Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 26

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Volume 12: Chapter 26 – Flame of Life! Burn!

Teacher Zhen nodded. “Quickly go and rest up. Lao Lun has me for support.”

I nodded. Just as I wanted to sit down and start meditating, I suddenly discovered that there were a couple of people that flew out from the interior of the fort. The couple of them were Big Brother Zhan Hu, Mu Zi, and the rest. Mu Zi used her wind magic to support Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Xin Ao’s body, while Xiao Rou that had metamorphosed to her human form and used her powers to support Gao De and Dong Ri’s body. When did Xiao Rou become so strong? What I didn’t know that after Xiao Rou became 9 tailed, her powers had risen to the A rank beast level. Even though her strength was inferior to Xiao Jin’s, her powers was similar to Mu Zi’s cultivation.

I dazely saw them land to my side and cried out, “Mu Zi, why are you so disobedient? Why did you bring everyone here?”

Zhan Hu chuckled. “Zhang Gong, we’re also god envoys that had received the task of eliminating the Monster King from the God King. How could we not participate in this battle? Even though our cultivations are weaker in comparison, we must watch as you kill the enemy. We’ll morally support you.” Xiu Si and the rest constantly nodded. It was obvious that they agreed with Zhan Hu’s opinion, while Mu Zi wordlessly stared at me with her mesmerizing eyes.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I looked at them. “This place is too dangerous. You should head back.”

Xiao Rou replied, “Master, please let us stay here. Elder sister Mu Zi and I will take care of the few brothers.”

I knew it was useless to say further as I looked at the resolute eyes of the crowd. I sighed and said, “Mu Zi, Xiao Rou, I’ll ask for your help to protect the brothers.”

Mu Zi suddenly exclaimed, “Ah! Isn’t that my Royal father?” She dazedly looked at the Demon Emperor who was currently in battle.

I nodded. “That’s right, if it wasn’t for lord father in law to come in time, you probably would not have been able to see me anymore. Alright, I won’t continue to chat with you guys as I need to recover my body’s power as soon as possible so that I can assist Lord father in law to deal with the Monster King.” Upon saying that, I sat cross-legged, amending the aura in my body.

At this moment, the Demon Emperor and the Dark Demon dragon were blasted backwards by the Monster King after constantly being pestered by them. The Dark Dragon gave off a mournful holler. It seemed that his injuries wasn’t light. Not good! I hastily soared into the sky to catch the falling Demon Emperor. The Dark Demon Gun of the Demon Emperor was already nowhere to be found. With his face like gold paper, the Demon Emperor had lost his consciousness. I couldn’t help but to feel a chill pass through my body as I looked at the Monster King that was still a distance from me. He didn’t chase over and just silently hovered in mid air. My last chance of recovery was already gone. The Demon Dragon and the Demon Emperor were severely injured now so the only one that could fight against the Monster King would only be me.

I landed on the head of the city and handed the Demon Emperor to Mu Zi. I mustn’t lose! I definitely mustn’t. I looked solemnly at Mu Zi and Xiao Rou before taking a deep breathe. “Please take care of yourselves.” ‘It’s time to fight with my life on the line. Monster King, you bastard, let us die together then.’ A sudden terrifying thought flashed through my mind at this moment.

I gradually flew and said to Zhan Hu and the four brothers, “Big brothers, please summon your divine instruments. What else can you do now? Please separate the divine instruments from your body and let it to hover in the sky.”

The crowd nodded and simultaneously chanted. The War God’s armour, Sky God’s horn, Titan God’s hammer, Lightning God’s shield and Wind God’s bow respectively hovered in mid air in the next moment. The five brothers had forcefully controlled their weapons. The injuries they sustained that day was really too severe. Otherwise, with their assistance, how could I be forced into such a hopeless scenario?

I looked at the crowd one last time. I no longer hesitated as I looked at the Monster King and chanted loudly, “Burn my endless flame of life to release my power of origin to emit the last rays of light!” I chanted the burning of life force spell without any regrets and remorse. This was an irreversible spell. Initially, when Teacher Di taught me this spell, he had told me that I shouldn’t use it lightly unless I was in a life or death scenario as once this spell was used, it would burn the life force of the caster’s body as time passes. When I cast this spell, I had completely burned all of my life force. I didn’t care about the after effects and just unleashed all of my potential powers to be able to fight against the Monster King.

When Teacher Di, who was leaning in Teacher Zhen’s embrace, heard my chant, he immediately shouted in horror, “Zhang Gong, you mustn’t…you mustn’t use that spell!!!”

I smiled at Teacher Di and bowed deeply towards him. “Teacher, thank you for your many years of tutelage. Zhang Gong no longer would be able to serve you. Please help me to take care of my parents.”

Whatever said now was already too late as the surrounding of my body had started to burn with multi-coloured flames. When the dazzling multi-coloured light ray was emitted from my body, a unprecedented tyrannical power surged up from my heart. The Holy Sword regained its former radiance and had possessed an even greater powers as compared to before. Light rays were like electricity flickering in my surroundings. The divine instruments that Zhan Hu and the others had summoned seemed to have felt the Holy Sword’s power and were constantly crying out.  

Mu Zi shouted, crying, “No! Zhang Gong, no!”

Tears flowed from from my face as I said mournfully, “Farewell, my lovers and my friends! Let’s meet again in our next lives!” I brandished the Holy Sword to terminate the relationships of the divine instruments from Zhan Hu and the rest and used my divine power to cover the five divine instruments before charging towards the Monster King, who was gathering his powers.

I stopped flying when I was only 100 meters from the Monster King. The Monster King seemed to be slightly apprehensive as he looked at the five divine instruments in my surrounding and the multi-coloured flames being emitted from my body. He shouted, “Are you insane? Was it really worth it for you to use your limitless life force for those low class creatures?”

I coldly said, “You forever won’t be able to understand that there are many things that are more important than being alive. Let’s start our death match, Monster King.”

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