Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 2

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Volume 5: Chapter 2 – Abnormal Tournament

I continuously expressed my support for Mu Zi’s words. Teacher Zhen’s expression changed, as he had never thought that we would pick that place. As the Royal Advanced Magic Academy’s Principal, he definitely knew what the price of the food at that place was like. He bitterly smiled, “It’s too expensive at that place, can we change the place?”

Mu Zi and I stubbornly shook our head. Mu Zi said, “Nope! If you want to change the place, then you have to change the participants as we won’t be participating in the competition.”

Teacher Zhen’s thoughts were that even if Mu Zi didn’t want to go, it would be totally fine as the main competitor he wanted was me. He lowered his head and considered for a bit. If Mu Zi didn’t go, I won’t go. Forget it! He clenched his teeth and said, “Alright! It is decided then.” He would just find Prince Ke Zha and ask him to reimburse him in the future. Thinking about that point, Teacher Zhen smiled happily.

I said satisfied, “That’s great! Since that is settled, we will head back to pack up.”

Teacher Zhen nodded. “You’ll gather at the entrance of the academy at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning and head out together. You should have a map. Do you know how to get there?”

I nodded. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

Teacher Zhen fixed his expression and said, “You’re the most talented students of the academy. Please stay safe on your journey. The competition has a dreadful rule. Although it will still be forbidden to kill their opponent, they can seriously injure them or even mutilate them.”

I turned pale with fright. “What?! Why is there such a horrific rule?”

Teacher Zhen sighed. “Who knows? The rule has already been in place for a very long time. The reason was that too many restrictions would make competitors unable to brandish all of their strength; which in turn affects their advancement. However, I have complete trust in you, or are you perhaps not confident in your abilities?”

Damn! It looks like Mu Zi was right, there is actually such a conspiracy.

Mu Zi replied, “We’ll head back first then.” After she said that, she dragged my stunned body out of the office.

As he saw us leave, Teacher Zhen muttered, “I hope that you will return safely. This is also the best chance for you to train.”

After the school ended for the day, we went to find Ma Ke. After meeting him, I asked him, “Do you know about the competition already?”

Ma Ke’s expression dampened before he nodded his head.

I asked curiously, “Why  are you looking so distressed? What’s the matter? You’re a magic scholar. It can’t be that you’re scared to lose?”

Ma Ke sighed and said, “Boss, you just don’t know how abnormal the Triennial National Advanced Magic Academies’ competition is. I’m getting worried just thinking about it.”

I patted his shoulder. “I know about that. Isn’t it because the competition doesn’t forbid anyone to actually seriously injure their opponent? It shouldn’t matter as I’m leading the team. What are you so afraid of?”

Ma Ke shook his head. “It’s not only that. The competition allows all of the other seven Advanced Magic Academies, except ours, to send out their teachers to participate in the competition. Boss, did you know that all of the academies are using the defeat of our Royal Advanced Magic Academy to gain glory?”

I asked, astonished, “What! Teachers are allowed to participate in the competition. Isn’t that just too unfair?”

Mu Zi calmly said, “Why is that unfair? If they don’t allow the teachers to compete and use only their students,they won’t be even able to lift our shoes. I had already told you that Teacher Zhen won’t give you an easy mission. So that’s how it really is.”

Ma Ke continued to say, “Mu Zi’s analysis is right. The other academies all have magic scholars for Principals. Magic scholar teachers are very rare. In the past, there have been a few academies that sent five teachers to compete in the competition.”

I asked, “What was the final outcome? Who was the champion?”

Ma Ke replied, “It was our academy that had brought back the championship. However, there were only two people that were able to walk back on their own. One of them is the Academy’s top ranker, Si Wa Ming.”

I muttered, “Only two people that can walk back on their own, so it will mean that the others…”

Ma Ke nodded. “That’s right! One was seriously injured while the other two competitors were crippled.”

It really was abnormal. I replied, “Sorry, brother! I’ve gotten you involved, as I was the the one who asked Teacher Zhen to nominate you. I’ve really caused you trouble this time. I wouldn’t have let you come with me, if I had known that it would be this dangerous. You should follow me to Teacher Zhen’s place, so that I can help you remove your name from the list. Teacher Zhen will definitely approve, if uncle Ke Zha is with us.”

Ma Ke shook his head. “It’s useless Boss! It’s my father that has arranged for me to go.”

Mu Zi frowned, “Why? You’re his dearest son.”

Ma Ke replied, “My father has very high expectations for me, and equally stringent demands towards me at the same time. This is an extremely good chance for me to train, so I must participate.”

I sighed, “I actually thought of creating a chance for you to get closer to Hai Yue. I haven’t thought that it will be such an abnormal competition.”

Ma Ke was greatly alarmed. “What! Hai Yue is also going? It can’t be!”

I awkwardly smiled. “That’s correct, Hai Yue is also coming as well.”

Mu Zi consoled Ma Ke, “This is really an opportunity. You can only express your sincere feelings for her when in dangerous times. You can relax as we had arranged her to fight the last match. If we can get three victories before her turn, she will be safe.”

Ma Ke nodded and looked at me. “Boss! I really don’t know if I should scold you or thank you instead.”

I sighed. “It’s all my fault. I didn’t clarify before easily agreeing to it. Isn’t Mu Zi also going to experience such danger? No matter how difficult it will be, we must protect the  Mu Zi and Hai Yue’s safety.”

Ma Ke replied, “Let’s do that! I’ll go and pack up as we will leave tomorrow morning.”

After bidding Ma Ke farewell, Mu Zi and I looked at each other.

I held her hand and said, “Mu Zi, I’m really sorry. I’ve forced you to participate in such a terrifying competition.”

Mu Zi leaned towards me and hugged my waist lightly. “Since I was young, I have never known what it is to be afraid. Isn’t it more thrilling this way? Don’t worry, everything will be fine!”

I hugged her tightly and felt that my emotions had stabilized a lot. I swore to myself that I would use my very life to protect her and not let her suffer even the tiniest bit of harm.

After sending Mu Zi back to the dormitory, I didn’t return to mine. I left the academy, even though the sky had completely darkened. I would be out for one to two months. I wanted to let Teacher Di know about this.

After reaching the Intermediate Magic Academy, I related the entire situation to Teacher Di.

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