Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001: Wang Clan

“Ah—” Miserable screams echoed continuously as the disciples of the school fell one after another. They kept on rushing forward in an attempt to cull the bamboo tree, but no one was successful. All of them were killed off one by one!

Their blood went beyond just staining the ground. It slowly converged into a stream that flowed downhill.

One could see corpses and broken treasures strewn everywhere. At the same time, the shrill cries of the disciples that had yet to die turned the school into a purgatory!

After seeing this scene, the majority of the experts watching in the distance shivered. Even though the Saber Emperor School was not an imperial lineage, it was still an amazing great power. But today, such a lineage was destroyed and the worldly energy under its ancestral ground was sucked dry. This meant that this area had now become a wasteland. Even if some disciples survived, they still wouldn’t be able to rebuild the school.

An expert quivered and commented: “Just what is that thing? It’s too horrifying…”

He wasn’t the only one, many people felt the very same fear. Earlier, the school had erected a great defensive perimeter, yet in the blink of an eye, it was turned into a hell with flesh splattered everywhere. The majority of its disciples died miserably in this place.

No one knew that this green bamboo that took root in the school was Giant Bamboo’s divine protector. Of course, it naturally didn’t come here in person.

This was possible because of the World Seal! Li Qiye had imprinted the divine protector into his treasure. In a sense, he was able to copy the entire bamboo tree!

Even though there was still a sizable disparity between the copy and the real deal, the tree was ultimately one of the two great demon forefathers of the Stone Medicine World. This copy wouldn’t have any issue destroying a Saber Emperor School.

This was the most heaven-defying aspect of the World Seal. It was able to copy anything, including even Immortal Emperors. Of course, in order to do so, it required the emperors’ cooperation!

If an emperor agreed to do so, then the seal would be able to carry out this feat. This meant that Li Qiye would have an emperor to fight for him!

“Ah—” Eventually, a cry of despair rang out. The most powerful ancestor of the school was nailed to the ground by the green bamboo. His blood gently flowed down the streets.

“Rumble!” At this point, the ancestral ground began to crumble. After draining it of its worldly energy, the mountains here collapsed one by one.

“Boom!” Finally, the green bamboo dragged the school’s treasure trove out from the ground and turned back into the World Seal before flying off to the horizon.

The crowd was still stunned as they looked at the mess that was the school!

Not long ago, it was a powerful lineage, but after a short period of time, it now laid in ruins.

It could even be said that Li Qiye didn’t lift a single finger from start to finish. He didn’t even take a step inside the school.

In this manner, he destroyed the Saber Emperor School. The whole process seemed like an unbelievable legend!

“Shit, is Li Qiye still a person?” A commenter had his butt on the ground since his legs were too weak to let him stand.

An ancestor took a deep breath and murmured: “Lin Tiandi, Jikong Wudi, they can’t be better than this. No one will be able to compete with Fierce.”

At this time, people had already ranked Li Qiye above Lin Tiandi’s group.

A great character quietly whispered: “Fierce, his notoriety is real. A quarrel will result in a sect’s destruction. He was heaven-defying in the past, and now he is even more heaven-defying.”

“What did you say?” The person next to him asked.

“Nothing, just talking to myself.” The great character shook his head and didn’t say anything else. Without a doubt, some people had figured out Li Qiye’s identity, but they didn’t reveal it. They wanted to see Li Qiye pierce through the sky as they were eager to watch the fun!

Li Qiye continued to move, but the World Seal caught up to him. He recalled it and threw the Saber Emperor School’s treasury into his fate palace without bothering to take a look at it.

In his eyes, a lineage like this school couldn’t reach the apex. Destroying it easily was only to be expected.

“Li Qiye is going to the Wang Clan!” Those who were tailing him noticed his direction and immediately knew where he was going.

They immediately sped up to the Wang Clan. Everyone wanted to see what kind of methods Li Qiye would employ to destroy the clan. At this moment, many considered the Wang Clan’s destruction to be set in stone.

The Wang Clan was a prestigious clan, one of the oldest in the Blood-devil Tribe. It had actually produced an Immortal Emperor before, so it could be considered an ancient imperial lineage!

It covered a wide area. Looking around, one would find many rolling hills and majestic mountains. There was also a surging river that ran across the sky-reaching mountains. Ancient temples were right next to each other.

Such a grand atmosphere left people in awe. It resembled a fierce beast crouching down, deterring people from taking half a step forward!

Outside of the Immortal Emperor, it had also produced some leaders of the Blood Race. They held control of the Blood-devil Tribe for several generations as well. Thus, it was logical for the Skybearing Monarch that hailed from the Wang Clan to be the future leader of the Blood-devil Tribe.

Because of its ancient and majestic atmosphere, those who had never seen much of the world would not dare to enter.

Right now, its gate was wide open. The entire clan was quiet, and there was no sign of powerful protectors or guarded forts. It seemed to be welcoming guests. The only thing was that there was no sign of anyone in the Wang Clan.

A big clan like this should have more than ten thousand disciples and almost a thousand families. However, not even a single shadow could be seen inside the clan. This painted quite a creepy scene.

Li Qiye stood outside of the entrance and smiled after looking through the entire clan.

The spectators were watching from a safe distance. No one dared to come close. Some lineages even opened their heavenly mirrors to illuminate this area so that they could see the conclusion of this conflict.

Li Qiye’s method of extermination for the Saber Emperor School was quite frightening and chill-inducing, so at this moment many were eager to see how Li Qiye would take care of the Wang Clan.

Li Qiye went past the gate and entered the Wang Clan. The spectators grew nervous after he entered and looked forward to this great upcoming battle.

However, there was no battle contrary to their expectations. Li Qiye did not meet any resistance. The clan seemed to be welcoming him inside. The grounds was an empty fortress. There were no disciples hiding in the shadows to ambush him either.

Li Qiye quickened his pace in this deserted clan and crossed one ancient temple after another.

“No one is there?” Someone murmured in surprise: “Don’t tell me the Wang fled without fighting? There’s no way.”

This thought crossed some people’s minds. However, throughout the entire clan, there were no signs of escape because all the buildings were quite neat. They weren’t messy and dirty from a chaotic withdrawal. This was true of the rest of the clan as well.

“What is the Wang Clan doing?” Someone murmured after seeing the ghost town devoid of resistance.

A brilliant ancestor realized something and uttered: “The ambush has to be there!”

Li Qiye crossed one fort to another. Eventually, he stepped inside their ancestral ground and climbed to the highest peak inside.

A dragon throne was placed there as if it was prepared for Li Qiye, awaiting his arrival.

Li Qiye smirked after seeing this type of chair. He sat on it without any hesitation. On his throne, he looked around at the sceneries ahead and took them all in.

All the experts were nervous when they saw Li Qiye’s mighty attitude and his general disdain for all things while sitting on that throne. Many were aware that this was the calm before the storm.

“I’m already here with no thoughts of escaping, it would be a waste of your welcoming reception!” Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “Go for it, use whatever means you have. I want to see what your Blood-devil Tribe can do!”

“Buzz!” The moment he finished speaking, a portal opened above the Wang Clan. A black expanse poured out like a flood.

A gigantic army rushed out from the portal and instantly split into two groups to completely surround the Wang Clan.