Child of Light - Volume 7 - Chapter 5

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Volume 7: Chapter 5 – Jail Break Success

I said seriously, “Don’t shoot off your mouth! The most respectable teacher to me is Teacher Zhen. That old man’s accomplishments are not something that you can talk about.”

The mage immediately smiled his apology and replied, “Yes! Yes! I had misspoken. Please forgive me.”

My expression softened and replied, “That’s enough. You also don’t need to be too courteous. Your efforts in protecting His Majesty is also not small. I will say good words about you to His Majesty.”

After the mage heard that he became elated and replied, “I will first thank you before hand. You can just tell me whatever you need in the future.” As I saw him bending and scraping to curry favor from me, I felt an indescribable annoyance but I must feign civility with him. I said, “You can lead the way in front of me. I want to have a look at the two demon race prisoners. Have they been interrogated already?”

The mage replied, “There wasn’t enough time for that as the commotion in the palace was too vicious. The majority of the people are currently cleaning up the after mess. They should be interrogated in two day’s time. Please follow me.” I thought elatedly, ‘I wouldn’t have not thought that I would meet with this silly fool that is blinded by greed, making it this easy for me to infiltrate the prison.’

The security of the Sky Prison was really strict. That mage’s position must not be

low here because when we walked, we were unexpectedly unhindered. After crossing four doors, we were in the depth of the Sky Prison. The mage told me, “My lord, this is the Sky Prison’s most strictly guarded place. The two demon race members are locked up in the number one prison cell of Sky Prison.” After he said that, he pressed on the stone wall at the side.

There was a small crack in front of us. There was a flight of stairs heading downwards. I thought, ‘If it wasn’t him leading me, I really won’t be able to find it. It seems that it is fated for me to save Mu Zi.’

We walked down. At the bottom, there were three jail cells. In the innermost cell, Mu Zi and the older demon race were in there.  

I said to the mage, “You wait outside for me. I have some things to ask them.”

The mage said with difficulty, “That…That won’t be a good idea.”

I glared at him and said, “Is it that you really wish to hear what His Majesty wanted me to ask them? The security here is so tight. It can’t be that you’re afraid that I will let them out, right? I also don’t need you to open the prison cell.”

The mage said in embarrassment, “Alright. I will be waiting for you upstairs. But you must make it quick.”

I waved my hands at him impatiently.

When the mage walked out, he was still worried and sealed the opening that led down to this place. I sniggered in my heart, ‘If I wasn’t completely prepared, I won’t have come to this place.’

Mu Zi and the old man from the demon race seemed to be unconscious. All of their limbs were locked by thick iron chains and shackled to the wall. Since time was pressing, I held onto the  jail cell’s door and shouted, “Mu Zi, Mu Zi, quickly get up!” After shouting for a couple of times, there still wasn’t any response from both of them.

I gathered a small water ball and tossed it over. “Pah!” The water ball landed on Mu Zi’s face.

Mu Zi slowly woke up and looked around bewilderedly. When she finally saw me clearly, she instantly woke up before crying out in fear. “Zhang Gong, why are you here?”

I anxiously replied, “That’s enough. You don’t have to say anymore. I’m here to save you. Time is pressing. We will talk after getting out of here.” I circulated my magic power before gently waving the Sukrad’s staff in my hand. A gold light ray shot out. No matter how strong the lock, it still was unable to withstand my spell. The lock broke into two. I pushed open the door of the prison cell before charging in.

As soon as I opened the prison cell, the alarm bell suddenly rang loudly, filling the Sky Prison with its sound. The people outside shouted, “Someone has infiltrated the Sky Prison! Make haste!” After that, the mechanism at the top opened. That mage was the first to come charging downwards. After looking at the scene below, he said in astonishment, “Lord Zhang Gong, what are you doing?”

I was too lazy to answer him so I shot a light wall to lock him outside and continuously circulated my magic power to completely seal the entrance of the place. I turned around and used a light blade to cut open Mu Zi’s shackles. Mu Zi weakly slumped to her knees. I hastily supported her and asked, “Mu Zi, how are you feeling?”

Mu Zi’s face paled and with her large eyes filled with tears, she replied, “Zhang Gong, why did you come to save me? Don’t you know that you will ruin your future by doing this?”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “Now is not the time to talk about that. Let’s immediately leave this place!” As I said that, I took out the escape scroll from my sleeve. Mu Zi pulled on my clothing and said, “Please save him as well. He is one of my teachers.:” As I looked at Mu Zi’s wishful eyes, I thought, ‘Since saving one is a huge crime already, saving two is equally the same. Moreover, with this old man, he can assist and protect her on her way back.’

I nodded and unlocked the shackles of the old man of the demon race. At that moment, the light wall sealing the entrance suddenly shook violently. This was bad. An expert had come.

As expected, Dun Yun Xi’s voice was heard from outside. He shouted, “Zhang Gong, what are you doing? Don’t you know that this is an act of treason to the Kingdom?”

I said clearly, “Teacher Xi, I am sorry. I just can’t do nothing and look on helplessly as Mu Zi is executed. Currently, I just don’t care about anything anymore.”

The demon race old man also woke up and watched the scene playing in front of him in surprise. I shouted, “If you want to live, quickly come to my side before it is too late!” Dun Yun Xi’s attack was really strong. I would soon be unable to hold on.

The demon race’s old man wasn’t ordinary. He knew that time was pressing. He moved as fast as he could to latch onto me. I chanted as I used the Sukrad’s staff to simultaneously support the defensive barrier and also activated the escape scroll. The defensive light wall shattered at the same time as the activation of the scroll. Dun Yun Xi was the first one to charge in. He was the head of the Royal Mage Union. With a look, he already knew what I planned to do. He immediately struck an enormous earth blade.

However, it was already too late. After the flash of light, the three of us, Mu Zi, the old man and I simultaneously disappeared from the prison.

Dun Yun Xi told a mage at his side viciously, “Quickly go and report this to His Majesty and also gather the Royal Mage Union and guards! Immediately search through the city! They won’t be able to escape too far away.”

As he saw the mage leave, Dun Yun Xi sighed heavily. “Zhang Gong, you’re such a silly child. You’ll ruin yourself this way. Don’t you understand that? The word ‘Love’ really can cause a lot of trouble. That’s right! Who let him in?”

The mage that had led me walked over shakingly. He kneeled down and cried bitterly. As he cried, he said, “Lord Union head, I did not mean for this to happen. He said that it was on the order of His Majesty…..”

Dun Yun Xi said angrily, “You’re useless! Someone, come and lock him up first. After capturing the escaped prisoners, we will interrogate him.”

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