Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 28

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Volume 9: Chapter 28 – The Empire’s Royal Protector Uncle

Uncle Firewood said coldly, “I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m an uncle of the Demon Emperor. The previous Demon Emperor was my brother. Thus, I’m staying here to use my remaining lifespan to protect the Holy Light Empire. If you dare do something that will endanger the demon race, hmph! I will make you die with an incomplete body.”

I was shocked, as I would never have thought that a prince would be splitting wood in a place like this. I shook my head and looked at the sky and noticed it was really dark, so I laid at the side to sleep.

I was awoken by Uncle Firewood the next morning. “Eighteen, it’s time to split logs. I will warn you that without my permission, you aren’t allowed to take a step out the perimeter of Firewood house. If you do, you will know the consequences.” This was bad, I’m watched attentively by the current prince of the Demon race. How could I rescue big brother and the rest? Could it be that I was destined to die here?

I was anxious for the entire day. At night, I finally couldn’t bear it any longer so I ran to face Uncle Firewood and said fumingly, “What on earth are you thinking? If you want to kill me, just do it now. What’s your motive for restraining me here?”

Uncle Firewood replied indifferently, “I understand how you’re  feeling. I’ve thought about it for a day. The Monster King is definitely a major threat to us. Just as you’ve said, if the Monster King resurrects, the first to topple will be the Holy Light Empire, so I’ve decided to team up with you.”

The change in Uncle Firewood’s attitude gave me a shock. “Team up? How so?”

Uncle Firewood replied, “Even though I’m currently unable to prevent the allied demon race and beast race troop from invading the humans, I can still use my influence to delay it. I hope that during this period of time, you’ll be able to find solid evidence for everyone to see, and prove that the Monster King’s threat is true. At that moment, you’ll have the possibility of convincing the Demon Emperor.”

I replied, “You’re letting me go?”

Uncle Firewood nodded. “Not only am I going to release you, I’m also going to help you rescue your friends. However, I want you to swear in the God’s name that from now on, you won’t do anything to endanger my demon race.”

I said smiling, “My target has never been the demon race, but the Monster King that can topple the world and eliminate all forms of life. I, Zhang Gong Wei, under the supervision of the Gods, promise that if I endanger the Demon race, may my body be struck by five lightnings that would result in my death and inability to reincarnate.” As long as I could do what I planned to do, what would an oath count for?

Uncle Firewood replied in satisfaction, “You’ve to remember what you swore. Come here, I’ll treat your wounds.” Upon saying that, he brandished his hands at me, making me move in front of him. When his palms interlocked, my back was momentarily facing him and I sat cross legged. Blue divine light emerged from Uncle Firewood’s body, encasing me within. An incomparably pure power entered through my shirt, constantly breaking through my clogged meridians. I definitely wouldn’t let this chance escape so I immediately circulated the fusion power, following the steps of Uncle Firewood’s divine light battle spirit’s movement.

After the fight with Uncle Firewood, I still hadn’t completely recovered. The single gold dan had slowly segregated to three under Uncle Firewood’s help to break through my meridians. A horn like power formed in my upper dantian, making the absorption speed of light elements increase drastically. I knew that my old wounds were making a complete recovery, and caused me to be jubilant. I totally revered Uncle Firewood, who was a senior expert of the demon race. He would actually lend a hand to an outsider for the fate of his clan. I definitely couldn’t win against him in aspiration. I couldn’t talk about the others, but if that brat, Ke Lun Duo, were to be in my hands, even if I wouldn’t kill him, I would peel his skin. I wasn’t that good hearted.

When I stopped cultivating, dawn had arrived. Uncle Firewood was sitting to the side, slowly splitting logs. I said in gratitude, “Thank you, Uncle Firewood. I feel much better already.”

Uncle Firewood plainly replied, “If you keep to your promise, it will be the greatest gratitude you can offer me. I’ve really underestimated you. You’ve already broken through the Magister’s realm, and are heading towards the Grand Magister’s realm. It’s really extraordinary for you to reach such a standard within your age. But for the future of my clan, I must have you make another promise.”

What? Another promise? I couldn’t help but frown as I calculated in my heart. My current power had recovered eighty percent from my peak state. After another day’s work, I should be able to recover to the state where I fought with the Demon Emperor. At that time, I should barely be a match to Uncle Firewood. However, I couldn’t do it now. For my little life, I could only compromise. “What is it you want me to promise?”

Uncle Firewood revealed a ‘I knew that you would agree’ look. “I want you to promise that after the defeat of the Monster King, you will immediately withdraw from any conflicts between the various races, nor are you allowed to indirectly help at the side. This should already be very fair to you. Do you agree?”

I had thought the worst when he asked me to promise something. After eliminating the Monster King, only a ghost would be willing to mix in the matters regarding the various race. I immediately smiled. “That’s easy. I, Zhang Gong Wei, swear that once the Monster King’s matters has been resolved, I’ll immediately live in seclusion and will never ask about what happens in the world. The conflict between the various races will have nothing to do with me.”

Uncle Firewood replied, “It doesn’t need to be at the point where it has nothing to do with you. I just hope that you won’t be biased to the human race when dealing with us. When you received the God’s inheritance, and learn to fully utilise it, no one in the world will be your match. If you are to be biased to the human race, won’t my demon race be eliminated? Then, won’t I become a traitor to the demon race in that case?”

I replied, “That will definitely not happen. Even if there’s other reasons, for Mu Zi, I’ll definitely not eliminate the demon race, but I’m still of the human race. If I can become the top expert of the world, I’ll use my remaining life to protect the entire world and its peace and harmony, not letting anyone invade it.”

Uncle Firewood nodded and said after sighing, “In the recent hundred years, I currently understand that what has brought to our flourishment is peace and harmony. Even though the Demon and beast race has an unbreakable chain of hatred with the human race, I still don’t wish for the war to continue. I’m aging, and perhaps won’t be able to see the world prosper in peace and harmony. This matter will need you younger generations to fulfill it. You don’t have to split wood today. You’re to do your best in recovering your cultivation as I’ll bring you to rescue your teammates tonight.”

I instantly became elated. “Will the Demon Emperor punish you, knowing that you have helped me to rescue my friends?”

Uncle Firewood smiled. “The previous Demon Emperor gave me the mission to protect the Kingdom, so I can make decisions for the Demon Emperor on some major matters. Moreover, the Demon Emperor was brought up by me. He should at least give me some face. All you have to do is to find the evidence for the emergence of the Monster King as soon as possible.”

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