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Episode 7 – Drowning in Hunger.

I have since lived in the Heart mansion as a servant; one week will pass soon.

When I came to the mansion, I was talking to the black sword Greed, so the surrounding people saw me as a dangerous person. I’ll admit that was a blunder.

However, the servants of the Heart family are all good people, they accepted me for who I am.

Even though the days pass by peacefully, I have a lot of things to learn and memorize, so I am very busy and don’t have time to leave the mansion.

Cooking, Washing, Cleaning… I tried various jobs, and the one most suitable for me is Gardener.

To maintain such a sprawling garden really needs considerable perseverance. Pulling out constantly growing weeds, occasionally arranging the grass height.

With three master gardeners teaching me, I somewhat managed to do it well enough. And, if my skill improved, they said that they would let me maintain some garden trees by myself. Someday I would like to prune the very thick tree at the front gate.

Being needed as a person, I feel rewarded for my work.

I gave up my vacation time, completely devoted in my new job.

Moreover, when the dishes for the servants were lined up on the table after working, there was meat there.

When I saw it, my hands were trembling. After five years, there was meat. It was natural that I was tensed up.

With an improvement in nutrients, I think I have gained a little bit weight from my previous skinny body.

Oh, after Roxy got back from her duties in the castle, she invited me to drink tea with her in my free time. Honestly, the conversation with Holy Knight-sama is… I have no idea what to say at all. Thus, Roxy has talked one-sidedly.

But, she seems to have fun when she does, so it’s all good for me.

When I compare the time I was being a daily gatekeeper under Rafal, there is a great difference like between heaven and earth.

Of course, Roxy-sama is heaven. The other side is the hell.

Even if I should be happy with it, I don’t know why… Recently, my body’s condition is very bad. The feeling of hunger doesn’t stop, it keeps growing and I can’t suppress it. This is definitely because I am starving.

Like now, I still feel it throbbing with pain.

[Fay, how have you been?]

While she puts the tea cup on its plate, Roxy looks at me anxiously.

It is only at this time, when we have our two-person tea party, which has become a daily occurance, does she call me Fay.

I was called by that nickname when my father was still alive and it was quite embarrassing. However, since my master-sama wanted to call me Fay, I forced myself to accept it.

When I consulted about it with the Black Sword Greed, he just said [How should I know? Think for yourself] while mocking me. So, whenever Roxy calls me Fay, I had a feeling of discontent.

[It’s nothing, Roxy-sama]

I suppress the pain of hunger down so as to not worry Roxy during this tea time.

[Is that so…? But, you have a bad complexion]

Does she think my abnormal hunger is a cold? She tries to touch my forehead with her hand.

However, if she touches me with her hand, my Mind Reading skill will be activated. I don’t want to intrude inside Roxy’s mind.

[No, I’m really alright!]

When I try to get up from the seat to escape, I feel dizzy and my consciousness flies away because of the hunger, and I fall down on the floor.
Today, I was attacked by a fiercer hunger than usual. I feel my Glutton skill struggle around in my whole body. My consciousness slowly, gradually gets swallowed up by the darkness.

I hear Roxy’s voice calling my name faintly. But in the end, I cannot hear anything at all.


When I wake up, I am in my own room in the mansion that was provided to me.

It’s different from the makeshift bed built from the straw; it is a soft bed filled with cotton packed firmly. I was able to sleep on such a luxury.

Apparently, during the tea time with Roxy, I had fainted being able to endure the hunger from my Glutton skill. Now I feel comfortable because that unbearable pain is suppressed.

It’s already night time. Specifically midnight, based from the position of the moon when I saw it through the window.

I notice a note on the shelf illuminated by the moonlight.

[Take a good rest from work tomorrow morning. From Roxy]

It seems I have made her worried. Well, that’s natural because I fainted in front of her. The next time we meet, I will apologize for this incident during tea time.

While I sat down, sighing, on the bed, I took out the black sword Greed which was leaning sideways.

[Hey, Greed. My hunger increases with every passing day. In the past, I had been able to endure and there was no issue like this. What do you think?]

Greed answered while laughing hard.

[It’s natural. You, have thrown the dice]

[What do you mean?]

[After the Glutton skill experiences consuming a soul once, it cannot be stopped. You will be urged to eat more]

That is the reason of my abnormal hunger… I was in a state of starvation.

While I thought it was just a powerful ability, it seems there is a price that must be paid.

While I was shaken, Greed continued. (ED Note: SHOOK)

[As you eat souls, you will become stronger. And after you eat the soul, you will get an urge to want more souls to eat. That’s the characteristic of this skill. Until you die, you need to keep getting stronger. The skill won’t let you off. If you are unable to continue, you will simply starve to death. You might also lose your will and ego, and start to attack anything]

[No way… It can’t be]

Extreme hunger. When I cannot endure it anymore, I’ll starve to death, or… Uhh, the latter seems frightening. It’s possible that I’ll turn into a monster.

What if, it was impossible to control myself when I was having tea time during the day, and ended-up attacking Roxy… When I thought about it, I shuddered.

[I will also tell you something good. When you are reaching the critical limit, something will happen to your eyes. Take a look in the mirror]

I did what Greed said. There is a large mirror attached inside the room. What being projected there, were bright red eyes.

My pupils’ original color is black. They are dyed blood red now.

[It seems you have reached the limit. You can enjoy a peaceful employee life here. But do not forget what you should do. I’ll say it once more, the dice have been thrown]

The Glutton skill, it will ask for souls whenever disregarding my intention. Even if I drink water or eat the food, I won’t be able to satisfy my hunger.

There was only one way to satisfy it. And then, it would ask for more, I have no other choice besides sinking deeper into the quagmire.

Now, my hunger is at the limit, so I have no choice but to go. I finally obtained my peaceful life everyday, I don’t want to let it go.

I change my clothes in the room, sling on my black sword Greed. And then, under everyone’s eyes, I went out stealthily from Heart Family’s Mansion. To satisfy my hunger….


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