Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 15

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Volume 10: Chapter 15 – Prince Xiu Yu

“What are you doing here? Is this a place that you’re authorized entry?”

“Sorry, my Lord. It’s just that Lord Ke Lun Duo has returned, so I’ve specifically come  to report.”

Ke Lun Duo walked out from the crowd and said with his head raised, “Go and report to His Highness Xiu Yu of my return. I have matters to discuss with him.”

When the red uniformed warrior saw Ke Lun Duo, his previous unbridled attitude was suppressed. After he respectfully agreed, he turned back to head inside the camp.

Ke Lun Duo looked at the soldier in charge of the entrance to the stronghold, “You’re diligent in your work. You can head back first. If there’s a chance, I’ll find you a better position.”

That soldier thanked him profusely. With Ke Lun Duo in the lead, we continued to walk inside unhindered. The previous red uniformed warrior ran over and said, “Reporting to lord, His Highness Xiu Yu has already woken. You can meet up with him at the main camp.”

En!’ Ke Lun Duo agreed.

Mu Zi whispered, “Be careful and act according to situation.” Mu Zi was unexpectedly more cautious than I was, even though we weren’t in any danger and were in her territory. It was no wonder why the Demon Emperor wanted her to be his successor as she really had a general’s manner.

There were 12 red uniformed guardian at the entrance of the main camp. When they saw Ke Lun Duo, they bowed towards him. “Lord Ke Lun Duo has arrived.” Those 12 guardians didn’t look simple; they were absolutely top warriors.

When we wanted to follow Ke Lun Duo in, we were blocked by the red uniformed guardians. Ke Lun Duo frowned and said, “What are you doing? They were dispatched by His Majesty to assist me. Let them in.”

The red uniformed guardian unemotionally replied, “His Highness Xiu Yu only wanted to meet you.”

Ke Lun Duo and Mu Zi looked at each other before Ke Lun Duo said, “I should be able to bring two people with me, right? They were the ones that His Majesty told me to bring them to meet His Highness Xiu Yu.” While he said that, he pointed towards Mu Zi and I. That guardian replied, “Please remove your weapons. Under His Highness order, no one is allowed to bring weapons into the camp.”

Ke Lun Duo said helplessly, “His Highness Xiu Yu is always so careful.” After saying that, he took the lead to remove his companion sword. I passed the Sukrad’s staff to Zhan Hu while Mu Zi didn’t bring any weapons. The red uniformed guardian moved aside. After I affirmed Zhan Hu and Xiu Si with an eye signal, I entered the tent with Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo.

“Nephew, you’re back.” A gentle voice sounded. I raised my head and saw that there was a person sitting behind an enormous table within the tent. That person looked stern and was slim, with his small eyes he looked lively. He was wearing the most ordinary mage’s robe, but it couldn’t mask the aura of royalty. Even though he couldn’t compare with the Demon Emperor’s matchless domineering aura, his aura wasn’t ordinary. That person must be Demon King Xiu Yu.

When Ke Lun Duo hadn’t replied to him, Mu Zi suddenly took off her cloak and rubbed against her face to reveal her true form. She flew over and said lovably, “Uncle Xiu Yu, Mu Zi has come to see you.”

Xiu Yu was shocked at first, but after seeing Mu Zi’s exceptional appearance, his wary filled face changed to a look of limitless spoiling. He extended his arms and walked over from the table before benevolently saying , “So it’s my little Mu Zi. Quickly come here and let uncle look at you. It has already been a few years since uncle last met you. I missed you to death.”

Mu Zi was in his embrace from Xiu Yu’s opened arms. Currently, I couldn’t see his Demon King’s identity. He currently was just an elder that dotes on his younger generation. I didn’t know why, but my heart surged forth with a sour feeling.

Xiu Yu released Mu Zi and said in smiles, “When the guardians told me that Wa Leng had brought over some black covered masked people over, I thought that something was going to happen so it was my little Mu Zi that had come over. You made uncle worried for nothing.”

Ke Lun Duo said with a wryly smile, “Your Highness, don’t trust your nephew?”

Xiu Yu replied indifferently, “Don’t say it like that. I must be on guard against others. With my high status, and considering that this is now the frontline, it’s always better to be cautious.”

I couldn’t help, but to ask, “Then, do you trust Mu Zi?”

Xiu Yu frowned as he stared at me before shifting his gaze to Mu Zi. His expression instantly changed back to incomparably benevolent look. “How can Mu Zi be the same? Even if I don’t trust the Demon Emperor, I absolutely trust in Mu Zi. I’ve looked after her since she was young. I don’t have any children, so Mu Zi is like my daughter. Moreover, even if she were to harm me, I’d simply accept it.”

I was stunned as Xiu Yu pampered Mu Zi in such a way.

Mu Zi replied lovingly, “Uncle Xiu Yu treats me the best.” From her words it certainly showed that I had spoken poorly, I couldn’t revoke my comment so I could only eat my words and suffer unwillingly.

Xiu Yu ordered, “Servers, you’re to prepare the best refreshments. I’m going to take care of these important guests.”

Mu Zi said, “Uncle, I’ve got a few friends outside. Can you let them in?”

A cold glint flashed past Xiu Yu’s eyes. “Alright, let them in.”

After a while, the tent was filled with various refreshments and food. Xiu Yu raised a wine glass at Mu Zi before saying, “To my good niece that came from afar, uncle welcomes you.” Upon saying that, he guzzled down the wine. Mu Zi drank with him. Xiu Yu glanced at all of us before asking Mu Zi, “My niece, you’ve come here not just to meet uncle, right? If there’s matters, just say them.”

Mu Zi extended her hand and drew a line to summon a space pocket before she respectfully took out a scroll that was completely golden. Once Xiu Yu looked at the scroll, his expression obviously changed.

Mu Zi stood up and said, “Demon King Xiu Yu, receive your order.”

Xiu Yu hastily left the wine classifier and knelt. “Your subordinate is here.”

“Accept the Mandate of the Heavens, the Demon Emperor orders. Since there’s a strong enemy that is going to invade the world from a strange dimension, I specifically order the third Princess Mu Zi to be in charge in negotiating with the humans to fight against the outsider. Demon King Xiu Yu is to assist her with all your might and notify the beast men to work together alongside. When the princess is at your side, she should be treated as though I am personally there.”  So, this was the Demon Emperor’s imperial edict. It seemed that Mu Zi had a lot of effective devices.”

Demon King Xiu Yu didn’t dare to slight the order as he shouted, “Xiu Yu accepts the order. Long live, my Emperor.”

Xiu Yu, who had received the order, looked curiously at Mu Zi and asked, “My good niece, can you explain what is going on?”

Mu Zi smiled before she told him about the Monster race’s invasion. She also mentioned about the small team of us that infiltrated the Demon race and how we managed to convince the Demon Emperor.

Icy rays constantly flashed past Xiu Yu’s eyes after Mu Zi told him all the details. “This is to say that His Majesty really wants to negotiate with the humans. But won’t this also mean that we had wasted our many years of preparations?”

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