Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 13

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Volume 3: Chapter 13 – Exchange of Skills

Name:Zhan Hu    Height:184cm    Weight:80kg

Major Magic:N/A     Minor Magic:N/A

Magical Beast:War Tiger

Overall Magic Strength:Heaven Knight   Magic Control:F

(Grades are divided into S, A, B, C, D, E and F)

Magic Power:F     Magic Perception:B     Magic Defense:A

Magic Attack:F    Speed:A(Unable to fly)

Physical Attacks:A    Physical Defense:A      Stamina:S

After eating breakfast, me and Zhan Hu climbed a hill to enjoy the scenery with untroubled hearts. I said: “Big Brother, are you in a better mood now after you spoke the words hidden within your heart?”

In the middle of his laments, Zhan Hu said: “It’s already been so long since I’ve been so satisfied. Now my whole body feels at ease.”

After we laughed together, I inquired: “What kind of battle spirit are you using that’s so powerful?

“My battle spirit has been passed down through my family from generation to generation. It’s called the Ascending Dragon’s Judgment. It’s also what Xiuda’s Royal family cultivates. Since we’re already brothers, I don’t need to conceal this from you. My father is the younger brother of the current king of Xiuda. The Grand Marshal of the kingdom’s armies, Qi Lu Xiuda. My original name was Jing Yun Xiuda.”

I couldn’t help but laugh: “Ah, I never expected that you’re related to the king, Big Brother! Little Brother truly is climbing up the social ladder.”

Zhan Hu forced out a bitter laugh as he said: “You’re playing with me aren’t you? How can I still be considered royal blood? I’m just a drifter now, that’s all. Why are you asking me what kind of battle spirit I’m using? Could it be that you want to learn it?”

I muttered with a red face: “Originally I wanted to learn it from Big Brother since my teacher gave me a mission beforehand. That is, to learn some basic battle spirit to strengthen my weak body. But Big Brother’s battle spirit is a royal secret. How could I possibly be able to learn it?”

“Foolish little brother, why can’t you learn it? It doesn’t matter. Sect bias has already buried so many talented people, let alone you, who majors in magic. I’ll teach you the Ascending Dragon’s Judgment right now.” Zhan Hu boldly said.

What a pure person I have recognized as a brother. It seems like one of the missions Teacher Di has given me will soon be accomplished. I gratefully said: “That’s simply too good then. Thank you Big Brother.”

With a solemn voice, Zhan Hu seriously said: “The Ascending Dragon’s Judgement is just one of many cultivation methods but its origin is extremely ancient. It should be something the Sacred Knights created thousands of years ago. Its cultivation is split into nine main stages. Namely, they are establishing the foundation, entry, basic understanding, first success, understanding, purification, transformation, ascension, peerless and unfathomable. The early stages are easy in comparison to the later stages; you only need to cultivate and you will surely be able to reach it. However, from the fourth stage and onwards, it becomes extraordinarily difficult.  You can no longer advance with just your efforts; comprehension is required. I’m already at the middle of the transformation stage. There’s actually a lot of overlap between the cultivation of battle spirit and your cultivation of magic power. It’s just that one is acting from the mind to control the external magic elements while battle spirit is the development of the body’s potential. Generally speaking, both have their own methods of cultivation. I’ll teach you the basic meditation method to cultivate battle spirit.”

Zhan Hu was a very strict teacher. If I slacked off even the slightest, he would severely reprimand me. He planned to train me for two months before letting me go to Xiuda. Every morning there would be training to strengthen the body and under his supervision, I wasn’t allowed to use magic at all. The body training mainly consisted of running and strength training. In the afternoon I would begin cultivating my battle spirit by meditating. At night I can meditate and cultivate my magic.

In the beginning I wasn’t used to this, but he wasn’t in any way inferior to the years of training under the devil teacher, Teacher Xiu. However, I gradually discovered that no matter how tired I was in the morning, after meditating for a while in the afternoon I would already be recovered. The next day I would always be even more vigorous. Gradually, battle spirit began condensing within my lower dantian and combined with my magic power without any difficulties (The lower dantian is located in the lower abdomen). I was truly relieved that they combined without conflict.

After today’s afternoon meditation, I got up and stretched my body. I picked up an iron sword and brandished it. At the moment, I was practicing the basics of swordplay. While I practiced swordplay, I also controlled my battle spirit the way Zhan Hu taught me and made it flow into the iron sword from my arm. Shortly after, I was successful. However, this success may be due to my powerful mind. It felt as if the sword became lighter. With a light swing of the sword, I could sense the powerful spirit within it. With my strong foundation, I began a sword dance which caused the wind to whistle. It felt quite good.

Suddenly, I had an idea. What would happen if I also imbued the sword with magic power? Let’s try it out. Within my gold dan, I separated a bit of magic power. As I condensed this light element, I slowly began pouring it into the sword. In the beginning it seemed as if the battle spirit and magic power were doing their own thing and ignoring each other, but then they gradually began resonating. The battle spirit and magic power fused into a powerful energy. I swung the sword at a boulder to test it out. Immediately, the boulder split into two. It seems like I’ve made another discovery. Under certain conditions, magic power can increase the power of battle spirit. I need to go tell this wonderful news to Zhan Hu.

After hearing what I said, Zhan Hu told me with extreme excitement to demonstrate it again. He told me he hasn’t been able to improve his strength for a long time. If he could fuse magic power with battle spirit in sword to create a magic sword, he would surely be able to improve once again. I was also very excited for him. Of course, the task of teaching him magic fell on my shoulders.

Magic power and battle spirit had distinct differences. Battle spirit was easy to begin cultivating but magic power was much harder to begin cultivating in. Zhan Hu had never learned any magic so I first had to make him comprehend the existence of the light element. This was necessary if I were to teach him light magic.

After arriving at his cottage, I prudently told him: “Big Brother, I’m going to use my magic power as a guide for you to sense the light elements. You must congregate your spiritual power in accordance with my guidance, otherwise the light elements won’t recognize you. There is only one chance, so you must pay attention.”

Zhan Hu nodded his head. “Okay. Begin then.”

I made him sit cross-legged in front of me. Slowly, I began lifting my finger until it was resting on his upper dantian. “We’re beginning now.”

I condensed my magic power into a thin thread as it followed my finger and entered his upper dantian. During the opening of his upper dantian, he was trembling from head to toe but gradually, he became more and more tranquil.

I started speaking. “Light element is an extraordinarily gentle kind of magic element. The true essence of light is that of generosity, tolerance, peace and love. All living things require light element to grow. Light is like our elder brother and our fathers and mothers. Use your heart to sense it. Let it accept you. We are all the children of Light.” After finishing this speech, not only did I feel that Zhan Hu has comprehended the light elements, I also felt a change within my body.

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