Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 26

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Volume 2: Chapter 26 – Knocking Out Wo Ke

It seems like his magic staff has very powerful amplification effects. I could tell since I knew that at his current level, he wouldn’t be able to release such a pure energy ball. It would be strenuous even for me.

In the wake of the appearance of Ma Ke’s magic ball, his fire dragon gradually became dull. It seems that to support it, a lot of effort is required of him. I took advantage of the decreased pressure and quickly began chanting an incantation. It seems like there’s no other choice but to once again use Brilliant Empire, but I wasn’t sure this would be able to stop it.  Actually, I also wanted to use an energy ball, but I know that my magic control couldn’t compare with Ma Ke’s. I would surely be hit by him, but I wouldn’t necessarily hit him. Only an area attacks could match it.

“Oh great light elements, please allow me to borrow your formidable strength, let the infinite light of the earth shine.”

While covered in a dazzling white light from head to toe, I slowly began floating upwards from the ground. My magic robe fluttered behind me. The golden magic stone at my upper abdomen emitted a gold light, complementing my white light so that it is even more dazzling. As I raised my head, the gold dan within my upper dantian used one third of my magic power to cover up my whole body. However, the difference this time is that this time I used an additional one third of my magic power to control this magic since I knew that Ma Ke’s energy ball wasn’t inferior in any way to my Brilliant Empire. I exhausted my remaining magic power to make my Brilliant Empire gather in the middle and form a pillar with a diameter the size of the stage to hit Ma Ke.

“Ah Boss, you’re so fierce. I’ll stake it all too then.” Ma Ke waved his hand, then the energy ball on top of the magic staff flew towards my pillar of light.

Contrary to expectations, because the Brilliant Empire is too dispersed, it doesn’t stop the energy ball, but instead slows it down.

I advance bravely while using all of my body’s remaining magic power to form a Light Prism Shield. The Fire Energy Ball reached me then it shatters my Light Prism Shield. This is the first time ever that my Light Prism Shield has been shattered.

I felt a burst of scorching heat throughout my whole body, I knew I was finished. I was hit by the energy ball. In this moment that was as if a thousand pounds was hanging by a thread, a change that I never would have expected occurred. My magic robe’s central magic stone burst into a dazzling golden light. The gold light formed a transparent membrane that enveloped me and protected me from the energy ball.

I recalled from the bottom of my heart Teacher Di’s words: “Quickly pour the remainder of your magic power into the magic stone at your upper abdomen.”

I had unconsciously acted in accordance to his words.

The collision between the energy ball and my defense cover produced intense friction, causing waves and waves of formidable pressure to push me back. Step by step, I retreated. I had already reached the edge of the stage.

I can’t retreat any further.

I cannot lose. I must not lose. I held my magic staff horizontally across my chest and shouted: “AH!——”

At the same time as my outburst, a warm energy came from within my body and through my arm it entered my magic staff. My whole body felt light. At last, the energy ball had been depleted by the light.

I sat my butt on the ground, gasping for air in big breaths. From the corner of my mouth trickled a stream of blood. Just now, that portion of warm energy had slowly enveloped my body and restored my damaged meridians. Ah! That was Xiao Jin. It was him who helped me at the crucial moment.

What about Ma Ke? Where did Ma Ke go? Sluggishly, I began looking for his figure.

“Student Zhang Gong, if you can’t get up within five seconds, I must announce that you have been defeated.”

Ah! It seems that Ma Ke is also unwell. Haha. I stood up at once.

It turns out that while Ma Ke’s energy ball collided with me, Ma Ke was hit by my Brilliant Empire in half the time. He doesn’t have any energy left after enduring my compressed Brilliant Empire. Right now Teacher Di is giving him treatment. (The beating I gave him wasn’t light.)

I truly didn’t expect that victory would have been that difficult. At the final moment, Xiao Jin’s energy was used to ensure victory. (Hehe. I violated one of the rules, but surely no one knows since magical beasts generally can’t produce energy while within their master’s body. They must be summoned before they can do anything.)

Due to a powerless body, two of my roommates took my arms and assisted me in returning back to the dorm. Just as I was about to sleep, I heard Teacher Di’s voice.

“Young fellow, what’s the matter? Winning against that Ma Ke who was a whole level lower than you required so much effort. You truly are so stupid.”

Since I didn’t understand Teacher Di’s meaning, I didn’t have a reply. (Granted that, even if I understood, in my current state…..) Perhaps Teacher Di also knew I couldn’t answer, so he started madly bombarding me with lectures.

The general idea of what he said was that if I had taken the initiative to attack in the beginning, my victory wouldn’t has been so disastrous. He also said that I was careless and that magic still has many defects and so on.

I really couldn’t stand this, so I used the bit of magic power that I have recovered to seal my mind. Smoothly, I entered the realm of dreams.

Due to the excessive magic consumption, I didn’t go watch Wo Ke and the D class girl’s match the next day. Who cares about it, Wo Ke will definitely win. Although Wo Ke is also powerful, he probably won’t have Ma Ke’s energy ball. So I’ll surely beat him tomorrow.

After eating lunch, I arrived at Ma Ke’s dorm room to take a look at how he is. This fellow is also in very poor health. In comparison, I’m much better off, since getting off of bed for him takes much effort.

“Boss, you’re really too ruthless. I’ve already been beaten to a crisp by you.”

“You are still say I’m ruthless, yet you deny that you’re ruthless. Damn. I also received quite the beating from you. You have really made a lot of progress. Before the match, I didn’t expect that your strength would have such a small gap between mine. It seems that I must strive hard, otherwise I’ll be exceeded by you and then I’ll have to call you Boss instead.”

We looked at each other and simultaneously began laughing. Then we chatted for a bit before I returned to my dorm. I must seize the moment and properly condense magic power to prepare for tomorrow’s match.

When I woke up, it was already evening. Green Hair and the other two roommates have already returned.

“Zhang Gong, you truly are my idol. My reverence of you is like the unending torrent of a river.”

“Damn, you see that I’m powerful so you want me to support you! Go away, don’t bother me.”

“Zhang Gong, I have some astonishing news. Do you want to hear it?”

“You! What kind of good news do you have?” I asked him with a doubtful expression.

“It is definitely useful for you. Did you know? Today Boss Wo Ke unexpectedly lost. Furthermore, he lost very quickly!” Green Hair mysteriously said.

“What! What did you say? Wo Ke unexpectedly lost?” Impossible. To my surprise, Wo Ke lost to a girl from class D. Although I haven’t faced him, Wo Ke’s strength is very clear since I knew that becoming the second grade representative wasn’t that easy.

“Are you lying to me? If you’re lying to me, then you’re dead.” I began to condense magic power on my hands to frighten Green Hair.

“Boss Zhang Gong, please don’t. What I said is the truth. If you don’t believe it then ask them.”

I turned my head and doubtfully looked at my other two roommates.

Long De An said: “Zhang Gong, Green Hair didn’t lie. Wo Ke truly lost miserably today. I’m afraid that aside from him, no one else really understands how he lost.”

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