Child of Light - Volume 7 - Chapter 6

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Volume 7: Chapter 6 – Mu Zi’s Identity 

There was a flash of light at an isolated corner in the capital’s far west, and three people appeared.

I had Mu Zi in my arms, stared at old man from the demon race lying on the ground, then knotted my eyebrows and surveyed our surroundings.

Mu Zi asked, “Where is this?”

I thought for a bit and replied, “My escape scroll is limited to an escape radius of three to five kilometers; This should be somewhere within the city. It is too dangerous, they will be able to find us soon. We need to leave the city immediately.”

Mu Zi smiled bitterly, “How are we going to do that? I’m afraid the city’s entrance has already been locked down, and we can’t even fly out even if we wanted to. Just look above you.”

I raised my head and discovered that there were numerous wind mages hovering and searching in all four directions, I hastily drew both of them aside. It sure seemed like our luck wasn’t too bad, as there were not many people in our immediate surroundings. I placed Mu Zi on the ground before chanting the spell that the Dragon King had transmitted to me. A light halo spread out with me as its epicentre.

Mu Zi exclaimed, “Don’t! We are sensitive to light magic!” However, she quickly realised that what I used wasn’t light magic.

I replied, “This is a seal removal spell. You two should recover your strength as quickly as you can. I will draw a magic array, we need to leave the city immediately.”

Mu Zi’s eyes were filled with complicated expression. She gave me a long, deep stare before sitting down cross-legged to meditate. The old demon race man didn’t even hesitate, as he knew recovering his strength was the key to leaving this place alive, and started his rejuvenation without speaking a single word. Judging from the thick black fog that gradually emitted from his body, I knew that if I hadn’t used use the forbidden spell that day, I might not have been his match. This old fellow definitely had reached a Magister’s standard. His position within the demon race was definitely not low.

As I was contemplating, I was also rapidly drawing the teleportation array. In order to succeed in completing the array in a small amount of time, I had selected one that could only teleport us 20 kilometres.

After an hour, I wiped off the perspiration that had formed on my forehead. I had finally completed it.

Actually, although drawing this magic array wasn’t a hard task for me, I drew the array with utmost care as I was being extremely sensitive to the voices in my surroundings and was intensely nervous and feared of making even the slightest mistake.

I shook Mu Zi gently, saying, “It’s done. We can leave now.”

Mu Zi opened her eyes and replied, “I’ve recovered about ten percent of my magic power and am no longer that feeble. Teacher, how are you?”

The old demon race man’s eyes flew open and a cold glint flashed across them. “I’ve recovered almost thirty percent of mine. Pity, my staff had been snatched away by the vile human race, otherwise I would have been able to recover much faster. I really feel like going another round with them.”

I coldly snorted and said, “Talk less crap, hurry up and enter the array! We won’t make it if we don’t leave now!”

The old demon race man instantly turned furious. “Brat! Do you know who you are talking to? You’re seeking death.”

I refused to yield and rebuked him instead, “I don’t know who is the one that is seeking death. If it wasn’t for Mu Zi, I wouldn’t have saved you. Hmph!

The old demon race man fumed, and said, “You…..”

Mu Zi said anxiously, “Stop quarreling! Teacher, as an elder, saying a few less words won’t hurt you.”

The old demon race man seemed to be a little fearful of Mu Zi and jumped into the array first. I also pulled Mu Zi into the magic array. Due to it being a short teleportation, there wasn’t a need to place a protection around us. I activated the array and teleported to the west side.

After golden light flashed, we appeared on a small hill outside of the city. I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “We were lucky that we didn’t teleport into a river. If we did, it would have been terrible. It is temporarily safe here. You can continue recovering your magic power. I will draw a bigger teleportation magic array.”

Mu Zi replied, “Zhang Gong, I…….”

I interrupted her and said, “Let’s not talk now. We will chat later after I’ve drawn the magic array.” Even though we were out of the city, it was still not completely safe so I drew a long range teleportation magic array to teleport Mu Zi again.

The sky had gradually darkened. This time, I had set up a magic array that would enable them them to teleport about 500 kilometers away. This should be enough for them to escape successfully.

The sky finally darkened completely, and my magic array was finally complete as well. I woke Mu Zi up and took out a lot of rations from my spatial space to her. As I handed her these, I said, “This is your most favorite dried fried Dragon meat. This bottle contains Ascending Jade Tide beverages. These are some fruits you can eat on the road. Quickly! Quickly place them into your spatial space. Here are some magic gemstones for you, they will come in handy during your travels.” I passed every single item to her with my head lowered. After giving her everything I wanted her to have, I discovered that Mu Zi’s face was filled with tears.

Mu Zi threw herself into my bosom and sobbed loudly.

“Why do you treat me so well? Why?”

I tightly embraced the woman I loved the most and enjoyed the warmth she gave to me. Even though it was the same embrace, I was able to feel that this was the first time she had totally opened up and given herself to me. Her heart would no longer be able to run away from me.

After a long time, I pushed Mu Zi away. “Alright! You should compose yourself. You should be able to tell me the truth now, right?”

Mu Zi looked at me fixedly and replied, “Yes, I can tell you about it now. Take a look.” After she said that, her right hand rapidly flashed past her face.

Ah! Mu Zi’s entire person had undergone a transformation.  However, even though she, she, had transformed……., she had transformed into the demon race’s princess I had seen at the Serene Dream Lake. Even though we’ve only met a single time, her flawless figure had been engraved deeply in my memory. At that moment, countless thoughts surged through my mind.

Mu Zi not only changed her appearance, her voice also had changed into a beautiful sound of a black-naped oriole, just like the time when I first met her. “Now, you should know why I was filled with animosity towards you when we first met at the academy.”  

I said dazedly, “You…You’re the demon race’s princess. Why is it you? How can it be you? Mu Zi? Where is my Mu Zi?”

Mu Zi’s flawless appearance expressed helplessness and replied, “I just am Mu Zi, always have been, and always will be. The first time you met me in school was me, the one you love is the me that had changed her appearance and voice. Do you understand?”

“Change of appearance and voice?”

Mu Zi nodded, “That’s right. I used one of the  demon race’s special appearance change spell. No medication is needed. It directly changes the structure of the face and modifies the muscles of the throat. The change in appearance will be flawless that way.”

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