Din No Monshou - Chapter 19.1

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Chapter 19: Which is important? part 1

Before I could do anything, Stalin made his move.
In just a blink of an eye, he appeared beside me, viciously swinging his sword right and left.
Nevertheless, I was able to invoke my magic quickly before the sword hit me.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light, penetrate through and defeat the enemy—『Gun Fire』–!!」 (Regis)

The fireball shot out of my palm, aiming right at Stalin.
In such close proximity, it would appear to be impossible for him to avoid this attack since he was already in his offensive stance.
That was what I was convinced of, but—-

「……warm」 (Stalin)

Stalin ended up receiving the fireball attack on the left odachi.
Thick smoke billowed from where it was hit when he extinguished it, leaving soot stains on the area.
However he didn’t seem to have received any damage from that attack.

Hmm, I was only preoccupied with the incoming attack from his right hand so I had failed to take notice of his other hand.
I guess this guy is able to attack and defend at the same time.

「…..Did you finally understand the reason why I wield two swords? 」 (Stalin)

He muttered sarcastically.
It was an excellent execution of attack and defence simultaneously using dual wielding style.
On seeing that my movement was delayed due to my chanting, he swung his sword down.

A chorus of enthusiastic voices rang out around the arena.
But I pulled out my knife at that very moment.
*Gyin* A sharp sound resounded as I parried his sword.

「…..Wha-!?」 (Stalin)
「This is what you call parrying. I can acquire this skill too after a sufficient amount of training. 」 (Regis)

This is the best solution you could use to cover a magician’s weakness.
It would be difficult to invoke the magic a short while after the chant.
As a result, the ability to concentrate will also weaken.

In the meantime, you could endure the enemy’s attack using a melee weapon.
By adopting this strategy, you would not make any blunders even when you go against a swordsman.

「… I thought, you are, different than, the usual nobles. 」 (Stalin)
「Why, thank you. 」 (Regis)
「…….but, it might be possible that, you have not been taught, the ways to defend against magic. 」 (Stalin)
「What? 」 (Regis)

At that moment, an enormous wave of magical energy was discharged from Stalin’s body.
That incantation must have been prepared beforehand.
He stuck out his hand towards me and chanted ominously.

「Dark thunder, torment the weakness of the earth. Let the glittering flash fall hard like strong electric blade—–『Electron Abyss』」 (Stalin)

The instant the incantation was recited, huge bolts of lightning flew out from that guy’s body.
Each of the lightning bolts that flew out, came at me like dozens of wriggling tentacles.
The range of that attack was too wide that it couldn’t be completely avoided.
I stiffened my face and head, taking a defensive posture to receive a portion of the lightning.

「Gu–, it feels numb. 」 (Stalin)

All the lightning bolts received were diffused and reflected inside my body, stimulating a sense of pain.
Beads of sweat fell off my brow, making me feel unpleasant.
However, lightning magic is also a field in which I am specialized in.
Such a degree of attack would not stop my heart.

Once your offensive skill in that attribute increased, your resistance in that attribute will also increase simultaneously.
It would be dangerous though, if this were either water or earth magic instead.
Nevertheless, there’s no way I can afford to lose to something like lightning after studying the expert level of magic.
On seeing that I was still standing still even after receiving that attack, Stalin clicked his tongue.

「…..obstinate. 」 (Stalin)
「That’s just how it goes. Besides, it’s my belief to return the favour given by someone.」 (Regis)
「……what? 」 (Stalin)
「A thunder magic should be something, like this! 」 (Regis)

I took a stance as if I was dedicating my whole body to the sky.
Then I took a step forward, pushing out the magic power from the entire surface.

「Flash of thunderbolt, pierce through the earth. Pass your heavenly judgement and surge out the evil spirit—『Bolt Judgement』–!!」 (Regis)

A wave of amplified electricity was transmitted out at an extraordinary speed.
It was an overwhelming sea of thunder.

「….tsk, this is. 」 (Stalin)

Stalin pulled back in an attempt to avoid it.
However, it would be naive of him if he were to think that this magic could be easily avoided.
As described in the expert level book of magic, it is a genuine high-level magic.

The speciality of this inevitable thunder magic is its speed.
At a lightning speed that one’s eyes couldn’t even follow, the thunder attack mowed down the assassin’s body.

「….Guo-!」 (Stalin)

He was blown off as he couldn’t endure it.
Stalin who took on a defensive stance was pushed back to the edge of the ring.
Unfortunately, his posture broke.

「Alright. Now’s the time! 」 (Regis)

I should deal the decisive blow before he fixed his stance again.
Pointing the knife at his vital point, I rushed towards him with all my might.
However, at that moment, Stalin’s body reeled from side to side.

The phenomenon happening looked similar to a heat haze.
It was as though the person standing there was just an illusion.
And then, right before I could press ahead, his body suddenly disappeared.

「….Could it be-!?」 (Regis)

I looked around in a hurry.
When did I fall for his trick?
My heart began beating in an unpleasant tempo.
While my being alert, a burning sensation ignited in my back all of a sudden.

「…..Giu-!?」 (Regis)

Shit! I was slashed!
I writhed around on the ground as I wasn’t able to endure the attack.
The assassin looked down at me with a cold gaze.
Seeing that, I tried to get to my feet somehow to resume the attack.

The wound is just shallow.
Nonetheless, that alone seemed sufficient for that guy.
Stalin approached me even though he was wobbling as he walked.

「…..It’s a dazzle magic. Called 『Confubody』. The backlash is great. Using it excessively is, impossible. But—–」 (Stalin)

*Chakkiri* He fixed his grips on both of the odachi again.
The sight of the two swords that were wielded high over his head resembles a Grim Reaper’s scythe.
What the two swords were aiming for, was probably my head.

「…..just once, is enough to kill you.」 (Stalin)

Stalin tried to swing down the sword.
I could hear the audience breathing out in relief.
It’s no longer possible to turn the tables anymore from here.
An unexpected result wouldn’t occur after all.

That must be what they were thinking of.
In the midst of all the sighing from the audience, my lips curled into a smile.

「……explode, 『Cross Blast』」 (Regis)

The surrounding area turned into a billowing sea of flames at that moment.
If that guy was able to drive me into a corner with a chantless magic, then it was also possible in reverse.
I could also push him into a valley of defeat.
Stalin opened his eyes wide when he saw the activation of the fire magic.

「……Wha-! On its, own!? 」 (Stalin)

The magic, Cross Blast was invoked with him and me in the center.
The blazing flames scorched the skin and burnt the clothes.
Since the magic was activated by a chantless magic, it wasn’t possible to control the level of the heat at all.

But, that guy felt the same pain equally.
From here on, it would just be a test of our endurance.

「You know, I was locked in a sauna before a long time ago. 」 (Regis)
「……? What are you talking about? 」 (Stalin)
「Well just listen. Even though I was still inside, the cleaner locked up the door. 」 (Regis)

It was during the time when I was up the whole night on my PC.
I was one of the abnormally rare man in this modern world who managed to obtain the license to a fantastic game and spent the whole night playing it.
It was interesting. The ending made my tears flow all over.

Then, early the next morning.
To refresh myself, I visited a sauna that was experiencing a sharply declining patronage.
That was the time when it happened.

Due to my negligence, I ended up falling asleep in the sauna.
It was a very deep sleep that rarely occurs in one’s life.
I was the biggest fool since that act itself was comparable to suicide.

So it wasn’t really the fault of the cleaner.
Nevertheless, he should have at least confirmed that the sauna was empty before locking the door.
If this were to have persisted for a little longer, it would have led to an accidental death.
Well, this was not what I really wanted to tell him anyway.

「It was very hot inside. Not to mention, there was one old man with me before I fell asleep. He happened to love sweating it out in a sauna with exceedingly high temperature. After using up all the water in the bucket, he went back. So, when I finally woke up in the afternoon, the temperature I felt at that time was already comparable to the feeling of being grilled alive on an iron plate. 」 (Regis)

That was because, that old man is someone who adjusted the heat only as he enters the sauna.
Any ordinary person who were to accompany him might’ve gone through a near-death experience in that temperature.

As a result, I became frightened of being cooped up in an enclosed space.
The moment I recalled that memory, I could feel laughter welling up inside me. It was pathetic.

「In the end, I became dehydrated and was taken to the medical center instantly. How much later do you think it was when I was finally rescued? 」 (Regis)
「……how should I know. 」 (Stalin)
「It was after 38 hours. 」 (Regis)
「…………」 (Stalin)
「That was because, the day after that was something like a holiday. The employees and manager had switched off everything, neglecting me who was still inside. It was later exposed that it was actually a no good shop that has committed accounting fraud and it went out of business after. In a sense, I was grateful—–」 (Regis)

We stood in the middle of the blazing flames.
Then I fixed my eyes on him.

「I’ll show you the limits of my endurance. 」 (Regis)
「…..nonsense. 」 (Stalin)

He might have spat that line out but, the heat appeared to be affecting him considerably too.
Despite the amount of time he has spent in his combat training, there was still no way he could’ve withstand this condition.

I was a useless NEET in my previous life.
I spent my days living like trash and died as trash too.
But there is one thing about myself that I am proud of.

I have an abnormally high pain tolerance and endurance.
This level of heat meant nothing to me.

On hearing that confident declaration, Stalin laughed through his nose.
Then, he pointed to his own clothes, hoping to worsen my despair.

「…’s, regrettable. I am equipped with, 『Burning Flame Dragonscale Armour』. It was something, that was ripped off another family. Made of high grade materials. A first class goods. Not only is it light, it is also capable of, blocking out intense heat from lightning, and fire.」 (Stalin)
「Is there even such a thing? 」 (Regis)
「……that’s the difference of power, in which we belong to. It’s not something that, a fallen noble like you, can prepare. 」 (Stalin)

I see.
It was no wonder that the thunder magic earlier didn’t seem to be that effective.
He was wearing such high-performance armour.
In other words, even in this heat endurance competition, he would be the one in a much more advantageous position.
I would definitely lose now if we were to compete in it.

It might have been a miscalculation on my part.
Stalin seemed to be sneering at me behind his mask.
However, I’ll give him a payback for his mockery too.

「So? I didn’t create this sea of fire just so we could have a sauna endurance competition. 」 (Regis)
「…..Hmph, then what are you planning on—」 (Stalin)

Stalin scoffed.
But, he appeared startled after surveying the surrounding.
Being encircled by blazing fire, there was no other choice for him than to move forward.
Even when he cast a furtive glance behind, what awaited him was a wall of scorching flame.

Moreover, I was also in the midst of chanting before his eyes.
That was when Stalin finally realized my true intention in creating the fire.
Yes. My real motive in this suicidal action was to limit his movements.


「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light, penetrate through and defeat the enemy—『Gun Fire』–!」 (Regis)

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