Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 16

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Volume 6: Chapter 16 – The Holy Sword’s Handle

I didn’t dare to slight him. I immediately started chanting. As I chanted, the green dragon’s mouth was also continuously moving. This was bad. It was a dragon language spell. I couldn’t help but to be frightened as I didn’t know if my power would be strong enough to block his attack.

I would stake it all with this one exchange, “Light elements, my great friends, I plead for you to use your power to form unlimited light rays to form small stars to eliminate the enemy before you, Bright Star’s Shine!”

I rapidly gathered light elements beside me and continuously formed them into stars in front of me, forming layer after layer of defence. I quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the green dragon’s entire body lit with green light. His eyes had recovered their previous sober and calmness. He chuckled at me and said, “It has been 10000 years since I had been injured, excluding the previous great God and Monster War. I will let you see the true power of the Dragon clan.”

This was terrible. His entire body’s green ray formed an enormous wave moving towards me. I hastily gathered the stars in front of me and released  the second fusion spell.

When the magic and battle spirit fusion spell’s light ray and the wave from the green dragon collided, the wave didn’t stop at all after smashing through the white power from the fusion spell and charged towards the star defense area.

The stars had temporarily stopped the advancement of the wave but its strength were rapidly diminishing. When the stars and the wave collided, it gave off “Zi! Zi!” sounds.

I knew that the stars wouldn’t be able to block the attack so I immediately cast a Holy Swords protection spell and also gathered my battle spirit in front of my body.

The charging wave succeeded in breaking through the stars defense area and heavily hit on my last defence. I didn’t get hit head on, but flew out along with its power.

Even if that was the case, I was still unable to break through this tremendously strong power. “Hong!” I smashed into the gold barrier that the Dragon King had cast. Due to the collision, the barrier rippled. I violently spout out blood as I was seriously hurt.

I had used all of my abilities to forcefully block the advancement of the green dragon’s attack  but also suffered serious injuries. I had once again experienced how powerful a dragon’s power was.

The green dragon was also shocked that I could block his attack. He immediately pounced over, getting ready to hit me so as to make me completely lose my fighting power.

It was just like the final match of the Advanced Academies’ competition. I had once again faced the fear of facing death. ‘Xiao Jin, is it really impossible for me to be with you?’ My heart felt as though it had been torn apart. At the crucial moment, I similarly felt that the Holy Sword power in my body surged out. I knew that at crucial moments, the Holy Sword would awaken temporarily again. My eyes had turned completely gold as the Holy Sword power surged out of my body.

What was different from before was that I had some understandings on how to use the Holy Sword so I could barely be able to control it. My body elevated and my body shone with peculiar gold light rays. An enormous gold light sword gathered in front of me similar to the previous time. The power emitted from the Holy Sword was much stronger in comparison. The green dragon could already feel the immense pressure, but he knew that it was impossible for him to retreat. There was also not enough time for him to cast another dragon language magic spell. He clenched his teeth and curled up into a ball before he rapidly charged at me with his back facing outwards.

With a single thought, the light sword shot out. The Dragon King was shouting from outside the barrier. He had already felt that something was wrong. The power had made him felt threatened. To protect the green dragon’s safety, two light rays shot out from his two enormous dragon horns. One was shot to counter my light sword and the other was towards the green dragon.

The Dragon King’s golden light and my light sword collided first. With the valiance of the Dragon King, due to using his power in a rush, he could only slow down the advancement of the light sword. The light sword was a little sluggish as it quickly engulfed the Dragon King’s golden light before continuing to fly towards the green dragon.

The Dragon King hollered, “Xiao Qing, be careful!” Even though he had warned the green dragon, he knew that with all of the power that the green dragon possessed, it would still be impossible for him to withstand the light sword’s power. It would be too late for him to gather more powers as well. There was pain that was shown from the Dragon King’s eyes. He never would have thought that I could use the God King’s Radiant Holy Sword. Actually, even though the Holy Sword had only been half awoken, I used only a sliver of its power.

Just as the Radiant Holy Sword’s power was going to hit the green dragon, I gently moved the power of the Holy Sword upwards and towards the left before rapidly sending it out. I got a beautiful home run just like when the green dragon had previously used his tail to swipe at me.

The enormous green dragon’s body broke through the Dragon King’s barrier before heavily hitting at the nearby stone wall. With his strong body, he shouldn’t be in much danger.

I didn’t have the time to laugh as I had used up all of my strength. The Dragon King shot out some  power to catch me who was dropping down from the sky. With the Dragon King’s treatment, I felt much better. I had recovered some of my body’s strength. I said feebly, “Dragon King, does this count as I have pass the test?”

The Dragon King sighed. “I never thought that the God King had given the Radiant Holy Sword. Thank you for holding back.”

I smiled, “Your Dragon clan members are so few. Moreover, I don’t have any deep grudges towards him. Why would I take his life?”

The Dragon King replied, “To be honest, I suggested this test just to make things difficult for you. I and Xiao Bai, ah no! I heard that you gave her a name called White Queen, are reluctant to be separated from our son. Do you know why he left the Dragon Valley previously? It was because of that old fellow, the God King. He said that whoever can hatch the dragon egg, that person will have the means to inherit the Radiant God’s power. Just like that, our child was separated from us. This time, you have sent him back with such difficulties. We also don’t want to be apart from him.”

I nodded. “I understand your feelings. What kind of parents doesn’t want their children to be by their side? How about this? After Xiao Jin helps me to settle the Monster King’s problem, I will let him return to Dragon Valley to accompany you all. I will also frequently come to see him at that time. If he misses me, he can also come to find me.” Xiao Jin was their child after all. Which parents would want to be separated from their children?

The Dragon King happily nodded his head. “That will be great! I represent the Dragon clan to thank you for that.”

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