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Chapter 23 – Second Rank

I slowly entered a stance as I drew the tip of black sword Greed toward Hado.

Also, 《Appraisal》 skill was activated.

Hado Burix Lv30

Endurance: 165600

Strength: 197600

Magic: 138400


Agility: 167800

Skills: Holy Sword Mastery, Physical Strengthening (Large)

As expected from a Holy Knight. He had some attitude, he’s fairly strong.

However, he couldn’t be compared to the Kobold Leader who was about to invade back then.

Well, I already defeated the Kobold Leader which stronger than Hado, and I even devour its soul.

It only means that I don’t even need to compare him with my own stats, since I’m already twice as strong as the current Hado.

What about his skills?

I could easily tell that Physical Strengthening (Large) was some kind of body strengthening technique.

The Holy Sword Mastery was rather worrisome. Let’s dig further using 《Appraisal》.

Holy Sword Mastery: increased damage when wielding Holy Sword weapon. Can use ranged high-powered skill《Grand Cross》.

Because they have this that they can call themselves the Holy Knight.

To use its effect, a special type of weapon called Holy Sword is needed.

These Holy Swords were said to be forged in the military district. It’s so that outsiders couldn’t duplicate the technique and that most were custom made for specific user. Other than that, the ore required to forge it was the rare Orichalcon.

Well, it’s all from the rumour I heard at the bar, so I don’t know how accurate it is.

If anything, it’s impossible for commoner like me to obtain it even if I turned myself upside down. That was the Holy Sword.

I’m curious to know how it would fare against the black sword Greed that I bought for a measly two silver,

[Oy, Greed. Will that holy sword be a problem?]

『I shouldn’t be inferior to such an artificial holy sword. Don’t mind me, swing to your heart’s content!』

I guess Greed’s pride has been nicked in the wrong way. He even told me that he’s better than Hado’s sword.

Since you say so, why don’t we give it a taste?

Having been holding our swords in a stalemate all these time, I finally broke the tension.

Fixing my sword on the mid-section, I dashed toward Hado.

Hado laughed when he saw this, as if it’s what he had been waiting for.

[Idiot, attacking in a straight line. Don’t you know anything about strategy? This is why people of lower strata and low intelligent always has it hard.]

I had long become numb and no longer cared being called a fool so I paid him no heed.

The so-called holy sword was emitting light. Following that, the ground area where I was running also started to shine.

[Behold, the secret Holy Sword technique――Grand Cross. Light that purifies all, erase and leave no dust at all. Fuhahaha]

I felt a massive power build up for sure. If I were to be hit directly, I might take hefty damage.

However, it was too slow in execution that it made me felt like I want to yawn.. Too slow.

Because I had no need to purposely get hit, I kicked the ground and jumped.

With one hop, I bypassed the Grand Cross’ area of effect, and landed right in front of Hado.

[Your technique is far too slow. You should’ve improved it before this.]

[What the?!]

He’s a holy knight that supposedly protect the kingdom, but lacked actual combat experience. I might be on a similar level to him. No, he used a skill that is supposedly saved for a trump card at the very beginning of battle. More probably, he’s even worse than me.

His plan thwarted, Hado immediately interrupt the Grand Cross’ activation in confusion. Then to keep me away, he swung down his holy sword.

This is it. Let’s try it and see if Greed really is stronger just like he said.

I met Hado’s sword attack with my own horizontal slash.

A shrill sound of metal clashing resounded through the forest.

[Impossible……my holy sword……]

Hado’s holy sword――half of it, was dancing in the air. Losing his prided sword, Hado was visibly shaken.

I grabbed the flying half of the sword with my left hand, then stabbed it to Hado’s right shoulder――the gap on his heavy armor.

[Your important holy sword. Take it.]

Gyyaaaaaaaaaーーー. The cry was so loud, it could’ve awakened all the hobgoblins sleeping in the forest, and I might still be able to hear it even from afar.

Hado who wasn’t used to such pain fell to his knees, desperately trying to pull out the broken sword stuck on his shoulder

Not yet, I’m only getting started here. It’s too early to kneel.

I switched the black sword into my left hand.

[Hado, that’s unbecoming for a holy knight. Get up!]

I grabbed onto Hado’s neck, lifting him who had seemingly lost the will to fight up.

Though Hado showed some resistance to escape my grip, it’s all for naught.

[Let’s start the educational guidance you loved so much. A rebelling dog needs to be trampled pretty hard.]

For 5 years, I’ve endured the educational guidance of the Burix family. What should I do to make other people succumbed…. This body still remembers it well. Now, I’m just returning the favor.

[Let’s begin, Hado!]

[Could it be, you……Sto, stop, uaaaaaaaaaa]

I ran through the forest with all my might, using Hado as a shield. I didn’t even care if there was a huge tree on the way. I had a strong holy knight as my shield.

Plowing through countless trees using Hado, I kept running without stopping.

Hado became more and more haggard every time I hit a huge tree. Both his good-looking face and blue hair slowly being scrapped away.

When I finally returned back the the flowerbed, Hado’s face was almost beyond recognition, that perhaps a goblin could be considered more handsome than the current him.


Haa, what did you just say? Those people you treated like worms also said the same thing, asking for help…..yet you never stopped.

I myself, had repeatedly come a step away from dying due to this. Now that the situation had been reversed… you actually said it so easily!?

Drowning myself in rage, I flung Hado’s body to the sky as hard as I could.

While waiting for the sound of cry became more distant, the black sword morphed into a black bow.

[Greed, 3 shots. Take 30% of my stats]

『Hahaha, I’ll welcome the feast. However, won’t it be bad if this killed him?』

[Yeah, that’s why I’ll let you decide the target. Can you do that?]

『No problem. Then let’s get on with it. Your 30%!』

The black bow ate away at my stats without reserve, changing shape into something that looks more vicious. With this Greed weapon, I’ll pass judgment onto Hado.

Three shots were released toward Hado who had begun to free fall. Black lightning ran toward the sky with a roaring sound. They pierced through Hado, then continue speeding to the sky.

A short moment later…. A wet sound could be heard coming from the middle of the flowerbed.

When I arrived there, I came upon the view of Hado who had lost his right leg and both of his arms. He’s still alive. Due to holy knight’s vitality, the bleeding from the wound had already stopped.

Perhaps this was quite enough. If I tortured him any further, Hado might die before I could glean any information out of him.

I changed my attitude from earlier, asking Hado with a nicer tone.

Hado in turn started to answer earnestly both out of fear and that he still wanted to live.

Firstly, Rafal and Memir were out from the city to the mountain at the far east,and they haven’t returned for three months. Too bad.

Then, the most important thing. Regarding Roxy’s matter.

She had a weird expression after returning back from the castle today. Let’s ask the reason from a fellow holy knight.

After hearing the answer, I felt like I wanted to crush Hado’s mouth. Is it really correct? Let’s hear it once more.

[I’m not mistaken. ……She’ll depart to Gallia tomorrow.]

[Why, Roxy did that all of a sudden?]

[The Heavenly Dragon in Gallia……is currently rampaging just outside the border. At the moment, the army was preoccupied with huge number of monsters……there was no holy knight willing to fight it. Nobody wanted to die……however……someone had to do it, as it was a necessity so that huge amount of monsters wouldn’t invade the kingdom.]

And for that, Roxy had been chosen? Previously, I heard about it on that midnight I spent on the commercial district, that the holy knights other than the Heart family were gathering, I guess that was to ensure their agreement in advance.

Rafal had his eyes on Roxy, it’s nothing new for me.

However, with Roxy’s father gone, he’d been left at large.

Roxy’s father had considerable influence among the holy knights. Also, to protect other people, he’s been making it hard for the holy knight to act as they like.

Because of that, I guess once he died, the resentments that had been welling up begun to overflow at once.

Not wanting to miss the chance, they sent Roxy to Gallia, then eradicate Heart family while she’s away. That was what Rafal and co.――the capital holy knights had planned.

[Did Roxy acknowledge it?]

[More like she couldn’t do anything……it’s the consensus of all other members of the capital Holy Knights]

On that day, when Roxy went to the castle, everything had been decided in advance. It’s like all other knights had cruelly told her to [Die in Gallia].

After Roxy returned to the mansion….when I recalled the expression she had in front of her father’s gravestone, I felt my chest tightened.

And now Hado had told me the reason why.

[She said……if her life alone can save the people of this kingdom, she’d be happy to do so ……]

If it’s Roxy, although she’s forced to do such thing, she’ll still do it regardless. As an employee, even I could understand it despite the short time I’ve spent with her.

And since it’s the consensus of all other holy knight… it’s something I couldn’t solve.

As I looked up to the sky, Hado said breathlessly.

[I’ve already told you what you wanted to know. How is it……can you let me go now? From now on I’ll change……I’ll do anything……for the people……so, please spare……]

Clear. Very clear.

It’s not a sincere words, merely begging for one’s life.

The black sword swooped down.

《Gluttony skill activated》

《Endurance+165600, Physical Strength+197600、Magic+138400、Spirit+150900、Agility+167800 will be applied to your stats》

《Holy Sword Mastery, Physical Strengthening (Large) will be added to your skill》

Hado’s soul was unexpectedly, delicious. It almost rivalled that of the Kobold Leader. I thought that I had already gotten used to it, but it’s enough to satisfy the Gluttony skill.

I wiped some saliva that dripped from my mouth with my sleeve. When I looked down on Hado’s cold corpse, I felt myself feeling cold.

In the midst of that feeling, Greed called through 《Mind Reading》skill.

『How is it? The second rank has been unlocked.What will you do?』

[Yeah, please do]

『Feeling generous aren’t you? What’s wrong?』

[Considering how much stats I got from Hado, I think it will be okay.]

Hearing that, Greed begun to laugh loudly.

Well, although the skills are useless for me, at least I still get to absorb some stats.

『Then, here we go!』

As the black sword started to shimmer, I felt that I begun to lose my power.

And when the light died down,

[This is……a Scythe]

It’s a large scythe. Its size was even larger and taller than my own body.

『This is my second rank form, weapon type:Scythe。By putting a curse within the blade, it’ll be able cut off anything no matter what.』

These are the statuses after Greed had been strengthened.

(It returned to the stat from back when he first met Greed)

Fate Graphite Lv1

Endurance: 121

Strength: 151

Magic: 101

Spirit: 101

Agility: 131

Skill: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind Reading, Concealment, Night Vision, Martial Arts, Holy Sword Mastery, One-Handed Sword Mastery, Two-handed Sword Mastery, Physical Strengthening (Small), Physical Strengthening (Medium), Physical Strengthening (Large), Endurance Strengthening (Medium), Agility Strengthening (Medium), Auto recovery.

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