Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 28

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Volume 4: Chapter 28 – Winning the First Battle

The Prince  and Duke Te Yi represented their teams and said, “We understood!”

The High Priest nodded. “Very well! The competition will start now. You can freely decide the order of who to send out.” It was important to decide on who to send out. The worst match up would be Dun Yu Xi against Teacher Di. Our advantage against Dun Yu Xi was negligible. Teacher Di was probably the only one that have the chance of winning against him. I would have no hope in participating the competition if I were to be matched up with Dun Yu Xi.

Duke Te Yi said, “Your Highness, let’s draw straws to decide the order. Which five members from your side will be participating in the competition?”

The Prince  looked at me to signal me to step forward. When I stepped out, the opposing forces mostly showed startled expressions as they didn’t thought that the Prince  would send out such a young magician. There was signs of hatred in the eyes of the Ri family’s leader.

Duke Te Yi asked, “Your Highness, are you really going to sent out such a young magician? It can’t be that you’re forfeiting a match?”

The Prince  smiled. “How could I forfeit a match? Zhang Gong is a very powerful magician so I won’t underestimate him if I were you. Your team of five should also step out, no?”

Duke Te Yi exposed an expression of disdain. It was obvious that he was looking down on me. The four Magisters standing behind him and a person draped in a black magician robe stepped forward. The last mysterious person that stepped forward had his mantle really low so it was impossible to see his appearance.

Duke Te Yi and the Prince  drew the first competitor. It was Teacher Chuan Song Zhen against the Xin family’s leader, Hai Tian Xin. He was the grandfather of the three Hai Ri siblings.

The Prince  expression stiffened a little. Even though he knew that this match would be his to win, but he would no longer have anyone from his side that could win against Dun Yu Xi. However, he had already drew the lot so it was too late for regrets. Hai Ri Xin was the weakest in the opposing team member so it would be easy for Teacher Zhen to win against him. This would also mean that the other matches after this would be harder. This draw had greatly influence the future matches of the competition.

The High Priest announced loudly, “The first match will be the Royal Advance Magic Academy’s Principal Chuan Song Zhen against the Xin family’s leader, Hai Tian Xin. Everyone, except for those two, please leave the arena!”

Teacher Zhen and Hai Tian Xin were the only ones left in the five hundred meter square battle arena.

Hai Tian Xin smiled and said, “Chuan Song! Let’s have a fun match!”

Teacher Zhen asked, “Hai Tian, aren’t you a guy that dislikes to battle for power? Why did you enter this power battle?”

Hai Tian Xin replied, “Aren’t you the same? If it weren’t for you old fools, we would have won the battle already and could avoid the civil war. I have my responsibilities to my family. Let’s stop chatting and fight to see if I can move you from your first rank position!”  

Teacher Zhen replied, “If that’s the case, let’s do it!”

The fighting power of two Magisters were really terrifying as the whole training ground was permeated with magic power. Hai Tian Xin quickly chanted his spell. Teacher Zhen didn’t stay idle either. He had cast a few spatial defensive spells.

A green light shot out from Hai Tian Xin’s hand. I knew that it was the Xin family’s special spell, Absolute Disruption spell. When I had previously fought with Hai Shui, I almost lost that match due to this spell.

Teacher Di whispered to me, “Look carefully at how Teacher Zhen counters the Absolute Disruption spell. You’ll have to fight the spell with another spell. However, only spatial magic can counter the Absolute Disruption spell.”

Teacher Zhen undoubtedly saw through the standard of his opponent’s ability and smiled. He unceasingly cast small Dimensional Slash at the green light ray from both of his hands.

When the green ray came in contact with the small Dimensional Slash, the green ray unexpectedly couldn’t restrict the dimensional slash’s power. The spell was slowly being diminished by the continuous slashes of the small Dimensional Slash instead. Now that I knew that the small Dimensional Slash had such an effect, I wouldn’t need to fear this Absolute Disruption spell again.

After Hai Tian Xin saw that he had no effect on the small Dimensional Slash, his expression changed and quickly chanted in a foreign language. Weng! Teacher Zhen’s movements slowed down a little. I whispered, “That’s one of the Xin family’s secret spells, Water Dragon’s Chant.”

Although Teacher Zhen movement slowed down, he was still able to resist the unceasingly attacking Absolute Disruption spell. As he continued to cast small Dimensional Slash, he also chant a spell. I knew that at that moment, Teacher Zhen was really using his powers.

He chant, “Infinite space and the ever transforming stars! Please seal the unceasing storm and tear apart everything that stands in your path, Spatial Rupture Seal!”

Teacher Di exclaimed, “Ah! Chuan Song wants to finish off the match already! This is one of his advanced spatial spell and also one of his most powerful spells.”

As Teacher Zhen chanted, I felt that the atmosphere stilled. Hai Tian Xin’s Absolute Disruption spell was unable to move towards Teacher Zhen. The green ray of light gradually vanished. The stilled atmosphere seemed to become distorted. Hai Tian Xin knew that he would be defeated by that spell. He chanted, “Oh water! The source of lives! Please lend me your endless life force and let my life force be fused with yours— Water Ripple!” This was the last spell of the secret spells the Xin family held.

A circle of blue light surged out with hai Tian Xin as its center to resist against the distorted space.

“Attack, Water python!” At this crucial point, Hai Tian Xin finally summoned his magical beast as it was impossible for him to counter Teacher Zhen’s attack. He had to rely on the assistance of his magical beast.

An enormous blue python appeared in front of Hai Tian Xin and hissed. It immediately snapped open its enormous mouth and shot a water arrow at Teacher Zhen, which had unexpectedly pierced through the distorted space.

Teacher Long exclaimed, “A ninth grade water magical beast! This Hai Tian really have lots of magic treasures. However, Teacher Zhen still had lots of ultimate moves.”

When Teacher Zhen saw the blue python, he was a little startled and hurriedly cast a short distance teleportation spell to avoid its attack. He smiled and said, “Since you use your magical beast, why don’t I let my magical beast out so as to let them come together. Come forth, Lightning Eagle!” With a long cry of an eagle, a huge blue eagle similarly appeared in the arena. It flew towards the huge python. Lightning strikes and water arrows unceasingly interweaved. As they were both ninth grade magical beast, it was too hard for them to kill each other when they are in mid air.

The Water Ripple and Space sealing power were completely used up at that moment. Teacher Zhen stood at his position as per usual, but Hai Tian Xin paled and sat on the ground before hurriedly trying to regain his breath as he panted heavily. A stream of blood flowed from the corner of his lip.

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