Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 14

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Volume 3: Chapter 14 – Onward to Xiuda

I felt the surrounding light elements begin to wrap around me. My entire body was immersed in an ocean of light element. What is causing this? I withdrew my finger, letting Zhan Hu comprehend the subtle light elements by himself. Sitting cross legged across Zhan Hu, I had focused on my translucent golden sphere. The golden sphere showed no abnormalities, unmoving between my eyebrows (on top of the upper dantian).

I had just relaxed, thinking about standing up and stretching; when suddenly, the light elements around me frantically surged with me at the center. Light element spread throughout my body, its power far too great. I don’t dare resist and only relaxed my body, accepting the baptism of light elements. The light element within my body gathered like lightning. From head to toe, my body was like a balloon being inflated. I could no longer absorb any more. At this time, the golden sphere began to move. It began to run through the blood vessels, rapidly absorbing excess light elements. The feeling of swelling gradually disappeared. The golden sphere’s absorption rate was much greater than before. Quickly, the frantic light elements that entered my body achieve equilibrium. I finally relaxed and exhaled. I continued to maintain the current situation until light elements no longer surge into my body.

I took in a deep breath, controlling the golden sphere within my body to cycle through my body before slowly returning to my upper dantian. I was amazed to discover that my originally translucent golden sphere had already entirely become transparent, showing a sparkling light. Within my body, Xiao Jin sent out a lively mood for me. It was obvious that from the frantic surge of light elements just now had granted me benefit not at all small. I remembered that Teacher Di told me I should strive for my golden sphere to at least become completely transparent within four to five years. Then how can this be? I carefully recalled what had happened previously. Could it be that when I introduced the light elements to Zhan Hu that they had acknowledged me once more? This is too miraculous. I could not bear the violent joy surging through me.  Currently, I have have become the continent’s eleventh magister, at least from my magic power. Give me a bit of time to adjust and I won’t be inferior to any person. This is too wonderful.

I opened my eyes. Zhan Hu had already woken up earlier, fixedly looking at me. Seeing me awake, he hastily asked, “Zhang Gong, what happened to you? A moment ago your body was twinkling a dazzling, golden light, rendering me unable to approach you. What was that?”

I emotionally said, “Big Brother, I’ve succeeded. When I introduced you to the light elements, I don’t know why but I went through a baptism of light elements. Right now, the source of my body’s magic power, my golden sphere is already completely transparent.”

When Zhan Hu heard, he had a slightly confused appearance and smiled, saying, “Talk a bit slower, don’t speak so fast. If you speak so fast, I can’t hear clearly.”

I deeply looked at Zhan Hu’s eyes, and said word by word, “In other words, currently your little brother’s magic power has already reached the level of a magister.”

After Zhan Hu heard what I said, his mouth turned into an O and said with awe, “Younger Brother, you’ve done it. You’ve done it. This older brother might not be able to be your rival. Haha! Very good. I have a magister as my little brother, let us drink a cup and celebrate well.”

Feasting, I asked him what he had felt from the light elements. He told me he had felt very comfortable. I told him he must think deeply about the methods that I have taught him.

After I became a magister, we continued to exchange each other’s knowledge. Two months had passed in a blink of an eye and I had already practiced Ascending Dragon’s Judgement to the level of basic understanding. Zhan Hu was very amazed by my rate of learning. We both said that my current spiritual power is exceptionally powerful. Therefore not only can it be used to control magic power, it can also be used to control battle spirit to a rather exceptional degree.  My body is much stronger than before, and as a result of gorging myself on food every day, my body weight increased by five kilograms. In addition, I’ve grown a bit tan from exercising every day. From Zhan Hu, I learned three sword techniques.  My battle spirit had fundamentally aided the use of my magic.

Zhan Hu’s progress was also equivalently large. He could already use a few of the most basic light spells. I primarily taught him a few support enchantments, because learning advanced light attack spells isn’t something that can be learned in a short period of time. He was able to use light support enchantments with his knight’s sword and battle spirit in concert. It produced an exceptionally good result. If I used advanced spells to attack him, it wouldn’t affect him whatsoever. It was very easy to explain to him. He excitedly told me that he had already begun to stride towards becoming a radiant knight. I believe that he is capable of succeeding soon. He also said that he will certainly not let me advance alone and will definitely overtake me.

Two months of living together made us as intimate as true blood brothers. We have already reached the point where words are no longer said. I told him about the assignment that Teacher Di had given me. He said that when I finish my travels from Xiuda that I must come back and look for him. He wants accompany me to complete this formidable assignment together. Naturally, I was extremely happy. Having his powerful arm give me assistance will be of great aid in completing this assignment. With these brothers’ power combined, they could break gold. Haha, I didn’t expect Ma Ke to not come and have Zhan Hu accompany me.

I should go. Zhan Hu sent me off from the village’s entrance. He gifted me a set of his previous knight clothes. Although it wasn’t gorgeous, when I put them on, they looked very spirited. To match it, he gave me an iron sword, it had a mighty appearance. Zhan Hu said that like this I could be received welcome at Xiuda. It would also be easy to obtain everyone’s respect. It would be make it very convenient when entering and leaving a city.

Standing at the village’s entrance, I took a glance back at the small village as similar to the size of a peach orchard, and said with a sigh, “Big Brother, I truly would somewhat hate to part here.”

Zhan Hu drew my shoulder towards him, saying, “Little Brother, even a feast will eventually have to end. Take care of yourself on your journey. When you finish your travels at Xiuda come back immediately and find me.  We’ll find the holy sword together. Big Brother looks forward to go out together and create a new world.

“Good. Big Brother, be at ease. I will return as quickly as possible.”

Zhan Hu with a bit of grief, said, “When you go to Xiuda, if you have an opportunity, could you go take a look at my home? But you mustn’t tell them about my circumstances. So long as they are safe, I would be relieved.” It seems that he is still very concerned about his home. After all it was the home where he was born and raised.

“Then why aren’t you going back? It would be great if you returned with me then! Then we don’t have to separate. The king isn’t that young anymore either. Even if he has high expectations of you, he won’t wish for you to leave again.” I said in an attempt to persuade him to come with me.

“I can’t. You don’t understand. We can talk about it again once you return so we can set off to retrieve the Holy Sword. You go now then. Quickly go so you can quickly come back.”

It seems like I’m unable to convince him no matter what. Reluctantly, I waved goodbye the big brother I have just gotten these last two months. Facing towards Xiuda’s vast earth, I continued my journey.

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