Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 7

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Volume 8: Chapter 7 – Increase in Strength

The Great Elder said clearly, “Villagers of God’s village, you are all strong and brave warriors. The God’s Inheritor that we had awaited thousands of years for has finally arrived. This is Magister Zhang Gong Wei. You should have seen his tyrannical powers. Currently, there are movements from the Monster King that had previously been sealed by the God clan. As God’s people, we should use all of our powers for the entire world. Are you willing to do so? It is not too late, and if anyone feels that they will regret doing this, please withdraw immediately.”

All 167 of them from below the hill shouted loudly in unison, “We swear to follow God’s Inheritor till our death! We swear to follow our elders to our death!”

I shouted loudly, “It’s not in my intentions that I want all of you to follow me. I want everyone to understand that we are doing this for the peace of the world. The only request from me is that you all use your every means to maintain your lives. All lives are precious. Everyone must cherish them!”

After the elders heard what I said, they looked at each other, before the Third Elder said, “I would never have thought you would think in this way.”

Actually, after knowing that I was a God’s Inheritor and was unconscious, the few elder had an intense discussion. The Third Elder had suggested that he wanted me to leave at my own will, so as to not disturb their few thousand years of peaceful lifestyle. But the Great Elder suggested to ask my situation first before deciding. After they knew that I was going to represent the God’s clan to exterminate the Monster King, they all supported me. This was due to God’s order that had passed down for generations in the village after all. However, they weren’t totally willing; as who would want to place their life in someone else’s hands? But after what I just said to the villagers, the few elders were deeply touched. They all made their decision to fully support me.

At that moment, I continued to shout, “Villagers, are you willing to accept my request?!”

The villagers at the bottom started to discuss among themselves like what the elders had done. The scene was extremely chaotic. Just as the Second Elder wanted to stop them, I stopped him by saying, “It is best for them to think it through. It will be for the better this way.”

The villagers at the bottom gradually calmed down. Suddenly, there was a villager that shouted out, “I’m willing to follow you forever, God’s Inheritor!” His words momentarily set a chain reaction among the other villagers. One after the other, the villages stood up in support of me. There wasn’t anyone that withdrew. After looking at the elders, I raised both my hands at the villagers and shouted, “Thank you to all for your support. This time we head out not for glory, splendor, wealth, and rank nor to become famous. We should only have one motive, which is to accomplish the task that God had given us, and that is to triumph against the evil forces, thus regaining the peace of the world. When the world is peaceful, it will also be time for us to withdraw ourselves, after succeeding in our task.”

The Great Elder followed up at the right timing, “That’s right! To triumph against the evil forces, and regain world peace!”

Every villager at the bottom of the hill shouted, “To triumph against the evil forces, and regain world peace!”

As I saw the worked up villagers below, I sniggered inwardly, ‘It seems that God has an extremely important place in the villager’s heart. This time, I used God’s name to gather so many talented people at one go. This is just too awesome. I have a better chance in dealing with the Monster King now. This was the first time I felt I had enough power to exterminate the Monster King from when I had first been given the task.’

The 168 of us grandiosely left.

There were 50 villagers opening the route in front of us with the elders, and I walking in the middle, and the rest of the villagers following behind. After three days, we had finally managed to walk out of the forest to reach Lunda Province.

After walking through flat and vast grounds, we finally reached a small town. I told the Great Elder, “Let’s rest up here before continuing on.”

The Great Elder nodded. “We need to rest up, and also buy some necessities.”

I shouted, “Everyone, please follow closely so as to avoid getting lost. We will rest up in this town before continuing on.”

The five elders and I led the villagers to enter the town. After walking for only a short while, there was a group of people gathered that were looking at something.

I squeezed through the crowd and noticed that it was an announcement that had written: There was an order to arrest the Royal Advanced Magic Academy student, Zhang Gong Wei that had betrayed the Kingdom and Humanity as he allied with the Demon race. Please, to all citizens of Aixia…….. There was also a picture of me beneath the announcement.

I wanted to faint. I was wanted by the Kingdom. Ke Zha really was ruthless. I smiled helplessly at the Great Elder that came over with me and said, “I have become a wanted criminal. Let’s hurry and leave this place. I will explain this to you later.” After saying that,  I lowered my head as I walked out from the crowd.

I asked one of the villager to help me buy a conical bamboo hat that had a long muslin attached to it. The few elders didn’t ask me any questions, making me feel gratified for their actions.

After finding a family inn, and calming down the villagers, who had found everything within the area novelties, I gathered the few elders in my room.

After removing the conical bamboo hat, I sighed and said, “I still have something that I didn’t have the time to tell to you.”

The Great Elder smiled and replied, “You don’t need to say anything further. We have complete trust in you.”

I I shook my head and replied, “No, I must let you know about this matter. I was  originally a student from the Royal Advanced Magic Academy….. I set free the demon race’s princess after she was caught by the Kingdom. After that, my teachers and friend saved me by using the teleportation array to reach your village. I’m sorry to only tell you about this now.” I disclosed to them to everything that had happened.

Since the God’s village people had been living for few thousand years in deep forest, they didn’t have any hatred towards the Demon race, so they didn’t mind that I was wanted. The third elder said smiling, “Everyone has the right to pursue the opposite sex. You also don’t need to reproach yourself. Moreover, you weren’t in the wrong.”

I walked to the window and looked at the azure sky before I sighed and replied, “The hatred between the human race, Demon and Beast races are extremely deep. Everyone is living in this world. Why must they massacre one another?”

The Great Elder nodded. “What you said is extremely right. If we can rectify their resentment, that will be for the best.”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “I also thought about that, but the hatred is just too deep. It won’t be easy to dissolve them. You few elders should go and rest up first. I will head out to purchase some things.”

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