Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 21

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Volume 10: Chapter 21 – The Magic Beasts Retreat


I smiled and looked face to face with Xiu Si. “Big brother, you just have to wait for an amazing battle to occur. Xin Ao won’t lose. Even though Beamon is powerful, his mind isn’t.”

Even though Beamon was at a disadvantage, it had aroused his aggressiveness. After seeing two teeth from the wolf tooth club smashed from the impact, he let out a loud roar before once again charging towards Xin Ao. Xin Ao coldly snorted before wielding his Titan God’s hammer again. Successive loud  ‘Hong!’ sounds rang in everyone’s ears; the two people battling were fighting head on against each other. We, the spectators, were secretly speechless while we saw their frantic power-driven, straightforward battle.

A cool breeze blew, blowing up the sand and dust in the field. Beamon King used his bent wolf tooth club to support his body and was panting profusely. A trace of blood flowed out from his lips. It could be seen that he had internal injuries. Xin Ao was in a slightly better state. With the Titan God’s hammer that was even taller than him in his hand and dishevelled clothes, he was also panting profusely while he stared unyieldingly at the Beamon King.

The Beamon King hollered, “That’s satisfying! Really satisfying! It has been sometime since I had such a fun battle.”

Xin Ao chuckled. “Do you want to go at it again?”

The Beamon King replied, “I’ve had enough. I can’t triumph against you. However, I’m not convinced in my defeat. You had relied on that hammer in your hand to defeat me. If there’s an opportunity in the future, I’ll possess a better weapon before challenging you again.”

Xin Ao replied straightforwardly. “I agree that my weapon indeed has an advantage against you. You’re actually far stronger when compared to me without it. How about this? Let’s call it a draw.”  

Seeing his opponent giving him face, Beamon King made a hastened descent from the battle stage. “Alright! I recognise you as my brother. If you need me for anything in the future, you just have to tell me.”

We were exceptionally surprised when we saw such a peaceful closure. Xiu Si whispered to me, “Who said that the Beast men have low intelligence? Just look at that fellow’s wit, he knows that he can’t defeat Xin Ao so he hastily got off the stage and even recognised Xin Ao, a god’s inheritor, as his brother. Not only will it not damage his fame for fighting prowess, it further increases his prestige among the Demon and Beast races.”

I nodded slightly. “That fellow is indeed powerful. He’s the most powerful person, excluding the Demon Emperor, in the Beast and Demon alliance. If he were to be placed in the battle field, it will be unknown on the extent of losses our Human race will receive. Judging from his power, it’s not guaranteed that the five elders would be able to deal with him.”

The Beamon King and Xin Ao walked over. The Beamon King said frankly and straightforward, “Old brother, I’ll completely listen to you on the matters here. However, I’ll have to discuss about the negotiation with my Master. I can’t make such decision by myself.”

Mu Zi said, in smiles, “Uncle Beamon, I think that it’s not necessary to discuss this matter. When I left the Demon City, my royal father had already dispatched envoys to notify your Beast’s emperor. It’s just that this news hasn’t reached your ears yet.”

The Beamon King was stunned a moment before turning around to replied, “Alright, since that’s the case, there’s nothing more that I can add. We’ll be great friends from now on. Let’s leave the matter for now. I’ll head back to my camp. That’s right, brother, what’s your name?”

Xin Ao smiled as he replied, “Big Brother Beamon, just call me Xin Ao from now on, that’s what my friends call me.”

The Beamon King replied, “En! My good brother, when you have the time, you can come and visit our Beast men’s camp. I’ll treat you well when that time comes. Fellow God’s inheritor, Princess and Big Brother Xiu Yu, I’ll take my leave.”

We bid farewell to this enormous weird beast. While his back gradually faded, Xin Ao suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Xiu Si immediately went to support him. “How are you? Are you alright?”

Xin Ao shook his head. “That guy is too powerful. If it isn’t for Zhang Gong’s power that enabled me to use 60% of the Titan God’s power, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on.”

Zhan Hu made a sudden realization. “Zhang Gong, so it was you brat that who was meddling in this. I knew that Xin Ao couldn’t make such an improvement in such a short time.”

Xin Ao sighed. “His power was something unprecedented to me. It’s no wonder when the Her Highness Mu Zi said that the Demon Emperor is the strongest in the world. Do you know that the Titan God’s hammer has an effect to triple my current power? It can be said that the Beamon King’s power is three times greater compared to mine. The victory against him in this head on battle was by sheer luck.”

Zhan Hu said, “It seems that Zhang Gong is the only one that has the power to triumph against the Beamon King at his peak state among us.”

I smiled. “Don’t say it in such a manner. There’s still a possibility.”

Zhan Hu was stunned. “There’s another possibility? Who could that be? I definitely wouldn’t be the one.”

I smiled. “It’s Dong Ri.”

Zhan Hu exclaimed. “It can’t be. Dong Ri’s cultivation is at most Xin Ao’s level, his power should be weaker than mine. How can he defeat the Beamon King?”

I looked at Xiu Si, who had a card up his sleeve. “Big brother Xiu Si, just tell Big Brother Zhan Hu.”

Xiu Si mockingly chidded. “All you know is how to push the responsibility onto me.”

I smiled. “Weren’t you the one that said you wanted to be my strategist? It should be you that should be in the limelight in this kind of situation.”

Xiu Si told Zhan Hu, “You have been played by Zhang Gong. What he meant by Dong Ri to winning isn’t by fighting head on with the Beamon King. By using the nature elves’ agility and swift movements, in addition to the divine arrows that conquer every obstacle for the Wind God’s bow, the Beamon King will only be a target. Do you think that Dong Ri will lose in this case?”

Dong Ri said, embarrassed, “Stop exaggerating.”

Demon King Xiu Yu said, “After convincing this old Beamon, the alliance here can be completely mobilized. Princess, what kind of arrangements should I make?”

Mu Zi muttered to herself for a moment before replying, “Uncle, how about this? You lead the main allied forces to retreat 15km back and construct defensive infrastructures to express that we will be sustaining for a long-term battlefront. Other than that, we’ll settle the rest. Once the human leaders from the three kingdoms agree to negotiate, I’ll represent our side to negotiate with them.”

Xiu Yu frowned. “Princess, isn’t what you’re doing too risky? I’m worried for your safety.”

Ke Lun Duo said, in smiles, “Your Highness, you don’t need to worry about that. With the protection from the six God’s inheritors, it won’t be a problem to get out from Ström Fortress.”

Xiu Yu looked respectfully at us. Xin Ao’s previous display of power had further confirmed his thoughts on our cultivation, leading his trust in us to increase drastically. “Alright. Fellow God’s inheritors, I’ll be placing Mu Zi in your hands and will have to trouble all of you to guarantee her safety.”

I walked forth and said, “Your Highness, please be reassured. Our final wish is for the world’s peace and harmony. I won’t ever let anyone or anything hurt Mu Zi, while I still have a breath in my body.” I had said that last statement with steeled determination.

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