouth.

[It’s troublesome. However, if we defeat them this time, they won’t come out until next year. Since I am a Holy Knight, it’s not any problem at all]

[As expected. Um… What kind of monsters are they?]


Kobold… If I’m not mistaken, it was a monster who gave one the impression of a walking dog. Their size was larger than mine.

It’s a monster with higher rank than the Goblin. I heard it’s impossible to subjugate them if the Warrior was not a powerful person.

Moreover, their group consciousness was strong, when their companions in the group were attacked, they would howl and call reinforcements one after another. Even if you hid yourself in a bush or something, you would soon be found out because their nose was sharp. Also, they had a tenacious personality too.

As an opponent, they surely were a considerably troublesome monster.

When I was thinking about it, my stomach felt hungry.


[Fate, what’s the matter? Did you get hungry? You just ate a little while ago]

My belly sounded out in the front of Roxy… This is so embarrassing. What a blunder.

This was surely demand from the Gluttony Skill. For some reason, I only consumed goblins for a long time.

It’s about time, the urge to consume a different soul appeared.

I tried to deceive her with wry smile.

[I’m sorry. Even after I ate that much… I became hungry again]

[Fate surely eats a lot. I think it’s good though. Just wait, we will arrive at the territory soon, endure it for a bit more, okay?]

After that, Roxy and I looked outside from the window of the carriage.

The vineyard that extended to the other side of the mountain. The ripened purple fruits in many trees.

And as the carriage advanced a little bit more, there was a big mansion that came into view. It had a size that was not at all inferior to the Heart’s family mansion in Royal Capital.


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