Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 23

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Volume 10: Chapter 23 – Who is the Rice Bucket?

I said awkwardly, “Can you get out first? I’m getting up now.”

Mu Zi stared wordlessly at me with hidden bitterness, giving me a fright. I tested the water by asking, “Can you go out first? I’ll immediately get up.”

Mu Zi pouted. “I want to service you in helping you get dressed. How about that?”

After her words fell, I quick wittedly jumped out of bed. After looking at my body, I felt much relaxed as I was still wearing my underwear. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

Mu Zi, who had saw my looks, smiled and said gently, “Zhang Gong, behave and allow me to help you with your clothes.” After she said that, she brought my clothes from the side and walked towards me.

Perspiration flowed down from the hair at my temples. I replied stuttering, “No…No need.”

However, Mu Zi had already walked over. I stood there blankly as she dressed me. After finally being dressed, I looked as though I had ran 10 kilometers; my entire face was covered with perspiration.

Mu Zi used her sleeve to wipe the perspiration off my face as she warmly said, “Alright, let’s head out to eat. Everyone is waiting for you.”

I cried out involuntarily, “What? They know that you have come to get me?” After taking so much time, it was impossible for them not to think strange thoughts.

Mu Zi chuckled. “What’s there to be afraid of? They already know our relationship.”

As I perspired, how could I be not scared? “This kind of thing will damage your reputation.”

Mu Zi said, stunned, “Why should I be worried about my reputation when I’m with you? My reputation is all yours. Shouldn’t we be going? You scared about their idle chatter, but you’re here delaying.”

I hastily replied, “Then let’s be on our way, little miss.”

Mu Zi knew that she had won this battle so she complacently dragged me out from my room towards the lounge.

Mu Zi and I were the last to arrive, just as expected. Everyone looked at us dubiously. I smiled wryly as I said, “I’ve made my brothers wait for so long time. I previously……”

Zhan Hu interrupted me as he laughed, “That’s enough. We’re brothers so there’s no need for explanation. We understand.”

Faint, what did he understand, my poor innocence, were you going to go just like that?

Mu Zi didn’t help me as she pulled me stylishly to my seat.

Xiu Si said, “Zhang Gong, you really can sleep as you slept for an entire day. If it wasn’t for Princess Mu Zi to wake you up, I still don’t know how much longer you’d sleep. The Demon-Beast alliance had already commenced our plan to retreat 15 km back. Currently, the tension at the Ström Fortress has become lighter.”

Shan Yun said, “After the Demon-Beast alliance army retreated, I had discussed with the other two kingdom’s commanders. Dun Yu Xi from your Aixia was really powerful. He already had some suspicions on the fireworks last night. Luckily, he saw it at quite a distance, but was able to point out that it was light magic.”

I pondered. “The current situation is beneficial to us. After we wait for the prince to return and after your Xiuda’s emperor agree in negotiating, everything can start smoothly. All we can do now is wait, so everyone should use this time to train. After fighting with the Monster race that day, I currently still feel discouraged. The Monster race’s power is much more terrifying than what we previously imagined. If we aren’t careful, we might sink into extinction.”

Zhan Hu agreed. “That’s right, it seems that it’s impossible not to play with my life. After that attack from Satan I have to recuperate for a few days. My initial confidence is shattered. We indeed have a gap in power with those old monsters. I could only use about 30% of the War God’s armour. However, after trying the training method that Zhang Gong has given me, there really is room for improvement. I’ve already started studying those methods with our brothers.”

I rubbed my stomach. “The princess has previously told me that you had called me here for food. Where’s the meal? Brothers, your brother will soon be unable to stand it.”

Shan Yun smiled. “We’ve already prepared it. Just waiting for you to comment on it.” After hearing Shan Yun’s words, the crowd started to laugh.

I whispered to Shan Yun, “Did you prepare more food? My appetite….”

Shan Yun replied, “Relax, I know you can eat so I’ve ordered plenty. It’ll be sufficient for all of us to share.”

What did you say about me being able to eat when there was someone that had a stronger appetite than me? I sneaked a peek at Mu Zi and looked at her eagerness in getting her meal. I thought, ‘You all just have to wait. The one that can really eat is not me. I was nearly bankrupt for dealing with Mu Zi’s meal when I was still at the academy.”

Big Brother Shan Yun indeed prepared sumptuously. The table was covered with food with all different shapes and colours. Even though the food looked slightly crude, it was definitely much better than the meals at the Demon race. The resources of the three human kingdoms were really enriched so the Ström Fortress didn’t need to fret about food and water. It was convenient to decrease the provisions from the various Kingdoms’ state treasury so that they could get replaced with new reserves. The dishes’ scent made my stomach growl. I said to Shan Yun, “Big Brother Shan Yun, can you get something for Xiao Jin as well? That fellow is also a glutton.”

Shan Yun replied, “That’s unnecessary as the entire Ström Fortress knows that there’s a weird creature that flies all over the place. He flew out to find his own food.”

I chuckled and looked at everyone. “If that’s the case, let’s dig in.” Upon saying that, I unceremoniously began to ate the food. I didn’t need to see who would be the second to dig in as I knew it would be Mu Zi. Her delicate arm, carrying along a sweet scent, headed towards the delicacies on the table.

Zhan Hu cried out, “Everyone quickly dig in. If not, there won’t be any left for us.” Under his instigation, a merciless food battle began. The cavalry from Xiuda also become a round table calvary. However, they realised that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t beat the speed of Mu Zi or myself. At least half of the entire table’s food had entered our stomachs.

While I ate, I said indistinctly to Shan Yun, “Big Brother Shan Yun, can you get your subordinate to prepare two more tables of food? If not, there really isn’t enough to eat.”

Shan Yun only ate extremely little as he sat too close to me. He rarely was able to get the food he wanted. He smiled as he said, “You only went without food for a day. Why have you turned into such a state? Servants, prepare two more portions of food.”

After we started on the second table, everyone’s speed obviously decreased. Shan Yun was definitely able to eat. After the second table had diminished, everyone, excluding Mu Zi and I, had patted their stomach, elated from having their fill.

Everyone’s attentions had focused on Mu Zi, who was not highly thought of initially. Ke Lun Duo whispered to her, “Princess, don’t you think that you should pay more attention to your bearings?”

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