Din No Monshou - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12:  Edgar and Allan Poe

The moment I mentioned the name of the servant from Din’s house, the girl nodded with a big smile spreading across her face.

「Yes, it’s Walkins! Te–, how did you know that?」

She grabbed and shook both my shoulders.
Ababa– the seismic intensity level is high.  (Rin: She is shaking him violently)
It doesn’t seem likely that she will stop even if I told her to.

「To tell the truth—」

I told her that Walkins is a servant hired by Sefina.
In addition, she has an outstanding ability in both swordsmanship and also in the aspect of magic.
She’s someone who has a really young appearance with silver hair.
While I was conveying all that details to her, she was tapping her hand consistently.

「That’s it! It’s definitely that person! So she’s still alive. I’m so glad–!」

She was dancing wildly there in joy.
However my head was full of doubt.
She obtained that headpiece ten years ago.
Walkins has the appearance of someone in her late teens.
Her real age is not known but isn’t it strange for her to be in a war that happened 10 years ago?

「By the way, how old does Walkins look like at that time?」
「Fumu~ I’m only assuming here. But I guess she looked like she was in her late teens.」

Doesn’t Walkins age at all?
No. When I heard of the story of how Walkins was serving Sefina since childhood, I did get a strange sense of discomfort already.
I have found an even more outrageous mystery in the Imperial City now.

「By the way, is Walkins-san currently in the Imperial City? 」
「Yes she’s here. She’s taking a break in the southern noble district. 」
「Uaa~ a noble district……I wouldn’t be able to enter. 」
「Well she is kind of busy now so even if you are able to enter, she might not be able to meet you.」
「Nn? Is there a problem going on? 」
「—–We, the Din house will be having a duel here in the Imperial City. 」

A duel.
She should be able to understand what it meant even if she is not a noble.
By betting pride against pride, it’s a fight for justice.
It might appear as so on official stance but in reality it’s a war oozing with greed.

「In other words, is Walkins-san the representative? 」
「No, she is involved in the request so it’s not possible. 」
「….Eh, request? 」
「The other noble opponent was aiming for Walkins. That guy’s name is Durufu Zajimu Horugosu.」

An overgrown large fat pig.
A lewd man who indulges in power.
And a schemer who wouldn’t hesitate in dirtying his hands to get what he wants.

His ill reputation must have been well-known even in the Imperial City since it’s a high nobility who is in control of the western region.
As expected, the girl’s reaction is indeed…..!

「Unforgivable! For Walkins to be handed to a son of a bitch pig like him! 」

She was seriously outraged.
Her burning anger was on par with Shadiverga and mine.
She’s completely hostile to the harmful insects that tried to approach her benefactor.

「I’ll lend my strength too. I’ll do whatever I can do to help.」
「No well, we’re not in that much of a trouble now.」
「Din house….is it. In other words, are you Regis? 」

I was slightly astonished when she was able to guess my name correctly.

「Eh, you knew it? 」
「I’ve heard it from the peddler in the west side before that an eccentric heir was born into Din’s house. 」

The part about me being eccentric aside, it appears that they knew who I am.
A merchant’s network can be a scary thing.
It’s the type of people who fight by throwing the money in.
It seems like a job well suited for me. Or rather, should I take up the role?

The girl cleared her throat before placing her hand on her chest and introduced herself.

「My name’s Edgar Christanval. I used to work as a mercenary in the northern kingdom. Currently I am just running a magic shop in the Imperial City. 」

Hohou. She seemed to have a pretty fierce life so far.
From a career in the battlefield to a career in a shop.
There is a saying that goes, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”
This is probably a good step up from her previous job.

「Just let me know if you need any help. When the things turn bad, I can even help you guys fight since I still have my skills. 」

Edgar brandished one of the swords from her shop as if her anger towards Durufu has rekindled.
Putting aside the question of her ability, she seemed to be an individual whom one can rely on.

I’m glad I was able to build a good network.
I managed to buy book too.
I should go back now I guess.

「Well then, I’ll be going back now.」
「Un. Then please take care—」

At that moment, the shop’s window was blown off.
The wooden frame broke into pieces and scattered all over. Wood chips could be seen fluttering around.
It happened way too sudden so I wasn’t able to take a defensive stance in time.

「Edgar, take cover! 」
「I’m alright. Don’t look down on an ex-mercenary. 」

Something that appeared to be a stray flame bullet flew towards the shop again.
Edgar then chanted a magic to block the trajectory.

「Water of purification, destroy the flame of evil. Gush out from my hand! ――『Anti-flare Water』」

Water could be seen gushing out from Edgar’s hand.
The water then swelled up into a splendid looking sphere and wrapped up the fireball.
If it were an ordinary water, it would’ve likely been evaporated.
However, the water seemed to make nothing of the flame’s resistance.

Even though it was just a small amount of water, it succeeded in extinguishing the fire.
That must certainly be a magic specifically used for extinguishing fire only.
Although it was not really a high-level magic, it was amazing that she was able to cast it in succession by chanting right away.
My brain was only preoccupied in taking cover at that time.

「…..Damn. Are they looking to pick a fight outside? 」

Edgar threw open the window in the shop.
I went outside subsequently too.
Unknowingly, there were already a large crowd of onlookers in front of the shop.

「If you’re not going to buy anything, don’t block the entrance! Just move away! 」

Edgar made her way through the crowd as if ploughing through them.
The pitifulness of a shopkeeper could be sensed from those words.
By all means, I hope that your business will flourish even more in future.

「What is going on? 」
「Aa….Can you see it? 」

As Edgar carried me on her shoulder, I looked towards the center of the crowd.
Since my field of view is wide open, I was able to confirm if something had happened.
Apparently a trouble has occurred between a noble and a commoner.
A young woman was desperately apologizing as she hid a boy behind her.

「I-I’m sorry! I will let him know not to enter this place ever again! 」
「Shut up! This is a noble district. It’s not a place where you low life dogs can enter as you like! 」

The guy who snapped appeared to be a noble’s attendant.
The noble in question doesn’t seem to be around.
I wonder what the situation was. Edgar asked the woman next to her.

「What is going on? A fireball suddenly flew into my shop. 」
「Etto, it seems like the child has entered the noble district. The attendant who happened to be passing by flew into a fit of rage when he sees him…..」

I see.
It’s not strange for a child to aimlessly trespass a place.
However, there are a lot of dangerous nobles in the northern noble district.
As a parent, she should pay more attention to the child but such a situation might still be unavoidable.

「What should we do now? 」
「I hate nobles. I’m going to take that woman’s side. 」

As she said so, she pushed away the surrounding people.
The crowd thinned out in an instant.
At that moment, Edgar did a high jump and leaped over the crowd.
Then she stood in front of the woman dauntingly.

Te–hold it oi! Are you planning to pull me into this too?
Although, I was planning to intervene too so I didn’t really mind it.
Edgar lowered me to the floor and pointed at the attendant.

「Anyone will make a mistake. To begin with, he’s still a child. Is this how an adult supposed to response? 」
「Who the hell are you! 」

The noble’s attendant looked at her warily.
When all the attentions were gathered, Edgar introduced herself out loud.

「Edgar Christanval from the magic shop. So which noble are you guys working for? 」
「He’s an august individual unlike a commoner like you. Listen clearly and prostate yourself before the name. We’re the attendants of Durufu Horugosu-sama—」
「Aa–, the attendants of that pig」

Edgar intercepted nonchalantly.
As for me, I felt like running away at full power.
I don’t really want to get myself involved with Durufu’s sect in a place like this.
The attendant squinted on hearing the insult thrown at his master.

「Someone like you is unworthy to keep living. Moreover the person beside you……Oi, if I am not mistaken—」

The attendant seemed to be speaking to the private soldier behind about something.
Someone might have noticed me.
The attendant who suddenly appeared determined did a light cough before laughing.

「Well well, aren’t you the young master from Din’s house? It’s unexpected for you to be in such good terms with a commoner like her. Your calibre seems to go without saying.」

「What on earth are you talking about ossan. I’m Edgar’s nephew. Just call me Allan Poe. 」

I don’t want to reveal myself in a place like this.
I’ll just keep feigning ignorance.
It would be pointless to the attendants but it will have an effect on the spectators.

「Then let’s just leave it at that. We do not need to refrain ourselves from executing punishment to commoners who interfere with us then right? 」

The attendant laughed suspiciously.
However, he briskly returned to the noble district by foot.
Could he be planning to report it to Durufu?

It will not put me in any disadvantageous anyway.
It might be good to just ignore it.
While I was thinking of that, the attendant whispered coldly to the private soldier.

「—Disregard it and kill them. If they’re going to intervene, then it would be good to get them involved in it too. 」
「But this is the Imperial City. Will it be alright? 」
「The King will not concern himself with things that happen around the northern district as well. If there is any stimulus here, it might incur the displeasure of the other older high ranking nobles.」
「….I-I comply. 」

The private soldier’s face stiffened when he received the order.
There are five soldiers there who seemed likely to be accustomed to fighting.
They are probably all mercenaries.
As soon as the attendant walked away, he approached here in silence.

「Move away from there or I’ll kill you. 」
「Just try it if you can. I will not succumb to something like power. 」

The soldier showed an unpleasant look when Edgar rivaled him.
He exchanged looks with the soldiers behind and pulled out his sword.

「Resistance confirmed. Will begin my elimination. 」
「Is that so? Then I’ll start ahead of you first. 」

As soon as she said that, Edgar made a move.
She kicked the ground with her shoes with a *clonk* causing the sword to fly out from the hem in recoil.

Is that a sword cane?
The soldier raised the sword over his head in a haste when Edgar suddenly took out a weapon.
But his reaction was slow.

Edgar brought the sword close to her face and muttered something.
It was such an outrageously fast incantation that it would be doubtful if anyone could even catch it.

「Burst open the flame of sword, pierce through the sky. Burning fire pass through the crimson wedge ―― 『Enchantment Fire』」

In that instant, Edgar’s sword blazed up magnificently.
Edgar’s pupils dilated in proportion to the blazing sword.
I could see canines coming out from her mouth, giving me the impression of a mad dog.

「Let’s do this…..sea–AAAAAAAAAAAAA! 」

She cut down in a flash.
The soldier’s face twitched as he tried swinging the sword to take her down.
Unfortunately it was too late.
An unexpected explosion could be heard and the private soldier’s armor exploded.
From there on, an explosion was triggered whenever the tip of the sword lightly grazes any area.

「…..a, gaa–」

The soldier who wasn’t able to endure it collapse to the floor.
Black smoke could be seen rising from his body.
He doesn’t seem to be dead but his body doesn’t seem to be moving either.

「….it’s frightening. Oi」

I spoke to Edgar while her back was turned to me
But she never gave a reply and started running again.
She cut down another soldier who was dumbfounded there with one strike.

「Th-this son of a bitch! 」

She gave a kick to the other soldier from the back.
However in doing so her stance was broken thus leaving her open to any impending attacks.
The soldier grasped the chance and tried pursuing her instead.

The sword was slashed right towards her head.
At that very moment, Edgar seemed to be engulfed with an explosive driving force.
She knocked against his body with all the force, forcibly cancelling the attack.

「Gu…you bitch. Your futile resistance—–」

The soldier tried raising his body but his abdomen was pierced through directly.
The tip of the sword triggered another explosion right on his skin, causing a huge wound.

「Insects shouldn’t make any sound. Be quiet.」

She shot a cold gaze at the soldier who was screaming in pain.
Edgar actually looked more like a villain in my eyes now.

Her switch must have been turned on when her sword blazed up earlier.
Her voice was low and sounded scarier than just now.
Let’s just call this her mercenary mode.
The remaining two soldiers were then attacked with Edgar’s wave of assaults.

It appeared hard to break through their strong coordination but Edgar was able to display an amazingly swift sword technique.
Thus when one of the soldier lowered his guard slightly as he grimaced, Edgar did not let go of the opportunity—and sent a violent side slash.

「….ga, ha–」

The force of the slash caused another explosion around, rendering him incapable to fight in just an instant.
However, since the waves of attacked were forcibly interrupted, an opening appeared just as expected.
The remaining soldier raised his sword up.

Edgar would not be able to avoid that attack as well.
It can’t be helped. Since we’ve come this far, I’ll go along with you.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light, penetrate through and defeat the enemy—『Gun Fire』!! 」

A flame bullet with high velocity struck the soldier.
The intense mass that hit the side of his head caused his vision to shake.
However, as expected he is still a mercenary.
He regained his posture and glared at me.


He swung his sword and tried to fling it at me but it didn’t go his way.

A severe slash was delivered to the soldier’s back.
A loud blast resounded and the soldier’s body was flung into the air.
With this, the five of them are incapable to fight anymore?

「…….phew. As I thought, my instinct hasn’t returned yet. It’s hard to control the strength of the heat. 」

Edgar scratched her head as she put away the burnt sword.
I guess the story about her being a mercenary before is not a lie.
Although I have not doubted her words previously.
She wanted to help a woman who fell into a difficult predicament. She must be a genuine good fellow.

「Alright, shoo shoo. You can disperse now. You’re interfering with business. Just leave behind some money here. I’ll be collecting them. 」

I retract my previous remark.
She’s just a money grubber. (Rin: the original text was Zeni Geba)
The crowd slowly scattered.
Then the woman who was protecting the boy earlier came to convey her gratitude.

「Thank you very much! 」
「No, I didn’t do anything. The one who had gone on rampage is that person. 」
「You shot that fireball too, didn’t you? Don’t feign ignorance there. 」

Oh? Are you trying to throw the responsibility on me?
But you’re too naive. I will never admit it.
While we were having a pointless argument there, the woman kept bowing before us.

Well, it’s good that there are no injuries,
Tranquillity and peace are still the best as I thought.

「Erm…may have your name? 」
「I’m Edgar」
「I’m Allan Poe」
「Both of you are in sync」
「I’ll hit you」

Edgar poked me.
I was only expressing my honest opinion.
The woman was just laughing there.

If only I have given my answer like a detective novelist, it would’ve sound a lot smarter.
I can’t turn back the time now.
We sent off the woman and boy before entering the shop.

By the way, the fallen soldiers were all dragged back by the maids from the noble district.
He’s seriously troublesome. He’s even giving trouble to the maids.
Edgar who went inside the shop heaved a huge sigh when she looked at the broken window.

「Oh, for heaven’s sake. Will I be the one repairing this?…..」
「Your sword skill earlier was amazing. 」
「That’s my line. I’ve never seen someone who is able to make a ball of flame like that all these years. So I guess the story about you being a child prodigy is true. 」

A child prodigy?
I’m happy about it but I do not deserve that title.
Once a child prodigy becomes an adult, he’ll just be a person.

Come to think of it, I was called a “child emperor” before in my previous life.
A child prodigy and “child emperor”.
They might look similar on the characters but why are the meanings so different?
Isn’t this a discrimination?
(Rin: “doutei” / “child emperor” is homophonous with the word “virgin” in Japanese too. 童帝 = child emperor / 童貞 = virgin. They sound the same when you read it but the characters are different. In other words, he’s still called a virgin in his previous life. Do correct me if I am wrong)

「You applied magic on the sword, isn’t it? Can Walkins do something like that too? 」
「What are you talking about? My sword skill was learnt by imitating Walkins-san, don’t you know? I defeated the magicians and soldiers using the same way 10 years ago. 」

Walkins’ scary. So that skill originated from her.
As I thought, it would be really bad to anger her when she has a sword with her.

「In addition she was able to destroy a large boulder with just one swing. 」
「I don’t think that’s a human anymore」

Just when I came to a theory that Walkins is not a human, I caught sight of the sun outside.
It’s almost dusk.
A trouble had occurred but I succeeded in completing my shopping anyway.

「Then I’ll be going back now. I’ll be counting on you if I do require any help from you by then. 」
「Of course. It’ll be fine even if the job consist of roasting that feudal lord pig. I will be handling that task specially, for free of charge at that time. 」
「Umu. That’s right. 」

I parted with her peacefully and returned to the mansion.
Play time should be enough now.
From here on, it will be the mudslinging match against that noble who couldn’t be convinced by common sense.
I’ll try to do what I am capable of doing.

Specifically, that’s right.
What if I become father (Shadiverga)’s bodyguard?

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