Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 29

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Volume 9: Chapter 29 – Invading the Sky Prison

After an entire day of training leisurely, I finally recovered my peak state. My body was filled with fusion powers, making me so excited that the scars on my body didn’t seem to bother me anymore.

Uncle Firewood and I wore our night clothes and snuck out of the Firewood house ats night. It was already much easier to follow Uncle Firewood’s steps after recovering my cultivation.

Uncle Firewood brought me to the eastern city wall as if it was a walk in the park. As we hid in a dark corner, Uncle Firewood pointed to a tall building and said, “That is the Sky Prison. Remember, you aren’t allowed to kill anyone later on. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t. However, the security is tight. Do you think we’ll succeed?”

There were about 50 guards at the entrance of the Sky Prison. If I wasn’t allowed to kill anyone, it would be difficult to infiltrate.

Uncle Firewood thought for a moment and said, “Your friends should be locked at the lowest section of the Sky Prison. We would need to go through four security points. We will encounter some difficulties. Do you know teleportation spells? Can’t you teleport in?”

I smiled wryly. “There must be fixed point for the teleportation. Otherwise teleporting incorrectly, we may find ourselves locked in a cell. we’ll then be in lots of trouble.”

Once again Uncle Firewood began to think for a while, he crouched down and started to draw. Wherever his finger pointed, stone fragments shattered. After a short moment, a simplified map appeared on the ground.

Uncle Firewood pointed at the lowest position of the map. “If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, they should be in there.”

I calculated the position precisely before saying to Uncle Firewood, “With this map, I can try setting a magic array. However, it will be risky.”

Uncle Firewood replied, “Just quickly do it. If there’s no other option, we can still kill our way out. They won’t be able to stop me.”

If that was the case, I contemplated for a moment before starting to draw up a penetrating magic array that had a fixed position for the short teleportation.

After drawing the array, I nodded towards Uncle Firewood before chanting softly, “Open the Space’s door to penetrate all obstructions and send us to the position we have set.

A faint light shone from the magic array, Uncle Firewood and I vanished from the dark corner.

After the bright light faded, I had discovered that we had really teleported into a jail cell. The dozen prisoners in our surrounding looked at us in shock. I smiled wryly and said, “It seems there was a deviation from the position that I’ve set. What shall we do now?”

Uncle Firewood rapidly let out a blue light, causing all of the prisoners that surrounded us to faint. He whispered, “What else can we do? We’ll use the time before the guards discover us to find your friends.”

I pulled on Uncle Firewood who was about to break through the door and used the fusion spell to enclose us, while I used a short teleportation to get us into the corridor of the Sky Prison. Uncle Firewood chuckled and said, “There’s really quite a lot of ways to use magic. Perhaps, I should have learnt dark magic instead.”

I asked, “Which direction should we go?”

Uncle Firewood looked at both sides before replying, “Let’s head towards the interior as the more important the criminal is, the deeper they’ll be locked up in jail.” At that moment, we heard some voices. Uncle Firewood pulled me into a corner.

Four prison guards were slowly heading in our direction. Even though I knew that their martial skills weren’t high, I still nervously clenched my fist.

Uncle Firewood glanced at me and as four of the prison guards were in front of us, he suddenly moved out in a flash, making the four guards, who originally had decent martial prowess, instantly faint with his battle spirit. Under the control of Uncle Firewood’s divine light, the four of them were placed gradually on the floor. I surveyed the surroundings carefully and made certain that there was no one around. I held up a guard and said to Uncle Firewood, “Wake him up to make him lead the way.” Since it was deep in the Sky Prison, the amount of guards decreased drastically.

Uncle Firewood nodded before he gently patted on that guard.

As the guard groggily woke up, I clutched on his neck and said icily, “You’re to answer whatever question I’m going to ask you. If you dare to resist or call out to your comrades, I’ll immediately break your neck.”

It seemed that our luck wasn’t bad to meet up with a coward. The guard replied in a shaky voice, “Please don’t kill me. Just ask whatever questions you want.”

Uncle Firewood frowned; it was obvious that the guard of his Kingdom didn’t have a backbone, which had made him unsatisfied. He said in a lowered voice, “Where are the few human captives located now?”

The guard looked at me, hesitating, I used strength in my grip, instantly making his face flush red due to the lack of air. When he was near his limit, I released my grip before saying coldly, “Say it.”

The guard replied helplessly, “Walk straight down from here and turn to the right. There’ll be a door where the humans are being kept.”

I turned to look at Uncle Firewood, who slightly nodded in response. Fusion power was released from my hand, instantly making the guard faint again.

We followed the instructions that the guard had given and rapidly arrived in front of a metal door. Uncle Firewood indicated for me to stand back. The blue light emitted from his body before he extended his right hand towards the metal door.

When the metal door came in contact with the light ray, it seemed to slowly corrode. I looked in awe at what I’d seen. Uncle Firewood had actually dug out a 66cm by 33cm small door from the thick metal door.

Uncle Firewood nodded towards me. I moved in a flash to enter metal door through the gaping hole taking the lead, with Uncle Firewood following closely behind me. After entering the metal door, it was pitch black, making my vision fuzzy. Uncle Firewood replied, “Be careful, they may have traps.”

Suddenly, I felt dread and unease. It was all too easy

At the moment, the surrounding suddenly lit up. Uncle Firewood and I were blinded by the light, making us unable to open our eyes. Uncle Firewood’s battle spirit instantly surged outwards, enclosing us in the center.

The exterior of the battle spirit had given off the continuous sounds of collisions. ‘Peng! Peng!’ It was obvious that someone was constantly attacking us. When I heard a loud sound behind me, I hastily looked back, only to find that a thicker metal door had descended in front of the metal door that we had broken through.

A long laughter entered my ears before he said, “I knew that you lowly humans would come to rescue your teammates, allowing me to catch you red handed. I’ll make it impossible for you to escape.”

Uncle Firewood and I found that the situation was against us. In the large and empty stone room that we were in, there were almost a hundred experts surrounding us, with Demon King Satan as their head.

Demon King Satan said with nonchalance, “I advise you to give up and surrender willingly. The more you struggle meaninglessly, the faster you will die.” I didn’t know why, but when I heard his words, it felt extremely uncomfortable. His voice was abnormally ear-piercing.

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