Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: Destroying The Saber Emperor School

At nightfall, Li Qiye’s declaration exploded throughout the Blood Race. Its lineages were in disarray and became quite rowdy all of a sudden.

This was especially true for the Blood-devil Tribe. They held the direst emergency meeting. Many big shots from its lineages participated including a few seclusive ancestors.

“So arrogant, challenging our entire tribe. Does he really think we don’t have anyone who can take him on?” Not just the Blood-devils, but even some Blood disciples felt indignant after hearing Li Qiye’s words.

Due to their great solidarity, once the Blood Race was facing a powerful enemy, all of them would let go of feuds and join together. The humans were far lesser in this aspect.

“Who does he think we are? Does he think that our Blood-devil Tribe is a soft tomato that he can crush as he pleases?” One Blood-devil disciple spoke hopefully: “We have billions of disciples, more than one thousand paragons with Godkings as the leaders. I don’t believe that he has the ability to kill us all!”

“Let him come, we’ll take him on whenever. No matter how powerful the enemy may be, our Blood-devil Tribe will fight to the end!” A big shot from the tribe uttered coldly.

In fact, this big shot was able to carry out his claim. In just one night, many lineages in the tribe quietly maneuvered their armies to form an unimaginably large coalition!

Spies were shocked to see this miraculous deployment from the tribe. They were not only unified but also had a fast and effective cavalry. It would be difficult for a tribe with such abilities to not become prosperous.

They used actions as a strong response to Li Qiye. This left a lot of people wanting to see more.

Everyone knew that in the last several generations, the Blood Race has become increasingly powerful in the southern region. The human race no longer had a stronghold on being number one in the Barren Earth.

The Blood-devil Tribe’s unity made them stronger at a fast rate recently as a force to be reckoned with by the other races here. At the moment, they finally mobilized troops on an unprecedented scale to fight Li Qiye to the death. How could people not become excited to watch this?

“One against an entire tribe. Even Lin Tiandi can’t compete with this. This is the pride of our human race!” A human commented with feeling after seeing the Blood-devils on the move.

This was the reason why the humans have begun to falter before the Bloods; humans only worried about their own business, only sweeping away the snow in front of their gate. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have conceded the position of being the number one race in the Barren Earth to the Blood Race.

“An ambush to the death. The Blood-devil Tribe has sworn to not give up before taking Li Qiye’s head even if they’re down to the very last man!” An expert who had received some information spoke.

This was a shocking piece of news. However, no one knew where this ambush would take place!

However, many people understood that this feud between Li Qiye and the Blood-devil Tribe was beyond reconciliation. Li Qiye killed dozens of Blood-devil ancestors back in the Godwar Mountain and ten more at the Thunder Tower. This was a great blow to their tribe. It would be strange if they could let go of this anger.

On the second day, Li Qiye left the Holy City by himself, not taking anyone with him.

“Li Qiye wants to make a move!” The crowd watched with eager anticipation. The Holy City was boiling with excitement watching him. There were even a large group of experts tailing behind!

Li Qiye flew in the sky; each of his swift steps crossed a thousand miles. However, he had an inexplicable sense of ease judging from his expression. It was as if he was not going into battle but merely taking a stroll outside of the city.

The Blood-devil Tribe had thirty-five great lineages and fourteen nations. The Saber Emperor School was one of them and the closest one among them to the Holy City.

After almost half a day, Li Qiye has arrived at the Saber Emperor School. He didn’t enter but only stood on the outskirt and gazed at the sect.

As a southern great lineage, the school’s ancestral ground spanned for thousands of miles. Rows of mountains pierced the sky inside like divine blades lined up one after another. It gave off quite a mighty feeling visually.

At this time, it was under a state of high alert. A great army defended the gates with rays of light pillaring to the sky. Formations have been activated within. Its sealed ancestors all came out. Both Heavenly Kings and Virtuous Paragons were presiding over important locations.

The cultivators following behind him also stopped in the horizon. They held their breath while waiting for the battle to break out.

“Li, come here if you dare. Even if you are a reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor, we will still fight you to the end!” An ancestor from the school shouted.

The disciples inside shouted as well. Their chant echoed, causing reverberations across the area in an intimidating fashion. This was enough to show their will to fight to the end.

At this point, the spectators were waiting to see what kind of style Li Qiye would take to enter the school!

Li Qiye only smiled to see how united the school was.

“Boom!” An item jumped out then flew towards the school while he just turned around and left.

This confused many people to see Li Qiye’s swift departure after releasing an item. No one knew what he was trying to do. Even the experts in the school were startled. They thought Li Qiye could come massacring inside.

“Buzz!” The item instantly flew inside the school. It quickly transformed into a gigantic green bamboo tree. It engulfed the entire school under its enormous size.

“What is that?” Everyone became wide-eyed. No one knew where this type of bamboo tree came from.

People lifted their head to watch the tree pillaring through the clouds and blotted out the sun. Under its cover, the entire school seemed especially tiny!

“Boom!” Amidst the confused gazes, the giant bamboo suddenly slammed down and smashed the tree.

“Rumble!” Many mountains inside immediately collapsed from this devastation. The disciples inside were blown away and many were even smashed into a paste.

However, it was only the start of the calamity. With more piercing noises, after the first smash, its great roots resembling dragons instantly pierced into the ground.

“Zzz-” A draining sound clearly resounded. The moment the tree took root into the school’s ancestral ground, it drained the worldly energy in this place like an ox drinking the river’s water. The energy underground was sucked up like the flood breaking the dam.

The large ancestral ground became withered after its worldly energy was stolen. With a loud popping sound, cracks suddenly appeared in the land.

“Not good, stop it now! Open the ancestral foundation!” The ancestors in the school regained their senses but it was already too late.

An ancestor shouted and took the vanguard while leading his direct disciples to attack the tree.

“Die!” Almost ten thousand disciples from the school frantically made their way towards the tree. The ancestors used all of their abilities. Endless blood energy controlled the most powerful true treasures to attack the green bamboo.

In just a second, glittering lights appeared in the sky. One treasure soared up after another. Divine swords were slashing the tree along with scorching flames. Some ice element techniques aimed to seal it as well…

However, as the tree continued to absorb the worldly energy, it became even more verdant. It emitted an ethereal green light as if it was forming a huge barrier.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The onslaught from the tens of thousands of disciples was all stopped by this green barrier.

Next, one of the tree’s branches stretched out. It swept countless disciples flying away. This scene resembled a huge tree smashing away countless ants. It was truly shocking!

“Boom!” An ancestor used the most powerful true treasure to break through this green barrier and instantly headed for the tree in order to split it into pieces. However, before these powerful ancestors could reach the tree, a buzzing sound appeared. A sword-like branch pricked down from above to meet the ancestor with the true treasure.

But no matter how powerful this true treasure was, it could stop the branch. With a scraping noise, the branch pierced through the true treasure and nailed this ancestor dead to the ground.

This ancestor quivered a bit before he died. He still didn’t know just what this green bamboo tree was to be so heaven-defying like this.

“Rumble!” At this time, the school has finally opened their foundation in order to stop the tree.

Alas, even the foundation couldn’t stop it. With cracking detonations, the roots of the tree pierced through the ancestral foundation and drilled deeper into the ground.