Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 24

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Volume 9: Chapter 24 – Mu Zi’s Understanding

Ke Lun Duo prompted, “Princess, let’s go.”

A sudden glimmer was shown in Mu Zi’s eyes as she said in surprise, “Zhang Gong? That person is Zhang Gong?”

Ke Lun Duo was startled before he asked, “Is that the mage that you knew from the human race?” This brat was pretending that he didn’t know me; it made me clench my fist tightly in anger.

Mu Zi glanced at Ke Lun Duo with a complicated expression. “Big Brother Wa Leng, it’s him. He has come to the empire to find me. I want to see him.” Upon saying that she was going to move to find Zhang Gong, Ke Lun Duo pulled on Mu Zi’s sleeve, saying, “Princess, I think that it will be better to head back now. That person is definitely not the person you said them to be.”

Mu Zi said in astonishment, “Why? My instinct tells me that the person is Zhang Gong. I will never forget the familiar feeling that he gave me. Sorry, Big Brother Wa Leng, but even though we grew up together, I’ve only treated you as a brother. Can you forgive me?” Mu Zi, as expected, hadn’t forgotten her feelings toward me. My feelings rose again from the depths of my heart.

Ke Lun Duo sighed as he replied, “Princess, I know that I’m not suitable to be your partner, nor do I have thoughts of it, but you must head back with me for now, alright? If you were to go missing, even if I had 10 heads, chopping them all off still wouldn’t suffice to appease His Majesty’s anger.”

Mu Zi resiliently shook her head. “I can promise you anything else but this matter. Zhang Gong has taken such risks to find me. If I don’t see him, I……”

Ke Lun Duo replied, “That person definitely isn’t the Zhang Gong that you said. Did you not see his eyes were purple?”

Mu Zi said, “ I considered that. When I was heading to the human race, it was easy to conceal, so Zhang Gong must have done the same thing. Please stop trying to convince me otherwise, Big Brother Wa Long”

Ke Lun Duo replied anxiously, “Princess, I definitely can’t let you put yourself at risk.”

Mu Zi replied smiling, “Why would it be risky? Zhang Gong would never hurt me.”

Ke Lun Duo replied, “But, he really isn’t Zhang Gong.”

Mu Zi frowned as she queried, “Why were you so certain from the beginning that that person isn’t Zhang Gong?”

It might be due to being pressured by Mu Zi that he blurted out, “It’s because the real Zhang Gong already died long ago.”

I could feel that Mu Zi’s body had stiffened, even from a far distance away, “Just-who-did-you-say-died?”

Ke Lun Duo realized that he said something he shouldn’t, and hastily explained, “No, I had said that groundlessly.”

Mu Zi said with her eyes widened, “Big Brother Wa Leng, I know that you’d never say anything groundlessly. Quickly tell me what the hell is going on.”

Ke Lun Duo knew that he wouldn’t be able to continue hiding it from her so he told her how he infiltrated our group and what had transpired in the God Rended Canyon after letting out a long sigh. Mu Zi asked anxiously, “What happened after Royal Father caught him?”

Ke Lun Duo sighed, “From what His Majesty said, since he couldn’t withstand the infiltration of the dark elements, his body had completely corroded, leading to his death.”

I saw Mu Zi’s entire body sway, with a pale face she muttered, “Did Zhang Gong really die? No, he couldn’t. You must be lying, right? Big Brother Wa Leng, tell me that everything you just said was simply fabricated. Tell me!” The more Mu Zi said, the more stirred up she got as she grabbed onto Ke Lun Duo’s shoulders and shook him violently.

Ke Lun Duo replied, “Princess, please calm down. What I’ve said is the truth.”

Mu Zi dashed towards the inner palace, she seemed to have gone crazy as she shouted, “I must ask Royal Father and get him to say that you lied to me!” I saw translucent water droplets in the air. Ah! Those were Mu Zi’s tears.

Ke Lun Duo shouted, “Princess, please wait for me!” He said that as he pursued her.

As I saw their leaving figures, I stood up from the thicket, with my face covered in tears. If I didn’t have the scars on my body, how happy I’d be. I would immediately reveal my identity and take Mu Zi away. However, what else could I do? I was no longer a suitable match for her, who had an appearance like a goddess.

After I surveyed my surroundings, I used short teleportation to enter the firewood house. As I just entered, Xiao Rou pounced towards me. I grabbed her and whispered, “Help me keep a look out. I’m going to change my clothes.” I nimbly changed into the servant’s attire before tossing the night attire into the space pocket.

After changing, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as I laid on my bed, there was suddenly a loud explosion that came from the inner palace, startling Uncle Firewood and I.

Uncle Firewood said groggily, “What happened?”

I replied, “I don’t know. It seems that something had exploded outside.”

Uncle Firewood put on his clothes before saying, “Let’s go out to see what happened.”

When Uncle Firewood and I walked out from the Firewood house, we saw that the sky at the inner palace was crimson red. Could it be that a fire started somewhere? I didn’t destroy anything in the inner palace.

All of the staff from the kitchen walked out from their resting place, the kitchen in charge said, “What happened?”

Someone replied, “It seems that assassins appeared in the inner palace?”

“Who would be so daring to do to even think of infiltrating the palace of our Holy Light Empire? That person must be tired of living.”

A group of soldiers walked in from outside. The leader of the soldiers said, “All  the members of the kitchen staff are not to move. Assassins entered the palace, and are currently being pursued. Everyone must return to their homes.”

This can’t be happening right? Why are they making such a big deal about a solo infiltration?

The entire night the palace never went silent, the entire grounds, including the kitchen, were searched.

At noon of the following day, whilst I split the wood, I heard chattering of two masters in charge of chopping vegetable. They were discussing about what happened yesterday. I focused on my hearing as I heard them say, “I heard that there were assassins that infiltrated the palace last night. They were plotting to assassinate his Majesty.”

The other master said, “Everyone knows about this. After fussing about it for a long time, wasn’t no one was caught in the end? I really don’t know what the soldiers are doing.”

Xu! Hush your voice. Don’t let anyone hear that. If not, you’re guaranteed to be in trouble.”

“It’s the truth, no? They are responsible for protecting the palace. There were so many of them, and assassins were still able to infiltrate. Moreover, they strutted out with no issues at all. It was really embarrassing!”

“That isn’t even the most interesting part! Something even more intriguing occurred.”

”What’s that?”

“Do you still remember the sudden loud explosion from the inner palace that lead to a blazing fire? Do you know what caused it?”

“Of course, I was awoken from that explosion. It wasn’t due to the assassin?”

The master looked at his surrounding before he whispered, “Of course not. I heard from a small eunuch that was in charge of serving the meals saying that it was the princess that caused it.”

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