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Episode 14 – The girl with a wicked weapon

When the carriage arrived in the front of the mansion, there was a single woman supported by housemaids the both of her sides.

Her face was pale and looked sick. Her face resembled Roxy’s and was very lovely.

Most likely, she was…

[Mother, I have told you that greeting us is unnecessary!]

Ah, as I thought, she was Roxy’s mother.

In the tea time that I often had with Roxy, I heard her mother suffered from a serious illness. To meet her directly like this, I never would have expected this to be happening.

She looked pale and seemed like she would vomit blood at any moment, it wouldn’t be weird if she collapsed anytime.

Since that’s what I saw, no wonder that Roxy became panicked because she was her family.

She was the last of her family, so it’s natural… Moreover, the serious illness that cannot be cured even with the position and financial power from Heart Family…

[Please, don’t push yourself]

[I’m alright, Roxy. My condition is better than usual today… Oh!?]

Roxy panicked in front of her mother. Her mother calmed down her and stared at me.

Her face was like… a child that received a very interesting toy.

[Oh my oh my, who is he?]

[He is… Fate Graphite. A new servant that I have just employed. I wanted to introduce him to mother, so I brought him over]

When Roxy introduced me, I bowed down.

[I am Aisha Heart. I’m glad you came here at this time. Welcome]

[Thank you very much. My best regards!]

[Yes, my best regards for you too. Now, let’s come inside]

After we received Aisha’s instructions, without holding back, the housemaids forcibly led me inside the residence. Ooh, is this a kind of welcoming…?

Then, only Roxy stood alone on the outside.

[Wait, mother! He is my servant, you know!]

I was forcibly taken into a luxurious guest room. They made me sit on the seat of a small table near the window. And finally I was released from the restraint of the maids.

Roxy’s mother sat on my front seat. Aisha, I think she was an overbearing person.

A bit late later, Roxy came. She puffed her cheeks, she seemed a little bit angry to her mother who did such a selfish thing.


[Maa, Roxy is also come? Saa, sit here]


Even while saying so, Roxy sat obediently on the seat. Apparently, it was routine for the Heart family to have a tea party first after returning home.

The reason why Roxy liked tea parties was most likely because of her mother’s influence.

When I am thinking so, Aisha smiled,

[Fate-san, do you like Roxy?]

Eee!? I almost sprayed out the tea that I was drinking. More like, it had blown away for a bit.

As the first thing she said after opening her mouth was a question like that, I grew flustered. Roxy’s face also turned red and she lost her temper.

[What, why do you ask that?]

[Ara, I wonder if I’m did something bad? I just asked if you liked her like an employer. If you totally hated her, I cannot say that I am happy for him, right?]

Oh, I see… I was surprised. I thought it was a different meaning. A commoner and a Holy Knight, their status were too different. Even if I hoped it was possible, I knew it would never happen.

Aisha, smiled cheerfully, and asked me again.

My answer had been decided by that time.

[I really like Roxy-sama. If it’s permitted, I want to serve at her side until this life exhausted]

When I showed my loyalty to Roxy, Aisha tastefully matched both hands and she seemed pleased.

This was my true feeling. Even though I said it myself, I think that I am a mirror of a servant.

Roxy who was drinking the tea, after listening my answer, she started choking intensely. And for a moment, I saw her face redden.

[I’m going to take rest in my room. I’ll see you later]

She walked out of the room in hurry.

I wonder if I did something wrong. Aisha seemed to be happy for me who became anxious.

[It seems that the tiredness from the trip to come here has appeared, there must be very busy tasks in the Royal Capital too. If she takes a good rest, she will return to the usual Roxy, so rest assured]

I was left behind by sudden Roxy’s exit. However, Aisha was a good person to talk to, she told me about the improvement from the new breed of grapes in the territory and about Roxy’s early childhood stories.

[Is that’s true?]

[Yes, that’s right, Roxy was a large crybaby when she was a young child, even when she looked at such a small bug, she would start to cry, but now she is a Holy Knight, it’s very unbelievable]

Aisha’s face that she showed for a moment seemed sad. She seemed worried that after she lost her precious husband, his heavy responsibility would left behind to their daughter.

Therefore, I said this with my hand put on my chest.

[Roxy-sama is a respectable Holy Knight, she is trusted by many people even in the Royal Capital, I think that Roxy-sama is doing very well as the head of the Heart family]

[I see… I am relieved… Thank you]

Aisha was moved to tears a little. As I thought, the death of the former family head became a great scar for the Heart Family, it was likely still not recovered by now. At least, I felt that way.

The tea party which had become quiet came to an end. Aisha who had bad physical condition, was told by the maids who were standing at the corner of the room that it was about time for her to rest.

After I gave my gratitude to Aisha for the tea, I had nothing to do, so I decided to take a walk through the Heart family territory. Just in case, I asked for permission and I was told to bring one maid to walk in the territory, it was so I wouldn’t get lost.
I said “I will not go too far”, I left the Black Sword Greed to the maid and left the mansion.

Huwaa… What a vast vineyard. There was a sweet smell that entered my nose that I couldn’t describe it in words.

Towards the blue sky, the green earth spreading out was really a beautiful contrast.

As I walked around pleasantly, people were harvesting the grapes. They looked very busy.

By the way, tomorrow, I planned to harvest grapes with Roxy and the territory people. I had never harvested grapes before, so I don’t know the procedure yet. If I failed to do it correctly, it would be bad, as I could embarrass my Lord as Roxy’s servant.

I might as well practice it here now. After I prepared myself, I called the people who were picking-up the grapes.

[Hello, I am Fate Graphite, I am newly servant at Heart Family’s house, would you please teached me the method to harvest grapes?]

A silence continued for a while.

Don’t tell me, it’s not good?…. It’s useless, I guess.

When I thought so,

[Oooh, do you want to help!? I’m very glad. As expected from the servant of Heart Family]

The uncle and aunt stopped gathering the grapes. And then, they taught me how to pick the grapes and how to carefully harvest the grapes.

People on Heart Family territory are really good natured people.

… That what I thought at the beginning, but before I noticed it, I had worked like horse until the evening.

Everyone was too hard working, so I could not escape to get out of the way.

When I was resting in the corner of the field, the uncle came and brought me freshly squeezed grape juice.

[I’m really glad you helped. Here, if you drink this, your tiredness will be gone]

[Thank you]

After helping with farming labour for a while, I decided to return to Heart Family’s mansion.

While I advanced against the backdrop of evening sun, a strange girl walked in front of me.

Long white hair, brown skin. She was definitely not from this country. Moreover, there was a big axe that a child should not able to shoulder.

And, I’m curious with the white tattoos all over her body. Was that suppose for some rituals?

She noticed my gaze, and expressionlessly stopped on my side.

[Hey, you]

A childish and lovely voice. Moreover, her red eyes looked at me fearlessly.

Those eyes, I have seen it before. This is… Don’t tell me. To confirm it, I used [Appraisal] skill.

Nn? It’s weird, I couldn’t see anything.

[Hey, do you hear me?]

She interrupted my thought. Contrary with her docile looks, she seemed like a selfish person.

[Do you need something from me?]

[…. No, it’s nothing. It is still too early]

[For what?]

No matter what I asked, I was being ignored. It was a one-way conversation.

[I, at first came to hunt the kobolds, but I’ll give them to you. It’s a loan]

[I said, what do you mean?]

[Sooner or later, bye]

Our chat ended and the girl left.

What… was she? Those red eyes… When I became hungry because of my glutton skill and entered starvation state, my eyes were red like them.

My heart beat faster. Don’t tell me… That girl was same like me?

After I saw the girl disappear in the evening sun, I turned my back.

When I turned around, I saw Roxy.

[I have been looking for you. What is the matter? You have a scary face]

[Eh, is that so? Hahahaha]

I tried to switched my feelings with laughter. Once I returned back, I needed to consult this with Greed.

This problem was unrelated with Roxy… So I don’t want her to know.

Roxy inclined her neck and she looked surprised to see the girl that I met earlier.

[Why, there is Gaul person at this place?]

[Gaul person? She is…?]

The Gaul continent was the location where the monsters were running rampant until now.

However, there used to be a large country with huge military power in the past. The Gaulians who lived in the great country and who boasted of the glory were said to have died mostly due to the large breeding of monsters generated by the trigger.

Since the small Gaulians who survived proceeded to mix with the other multi-ethnic groups, it was said there were no pure-blooded Gaulian people with the old characteristics anymore.

[It’s my first time to see Gaul person with the dense characteristics. Is she Fate’s acquaintance?]

[No, I was only called by her for a moment]

[I see…]

We watched the Gaul girl for awhile. After she disappeared, Roxy smiled while saying [It’s really mysterious, right?].

[Fate, what did you do earlier?]

[I was taught how to pick grapes. Then, I helped with harvesting… to the very end]

[Fufufu, I see. Since we will working hard tomorrow, don’t overwork yourself. Now, let’s return back]


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