Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 23

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Volume 2: Chapter 23 – The Competition Begins

When I returned to the dormitory, only Green Hair was present, “Zhang Gong, where have you been recently?”

I gave him a cold glance and with a neutral tone said, “It’s a secret.”

“Come on, what have you been up to? They say that you and Hai Ri exchanged pointers and that he killed your magic beast.”

You truly don’t want to open the lid to that pot, Green Hair. “You want to be a bother? Irritate me and I won’t be so polite.”

Green Hair saw that I was getting angry and returned to his bed with his tail tucked between his legs, not daring to continue.

Just at that moment, my two other roommates had also returned. They were also in the same year but I did not know their names.

To be honest, even though I’ve attended this academy for a year, I could count the people whose name I knew on my fingertips. Everyone is so busy practicing that they rarely have the chance to speak to each other.

“You’re Zhang Gong? Have any plans for tomorrow’s competition?” Perhaps it’s because the competition is tomorrow that everyone is a little nervous, one of them had actually taken the initiative to greet me.

“Hello, I don’t really have a plan. I only have one goal, to be the second year champion.” When I finally said it, my voice became exceptionally resolute.

“Ah! The second year champion?” The two roommates looked at each other in shock. Green hair also came over.

“Zhang Gong, You aren’t mistaken, right? You would go so far as to want to become the year’s champion? For you to overcome the boss would be a joke.”

I got sick of looking at Green Hair, “What does this have to do with you? Go away.”

“Everyone has a goal. Even if you strive diligently, you might not be able to reach it.” I said dully.

“Zhang Gong’s right. My name is Long De An and his name is Shui Yan Ming. Let’s get along.” The slightly taller roommate said admiringly.

“Right, let’s get along then.”

“Zhang Gong, come over here.” I heard Teacher Di’s voice ring in my mind. What he used was telepathy. Currently, I could barely use it.

“You guys should rest first. I’m going to go out for a bit.”  I informed my roommates. I went out of the dormitory and went straight to Teacher Di who was at the faculty’s dormitory at the back of the school.

Teacher Di was already waiting for me outside on the grass.

“Teacher, what is so urgent that you must call me?” I asked panting.

“Tomorrow is the competition, are you confident?”

“Of course I am! My current magic power is very powerful!”

“Tomorrow you will start drawing lots. You can’t always be wearing these clothes. Come with me.”

Following Teacher Di, I entered his dormitory. He took out a magic robe from the wardrobe and gave it to me. “Try it on.”

“You’re giving this to me?” Looking at the gorgeous magic robe, I was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes, how could I let my student be so wretchedly unpresentable? From now on, this is yours.” Teacher Di said with a smile.

“Thank You, Teacher Di.” I promptly unfolded it, it was very beautiful. A pure white, unknown cloth which was embroidered with gold. The entire magic robe was very large (it actually looked like a cloak.). It was tied together at my upper abdomen. Each side had a pure, white magic stone emitting faint rays of light. There was also a large, golden magic hexagram on the back of the magic robe.

“It’s very beautiful. However, isn’t it a bit big?”

“Foolish child, try it on. Come over here, I’ll help.” Teacher Di walked over and held the robe out according to my body and took the two white magic stones on my chest and tied them together. After clacking a bit, the two stones blended together and quickly turned golden.

How miraculous. “How did this happen?”

“Child, this magic robe was passed down to me by my master. Now, I’m passing it down to you. It uses unknown means. During winter it warms you. During summer it cools you. In addition, the magic stone at your upper abdomen speeds up the condensation of your magic power. It is not inferior to a purple magic stone. Furthermore, it can change its dimensions according to its user’s size. You could consider it a treasure. I hope that you would wear it and strive for great success.” Teacher Di looked deeply into my eyes.

“……..I will.” I answered with unwavering determination.

I lightly stroked the soft magic robe. This was the first time in my life I’ve ever received such fine clothes. They were stunning. In order to fulfill Teacher Di’s great expectations and in order to not shame this wondrous gift, I must win, I must!


“Good, below they are about to begin ceremony to draw lots, second year students are at the front courtyard. They will begin picking lots according to your year.

Drawing lots happened very fast. I drew 11-4, in other words I am group 11’s 4th member. So the group competition is like this; number 1 competes with number 2, number 3 competes with number 4, and so on. That was the first round. The second round has numbers 1 and 6 competing, numbers 2 and 7 competing and numbers 3 and 8 competing and so on. This is how we advance in the competition. For the nine members, winning one time scores 3 points, losing gets zero. If victory is not certain when the allotted time ends, they each get one point.

Everyone had finished drawing their lots. In accordance to the proctoring teacher’s instructions, everyone lined up according to the lots they drew. Ma Ke was in group 5. Wo Ke was in group 9. I was standing at group 11 number 4’s position. Standing in front of me was my first opponent in this competition. I haven’t seen him before. It seems he attended a different class.  (Each year had four different classes and every class had 50 students.) He turned around and gave me a greeting.

“You are my opponent tomorrow. My name is Tian Feng Yang, wind magic major, class B.”

“Hello, my name is Zhang Gong Wei, light magic major.” I replied with a smile.

He also clearly didn’t know who I was. We politely exchanged a few words. I felt his magic power fluctuate quite strongly. It seems he can only practice that kind of magic, how unfortunate that he was matched against me.

“Boss, your clothes today are very beautiful. How come I’ve never seen you wear them before?” After we disbanded, Ma Ke ran over to see me.

I whispered into his ear that Teacher Di had given it to me. He immediately jumped, wanting his teacher to give him one as well. He left me behind and went off to find his own teacher. I shook my head.

Tomorrow will be the start of the competition. I took a look at the golden stone at my upper abdomen, it filled me with great confidence.  I must become the second year champion. I must also challenge Hai Ri. Even though I bear no grudge, I wanted us to have a fair match.

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