Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 20

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Volume 11: Chapter 20 – Disciple? Princess?

“Aiyo!” I turned back to where I heard the sound and saw that the girl had fallen to the ground. She seemed to have tripped. I couldn’t help but head back to her due to my principles.

“What’s wrong?”

“Such a nonsensical question, can’t you see that I’ve tripped? Why aren’t you coming to support me?” The girl rebuked furiously.

I didn’t want to have any physical contact with her so I cast a fusion power to help her up. She didn’t seem to have any injuries, excluding that her tattered clothes. My worries were unfounded.

“Miss, please take note of where you’re going.” Upon saying that, I headed to the south again.

“Masked person!” She shouted from behind me, but she wasn’t as arrogant as before since her voice was gentle and grieving. My heart was softest towards girls so I stopped and asked, “What’s wrong again?”

The young girl looked at me, feeling wronged. “Can you please take me back or take me along with you? Where are you heading?”

I frowned as I was going to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance so how could I bring a hot tempered girl along? I wasn’t even sure if I could return from getting the inheritance. “Can you first tell me who you are and why those guys were chasing after you?”

The young girl pouted. “You want to know who am I?”

I nodded.

That young girl smiled strangely. “I refuse to tell you then. You’re going to toss me aside anyways. Who called you to bring me out from the Ström Fortress? You should be a space elemental mage. Can you tutor me? I’ve always liked space magic. I’m also an advanced space elemental mage.”

An advanced mage? How could I not see her actual skills? The magic power around her body was faint so she couldn’t even be at the intermediate level.

It was perhaps my dubious eyes that hurt her pride. She snorted and whispered her chant, causing her to disappear from her position to appear on my left side. “How’s that? You should be able to believe me now. My space magic isn’t bad.”

Seeing her confident appearance, I couldn’t help but laugh. Her short distance teleportation was terrible. It was almost at the level where I started to learn magic. There weren’t any good points about it, excluding being able to forcefully get the positioning of the spell right. Not to mention her slow speed in casting the spell, I knew that her magic was extremely weak from her pale complexion.

“Miss, I’m afraid that you should be at the elementary magic level.”

The young girl rebuked, “Nonsense, people from the palace…I mean from home had told me that I’m at the advanced mage level.”

‘Palace? What palace? Could it be……’ I got increasingly curious as I thought about that. “How can you be an advanced space mage with only that short teleportation? Let me ask you then, do you know any offensive space spells?”

The young girl was stunned by my question as she muttered, “Space magic also has offensive spells? Why haven’t I heard about that?”

Goodness, It seems that not only her cultivation is weak, her knowledge is also….I’ve vaguely guessed that that girl should be a noble’s daughter. Otherwise, why is she so haughty?’ Thinking about that, I said, “Take a look at this. This is space offensive magic spell” Upon saying that, I brandished my hand, casting a small dimensional slash. There was momentarily a crack in space and was pulling everything  towards it. The surrounding rocks and sand were sucked in. The young girl didn’t stand stable so she fell towards the small dimensional slash while screaming in fright.

I waved my hand again to cast a light restriction array to hold her body in place. “How’s that? You should know what a space offensive spell is now. Alright, you should head back to the city. I believe that your family will be searching anxiously for you now. Farewell!” I turned to walk away after saying that.

That young girl suddenly wailed loudly.

My patience was already reaching its limit. I turned back and asked, “ Miss, what’s the matter again?”

The young girl looked at me, feeling wronged. “I…I can’t move.”

I instantly understood and berated myself as I actually forgot to undo the light restriction spell due to being in a rush. How could she break out from it with her magic power? I withdrew the light restriction spell. “Alright, you should be able to move now.”

That young girl suddenly knelt to the ground and said seriously, “Teacher, please accept me as your disciple. I want to be under your guidance.”

I was stunned. ‘Becoming her teacher? That’s impossible, I will be annoyed until death by her after accepting her as a disciple.’ I shook my head. “Forget it, my magic level isn’t high enough to accept disciples. Please seek tutelage from someone else.”

The young girl replied firmly, “No! I want to be only under your guidance as no one had been willing to teach me magic. I was only fortunate to meet with you, an expert in space magic, today. You must accept me. Teacher, I’m obedient and will pay you for your guidance. My pay is extremely high.”

I chuckled. ‘She actually wants to move me with money? I bet that nobody is willing to teach her due to her ‘obedient’ attitude.

I cast a power to support her body up. “Miss, don’t call me your teacher. I really have something important to do. You should head back to the fort now.”

The young girl stubbornly replied, “No, if you don’t accept me, I’ll jump down from here.” Upon saying that, she immediately walked to the edge of the precipice.

I smiled. “I won’t accept you even if you were to jump.”

The young girl fumed. “Alright, you’re the one that causes my death then.” After saying that, she really jumped, heading into the gulf. I jumped up in shock as I didn’t expect her to be so staunch. I hastily brandished Sukrad’s staff to cast a light spell to bring her back up. “What do you think you’re doing? How can you treat your life so lightly?”

The young girl looked at me with hatred and with reddened eye rims, she replied, choked with her emotions, “You bully me. All of you bully me. You should just let me die.”

I’ve got a headache! Why did I meddle in someone’s business and land myself in such a situation?

The young girl said pitifully, “Teacher, you want to know my identity? I will let you know.”

I was stunned as I didn’t expect her to voluntarily tell me. It wouldn’t hurt to listen so I nodded towards her.

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