Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 27

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Volume 11: Chapter 27 – Within the Consciousnesses 

Why are you torturing me like this?! Can it be that I don’t have the right to die?’ While my consciousness is becoming clearer, the heart wrenching pain was intensifying. ‘I remember that someone said that if you were to lose one third of the blood in your body, you will die. I had almost lost half of the blood in my body. Why aren’t I dying?’

Ah!~” My heart felt as though it had been torn apart. My body was spasming and blood came out from all of my seven apertures as I heavily fell to the ground. When I opened my eyes, an eye piercing light was seen. Excluding my mind, I virtually couldn’t feel anything else. The fusion powers in my body were frantically wreaking a havoc in my body, ‘tidying up’ my body. I was already numb to the pain. The icy feeling from my head could no longer stop me from passing out. I unconsciously smiled as I was finally going to be relieved from the pain.

Who wants to die? I have a lot of matters that I couldn’t leave behind. It’s been such a long time since I met my parents, Mu Zi and my friends. I don’t even know how is Hai Shui doing. If I died, can everyone defeat the Monster King?’ As I carried along my reluctance and thoughts, my consciousness got increasingly fuzzy. Finally, I was freed as all of my pains had disappeared. My sight gone pitch black that I could no longer see anything.

It was unknown how much time had passed when my consciousness recovered again. Everything was pitch black and my body seemed to be floating in mid air. Only the indifferent passing of time and an extremely comfortable feeling could be felt. ‘I finally died and have been relieved of the pain? God King! You really harmed me to have actually tricked me to this hellish place to torture me. My life is so pitiful!’

“My life is worse than yours!” A familiar gentle voice sounded in my consciousness.

Hmm? This voice? Isn’t this voice’s Mi Jia Lie’s? Could it be after I died, my spirit met with his? Just nice, I can give him a lecture.

He seemed to know what I was thinking as Mi Jia Lie voiced out again, “Don’t scold me, I’m not to be blamed for this! Do you think that receiving an inheritance would be easy? You will definitely suffer some pain.”

After hearing what he said, my mind jolted. ‘Could it be that I’m not dead?’

“Of course you aren’t dead, my child.”

With a shine of a light, my surroundings lit up, transforming into a white world. A faint golden light figure appeared before me. Even though I couldn’t see it distinctly, I could clearly see those six gold wings. This was my first time seeing Mi Jia Lie’s figure.

My mind suddenly blanked and when it recovered, I suddenly realised that my body had appeared again, but it was completely transparent. Mi Jia Lie was not far in front of me.

I tested moving my transparent body and asked, astonished, “This…What’s going on?”

“Child, you’ve suffered, but you must undergo this pain. How can you withstand my tremendous powers without completely modifying your body? You were much stronger than I thought. You were able to persevere with the three divine instruments’ assistance and your mind isn’t disordered. The most crucial moment has passed. I’m now confident in completely passing you all of my powers.”

I shook my head with all my strength. “Wait, can you first explain to me what’s going on? What’s three divine instruments? What is about the modification of my body? I don’t understand any of the things that have happened.”

Mi Jia Lie replied, “Zhang Gong, don’t be anxious. I’ll explain it all to you. When you neared this place, I already discovered you with the remnants of my will. I’ve waited for you for a few thousand years already. It’s only after I passed the Radiant God’s power to you for my mission to be accomplished. The pain that I’ve suffered all these years you could never imagine.”

“When you first entered the canyon in search of my presence, I already started gathering the powers that I’ve accumulated over these thousands of years. Once you entered your meditative state, I started to modify your body. It’s impossible for your human body to inherit divine powers. I must alter your body to become the same as our God race. It can also be said that your body is no longer of the Human race, but God’s race now. I know that you have reluctance to leave the human world so I’ve kept a lot of your human characteristics. You’re now a hybrid with the body of both a human and a God. I’ve long since discussed about the modification of your body with the God King. It’s a necessary, but also an extremely risky procedure. If you weren’t able to withstand the tremendous pain that would result in the scattering of your mind, everything until now would have been for naught. However, we succeeded. You’re much stronger than I thought. With the protection from the Holy Sword and Dragon God staff, your body was completely modified by me. In addition, the Ice God mask’s protection in maintaining your consciousness, everything went perfectly.”

I frowned. “Wait a minute, it can’t be that the mask that is on my face is the Ice God’s mask that you’ve mentioned, right?”

Mi Jia Lie nodded. “That’s correct, that is the Ice God’s mask. Perhaps, it was heaven’s will for you to actually obtain it. The mask was the divine instrument of the Ice God. During the great war between the Gods and monsters, the Ice God fell. His mask’s location was unknown. Beyond my expectation, you’ve gotten it. With its help, you were then able to be smoothly modified by me.”

I frowned. “What’s the function of the Ice God’s mask?” ‘I didn’t expect that the mask that I had bought to cover my ugly face had such usefulness. It seems that the God King really took care of me. Not only have I survived, I had also successfully received the inheritance.’ My mood became elated. ‘I can also see my beloved Mu Zi soon. Haha!

“Zhang Gong, you’ve not received the inheritance. Don’t be so happy yet.”

I was stunned as I cried out, “What?! Hasn’t my body already been modified? Why have I not received the inheritance?”

Mi Jia Lie smiled wryly. “I’m not sure if I hadn’t explained clear enough or that there’s a problem in your ability to understand. I previously just said that I had modified your body, but the inheritance hasn’t started. If you had already inherited my powers, do you think I’d still be here conversing with you?”

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