Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 1

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Volume 9: Chapter 1 – Dangerous Teleportation

I told everyone, “You should start to meditate to recover your battle spirit to its peak state. We’ll be crossing that huge mountain, so we may face some strong waves.”

Zhan Hu and the rest sat in a circle and began meditating. Judging from the degree of radiance from their body’s aura, Zhan Hu’s power was the strongest, and Jian Shan was the runner up. Dong Ri and the other villagers from God’s village were about the same. However, Dong Ri had the Wind God’s bow so he was still be slightly stronger overall.

I tossed away any distracting thoughts, and started to focus on drawing the teleportation array. The teleportation array which was used to pass through the mountain was of the highest grade. Not a single mistake could be made, and with Sukrad’s staff, I could draw the entire array in such a fine manner, to the point of being comparable to vein lines.

I had finally drawn the array, and I wiped the perspiration that had formed on my head due to the intense concentration I just used. It had taken half a day to form it. If it hadn’t been for the recent improvements in my ability, who knows how long it would taken me to draw it For our safety, I placed a small purple crystal in the middle of the magic array. Under the support of the magic crystal, the finely-veined detailed array instantly surged out with immense energy, awakening everyone in meditation around me.

Zhan Hu walked over and asked, “Is it done?”

I nodded. “I’ll have to take a rest first. You must all be vigilant.” After I said that, I closed my eyes, and sat cross legged. My three inner gold dans momentarily revolved rapidly, absorbing the light elements near my surroundings.

After an hour of rest, I stood at the center of the teleportation magic array, ready to depart. “Big brother Zhan Hu, you, Dong Ri, and Jian shan surround me; the others will surround the perimeter. You should release your battle spirit outwards to form a perfect defense.”

A golden battle spirit surged out from within the magic array, forming a hemispherical transparent protection membrane. I nodded my head in satisfaction before raising Sukrad’s staff, and chanting, “The mighty God of Space! Please let me borrow your powers to breakthrough the dimensional restrictions, and send us to the place we desire.”

An intense white light shone from Sukrad’s staff, activating the magic array. The entire array seemed to be frantically absorbing all kinds of elements from its surroundings. The people within disappeared the second the light ray reached its highest intensity.

This was the first teleportation I was forced to expend a great deal of effort in. The undulations pushing us back were abnormally strong. I tapped into the power of Sukrad’s staff with great difficulty to protect everyone. My magic power was rapidly consumed, not to mention it was already way above my limits. Moreover, during the teleportation process, it was impossible for someone to recover their magic power. It was no wonder why the few elders of the demon race only sent two people at a time. Currently, I was praying that I would be able to successfully send everyone to the Heavenly Falling Mountain before my powers ran out.

I increased the speed of the teleportation with all of my might, and just when I was about to collapse, I successfully appeared on solid ground.

Exhausted, I sat on the ground, and did a head count. Luckily, there was no one was missing, however once I relaxed, I immediately fainted.

I subconsciously felt a continuous flow of tremendous power that stimulated my inner gold dans, and my whole body gradually filled with energy. I opened my eyes and saw Dong Ri. When Dong Ri saw that I had awakened, he excitedly said, “Zhang Gong, you’re awake!”

I knocked my head and asked, “What happened?”

Dong Ri replied in smiles, “You should ask yourself that! We also don’t know what happened. After we teleported, we saw that you had collapsed. Everyone immediately inserted their battle spirit into your body, and tried to help you. You only just awakened after an entire day.”

I scratched my head before I replied, “It’s the magic spell that’s to blame. I never expected that the magic array would need so much magic to power. We almost got lost in the dimensional space; if that really happened, there wouldn’t be many of us that would survive. I won’t use the magic array this recklessly in the future. We were fortunate that our luck was high this time.”

My head suddenly hurt. Zhan Hu spoke with concern, “You still say that. You’re not to risk yourself like this again. Don’t overestimate yourself.”

I sighed and thought, ‘If I wasn’t in such a hurry to rescue Mu Zi, only a ghost would be willing to risk their life.’ I replied, “I know. Big brother, where are we now?”

Zhan Hu unhappily replied, “You created that magic array. If you don’t know where we’ve teleported to, why’d you even ask me?”

I smiled embarrassedly, “I designated the teleportation to teleport us 100 km away. If we teleported correctly, we should be behind the demon and beast races allied army.”

Jian Shan walked over. “I think it’s different from what you thought. If we only teleported a further 100 km. We should definitely be able to see the Heavenly Falling Mountain, however, do you even see the shadow of the mountain anywhere? There aren’t even trees around us Zhang Gong.”

After hearing what Jian Shan said, I hastily got up from the ground. If we had teleported to the wrong place, it would be horrible.

Unfortunately, it was just as Jian Shan said, we were currently in no man’s land. There was nothing around us except for some patches of grasses. We really had teleported incorrectly. “What should we do now?” Dong Ri asked.

I replied, “What else can we do? We’ll just walk in a direction. You can see that the grass has traces of it being eaten. The main army force has definitely crossed here, we’ll head in that direction. We should be able to find something that way. From my estimation, we should be at the borders of the demon race, we are just at a slightly deviated location.”

Zhan Hu replied, “That’s the only thing we can do. Let’s go.”

I replied, “Please wait for a moment. Everyone, please wear your purple contacts. If not, we’ll be in trouble if we meet with the demon race.”

It was really awkward wearing these things as my eyes were not naturally big. I had to use a lot of effort to pry my eyes open to put the purple contacts in. Luckily, the quality of the contacts was great! The center of the contacts was colourless so it didn’t affect our sight.

Everyone looked at each other before they laughing uncontrollably. “We’re high standard demon race from now on.” (The lowest standard were the demon beasts. Their intelligence was much lower than the majority of the demon race.)

We picked a random direction and headed there.

After two hours, Dong Ri suddenly yelled out in fright, “Quickly look in that direction. What is it?” He was a half elf so his eyesight was much better than ours. As we looked in the direction that he pointed; we saw a mountain that had its peak piercing through the clouds. Zhan Hu said, “It’s the Heavenly Falling Mountain. Why does it look so short?”

Jian Shan replied, “We should be at a high altitude. Let’s continue walking forward to see what we find.”

After flying for an hour, a magnificent view was displayed before us. We were on a high flat plateau. It had an altitude about the midpoint of the Heavenly Falling Mountain. When we reached the border of the plateau, we first saw the Ström Fortress that was built up as high as a mountain. It was built horizontally in the center of the Heavenly Falling Mountain range, completely sealing all pathways that lead towards the Eastern continent.

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