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Episode 8 – Starvation Boost

I run through the main street of the Holy Knight district, stopping in front of the large gate at the district entrance.

When I am in the state of starvation, it seems my five senses become tremendously sharpened. For example, my eyes are capable of seeing in the night, which looks like daytime to me.

My sense of smell too… How do I put it, I can smell the scent of delicious humans? A little way away are two guards standing in position.

From the two of them, the man on the right smells more delicious. Then, I compare their status skills by using the [Appraisal] skill, which reveals that the man on the right side is the winner.

In other words, my sense of smell is capable of smelling delicious prey and identifying the power of my target.

Perhaps, this is the effect of Glutton skill that wants to consume a soul which gives a boost effect to my body.

But… It’s painful. Maybe it’s because I’m starving that my eyes feel dizzy from the periodical pain in my body.

I need to leave quickly, it won’t be funny if I lose myself and end up consuming the guards.

Since I am a Heart Family servant, I have proof of permission to pass through the gate. I just need to show it to the guards when I am about to enter or leave the district. If I were to lose it, I won’t be able to enter the district so I must be careful with it.

[Hello, thank you for all of your hard work]

I approach the guards while smiling. I want to leave the Holy Knight district at midnight, so even for a little, I want to avoid making a big disturbance. However, the moment I approached them while showing my proof that I put out from my pocket.


The guard flinches, taking one step away from me. As he looks at me, his face becomes very stiff.

I turn to the other guard feeling that something is wrong, but his reaction was also same.

And then, those two guards stiffen up and stop moving.

Something is not right.

I show my proof one-sidedly to the guard quickly, then I hurry to the commercial district.

Why did the two of them become like that? Greed answers my anxiousness with a matter-of-fact tone.

[The moment they see your eyes, they become like frogs being stared down by a snake. It’s that kind of power from your eyes. If your opponent’s status is lower than you, they will be frightened and won’t be able to move. It’s one of the Glutton skill’s temporary ability to easily consume a soul] (TL Note: If you confused, just imagine the red-eyes is Sharingan and its unleashed auto-genjutsu to everyone who saw the eyes).

[The guards earlier, am I gonna get into trouble?]

[They just got this kind of experience for the first time. They probably won’t know what just happened, so they will let it go. After this, don’t show them your red eyes, so they can think that they are tired because of the midnight guard work and they were hallucinating. They will definitely think along those lines. However, if you put on an anxious attitude like you are now, they will surely begin to suspect you]

Certainly, there is some truth in that. While I advanced through the commercial district in a dignified manner thinking that, I smelled something sweet. It’s a really delicious smell.

I yield to the temptation and went to the alley where only a few people come by from the main street. And then, I quietly look for the main source of the smell.

Up ahead are three people concealing their appearance with black coats, walking.

I tried to appraise them using the Appraisal skill, but the distance was too far to activate it.

In the next moment, the moonlight lit the area, and I saw the face of one of the three black-coated people.


I hold my breath. Why is that guy out here at such a time? That hateful face is Rafal’s. Then, the tallest person who walks next to him is Hado, the second son. The short person would be Mimir, who is the youngest sister.

Without noticing that I followed after them, they entered the luxury store which is only available for VIPs in the commercial district.

You cannot enter this place unless you are high ranked like a Holy Knight. While feeling an unpleasant uneasiness, as I watched over the situation from the shadow, more and more people who wore black overcoats entered the store.

I understand from the smell. They are all the members of the Holy Knights. It’s not a mistake.

At such a time in the middle of the night, what kind of meeting are they doing? This is a situation where they are probably avoiding the public’s sight.

I was watching the situation of the store for a while, but since the window curtains were all closed, I don’t know what’s going on inside. And then, a huge stomach rumble growls loudly…


I cannot help being worried. But, right now I have an urgent goal. Slowly, my starvation has almost become dangerous. With painful reluctance, I leave the place.

I walk forward to leave via the west gate in the commercial district. The atmosphere is completely different and it’s very quiet compared to in the daytime.

To the extent where there is no wagon traffic at all. But in exchange, there are a lot of warriors hanging around the front of the gate.

As I look at all of them, they wear equipment that makes me think that they are seasoned warriors.

From the time I went goblin hunting in the early morning, I understand they are a rank above than the warriors in the morning.

I feel greatly intimidated by them. On the other hand, Greed says.

[Those guys’ purpose is night hunting. Today, the moonlight is strong and you can get more vision than usual. Moreover, when the monsters are sleeping now, the occurrence of hate hardly happens, even if you keep killing the monsters of the same types. They will attack the sleeping monsters and it’s possible to destroy the monsters in large quantities.]

[I see]

If you are a normal warrior, hunting at night is the thing that you must never do. However, if you are an expert who has experience with your equipment, it is a useful hunting strategy that can earn you a lot of money.

While satisfied with Greed’s explanation, I cross paths with a group. Then, I get called by a man with an unshaven beard.

[Oi, you. You seem like a face that I rarely see around. Are you planning to go hunting with such shabby equipment?]

[Yeah I am]

When I answered him, the guy begins to laugh and shouted loudly.

[Oi, everyone listen up! There is a foolish person beyond saving right here!]

Even though I tried to not stand out, the warriors’ eyes have gathered to look at me sternly.

They see my face and grin broadly.

[You, to come to this place with that kind of clothes, you must be a strong guy]

Since he said it while laughing, even though it’s true, the meaning might be different. Just by watching you I know you are trash, why are you coming here?

[What level are you? Let me tell you, I will not laugh.]

[I don’t want to say it. Hurry up and leave.]

My starvation is at the limit. I went on ahead and ignored them. This fellow didn’t flinch at all when he saw my red eyes.

Then it means his status is above mine. So I don’t plan to check their status by using the Appraisal skill.

When I go outside through the gate, I hear the warriors’ voices stabbing my back.

[Did you hear that? That little guy, he most likely can’t say it because he is still low-leveled. Seriously. This is why a beginner should know their place]

[Perhaps, we could invite him to our party?]

[Yeah, but I’d rather not]

[Oi, trash level-chan, you can come back here. If you’re lucky, someone might invite you to their party]

[It’s impossible for me]

[Yeah, same here]

[Just said so! Gahaha!]

Just say as much as you want, I don’t care. I can’t join any party because of my Glutton skill anyway.

I’ll get way more stronger than you all my way.


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