Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 12

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Volume 2: Chapter 12 – Meeting Hai Yue Xing

Time passed by quickly and in the blink of an eye, three months had already gone by. I have also gradually adjusted to life at the academy. Compared to the time I studied under the Old Demon, this place is a lot more carefree. Everyday there’s not much to do aside from attending classes in the morning. The rest of the day is basically free time for me. It’s really is not bad.

During these three months my magic as a whole did not improve, especially in regards to my mana. However my spiritual strength has increased as well as my magic control. I really don’t know how to further increase my mana. Ah, forget it. It doesn’t matter. I’ll think about it later. At light magic class, I’ve learned just one light spell, Tribute of Light. (An intermediate light auxiliary spell, mainly used for large-scale dispelling of Invasive Toxic Gas, a low level dark spell, and is also used in a few unusual situations). I have also improved my Light Prism Shield (my current Light Prism Shield can cover my entire body and has become an omnidirectional reflective defence spell. Haha.)

In regards to spatial magic,  I have already reached the peak of short range teleportation. Obviously, it isn’t possible to improve any further. I still don’t dare to attempt long distance teleportation. The only improvement has been to Small Dimensional Slash. Right now I can finally control the spell.  I tested it with MaKe, one of my Small Dimensional Slashes can engulf one of his intermediate level spells. This is truly not too bad.

In this period of time the greatest growth will have to be credited to Xiao Jin. Right now, this little guy has grown to be quite impressive. He has grown to be 5 feet long. The gold stripe on the body has become much tougher than before, and most surprisingly of all is that he has grown a small golden horn on the top of his head. However, he is still very attached to me. Whenever I call him out to play, he only travels at most five meters away from me. He has also made further improvements with his ability. The current Xiao Jin already isn’t inferior to 4th ranked magical beasts. He can use most of my intermediate level magic spells, but unfortunately I don’t know why he can’t use spatial magic. As I watch him continue to grow, I’ve become really proud of him. I feel like he has already become part of my life. I would feel empty on days that I don’t call him out to see it. A long period of peaceful time past by and I gradually forgot about the Old Devil’s warnings. Until now I also did not want to come across any ranked magical beasts that meant harm to Xiao Jin.

What really makes me depressed is that the white robed magic teacher is always appearing in my life. Every time I bring Xiao Jin out to play at night, I almost always encounter him. This teacher bothers me and I can’t hide from him no matter how hard I try. For this reason, I have tried moving to many different places. But this old man is like a shadow, I can’t hide from him after all this time. In any case, I definitely do not recognize him as my teacher. See if he can make me, hehe. I don’t want to live a restricted life!

This fellow, Ma Ke, is simply too willful. Everyday he always goes to bother whats her name (until now I still do not know what that girl’s name is, and I haven’t even met her. I don’t want to be thought of as some kind of red haired rice cake (Note: Red haired rice cake is nickname students gave to Ma Ke. Who made it so that he stuck onto people in such a way. Haha.) Although he frequently wore a beaten nose and a clearly swollen face, he still never tires of it. It really suits him. According to what he says, he’s making a lot of progress. Although all the girls don’t bother to take notice of him, now he generally doesn’t get beaten up anymore because that girl’s older brother is the fourth grade’s chief and may have been touched by Ma Ke’s actions. He gave Ma Ke a mission, that is as long as Ma Ke’s magic level exceeds his own, he will let Ma Ke chase after his little sister. Since then, Ma Ke desperately practiced everyday as if he were mad. Right now when compared to me, nothing is lacking. He is growing quite rapidly.

“Ma Ke, lets go eat.” Class had just ended.

“Oh!” I recently discovered that he practices himself silly. As if apart from practicing, there is nothing else worth caring about.

“That pretty girl has come looking for you.”

“Where, where?!” Ma Ke’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Boss,  You don’t have any other brothers, and yet you deceive me!” complained Ma Ke when he didn’t see the girl.

“Brat, You’ve been bewitched. Is she really that attractive?”

“You wouldn’t know. When I saw her, I was already content.” Ma Ke’s eyes revealed hearts ♥. He is truly insufferable.

“Right, whats her name? Even now I still don’t know it.”

“What will you do with it ???” Ma Ke looked at me with an alert expression.

I kicked him with my leg.  “Bah!  When have you become so infatuated that I can’t ever know the name of this pretty girl.“

“Oh, Her name is Hai Yue Xing. Her older brother’s name is Hai Ri Xing.”

“Her name isn’t bad. Have you made any progress recently?”

“I’m still looking for an opportunity. She still doesn’t pay attention to me. Compared to her, her brother is more friendly. Oh right. Boss, this brother asked me several times who treats my wounds!”

“Did you tell him?” I asked nervously.

“I didn’t. I could never betray you. Truly.” Ma Ke said with a smile.

“You also suffer so much, letting them practice Kung Fu on you all day long.”

“I still have you to take care of me. For my life’s happiness, I must practice magic diligently.”  It seems having a goal isn’t bad.  I also have a goal. It is to be free! Hehe.

“Hurry, if we’re late there won’t be food.”  Having Ma Ke remind me immediately brought forth my vigor and I ran.  Eating food is a very important part of my life! I ate, I ate, I ate and ate and ate.

After we finished eating, Ma Ke went to the dormitory to meditate, and I also thought of going back and taking a nap so I went with him. While walking, Ma Ke suddenly stopped.

“What are you doing?” I nudged him.

“Boss, look, it’s her.”

I looked where Ma Ke’s finger pointed to, and sure enough it was Hai Yue Xing. By her side were 3,4 academy students. This was the second time that I have seen her.

“Boss, lets go over and say hello.”

“If you want to go, go by yourself.  I don’t want people to think I’m like you, the academy’s famous Red Haired Rice Cake.”

“Fine, boss. You want to see who’s more famous? I can’t possibly be worse than you, the White Rice Bucket.”

“You’re looking to get a beating, brat!”  Am I really that famous? How did I not notice?

“Come on boss, I’d feel a lot braver if you went along!”  Really, there is nothing that can be done. Ma Ke pulled me across.

“Wa, today not only do we meet with Red Haired Rice Cake, even the White Rice Bucket came to pursue you too!” A girl at Hai Yue’s side said with a smile.

And yet I didn’t notice them. I only saw the 15 year old student wearing a fire magic robe. Wa! He’s really strong! With such a ferocious aura, he gave me the impression that he wasn’t any weaker than the Old Devil. He also noticed me and our gazes met. Within his eyes burst a shining brilliance.

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