Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005: The Leader

“Kill them!” The three God-Monarchs wanted to kill the three girls in one fell swoop without giving them a chance to breathe. The imperial weapons surged once more and recommenced their attack.

“Formation!” Li Shuangyan shouted and summoned a formation array. The three of them quickly came together and formed a vast formation!

One side of this formation was an endless sea of flames. The Extreme Yang Physique refined this place into a fiery domain. On the other side was an extremely sacred land as if it was a world of deities. In the third domain, a terrifying storm ravaged the earth like those in the legends; it wanted to tear myriad laws asunder.

Three Immortals Formation — this was a supreme formation built on the basis of the three’s Immortal Physiques. It borrowed their physiques’ power to support the arrays. It not only unleashed their greatest potential but also fused them together perfectly to reach a frightening level.

“Boom!” The formation received the attack from the three imperial weapons without being damaged at all. Next, it instantly trapped the three God-Monarchs within.

“Rumble!” At this time, the endless storm erupted. The immortal flame instantly engulfed the three monarchs. In the realm of the deities, a sacred power suppressed them and began to separate their grand dao…

Many were astonished to see the three monarchs suppressed within.

A Blood ancestor said with fear: “They, they are the three oldest ancestors of the Blood-devil Tribe!”

The great army wanted to shatter the Three Immortals Formation in order to help the monarchs. However, Niu Fen alone stopped their progress and shouted: “Scram!”

He had turned back into his humanoid form at this time. After a loud cry, it seemed that he had figured out the mysteries of this world. His body became very large and majestic. An endless heavenly glow shone on him, making it seem as if he had turned into a great deity. His blood energy soared to the sky and became dazzlingly bright. Each strand of his blood energy emitted a divine aura.

He shouted again and unleashed a strike that destroyed all the celestials in the way. The earth moldered and almost ten thousand Blood experts were crushed in an instant!

“What is that?” People were startled to see his divine strands of blood energy. Not too many had ever seen a cultivator’s blood energy emitting a divine aura such as this before. It looked like something that only belonged to a godly race of the legends!

“The bloodline of a true god, so incredible!” An ancient voice came about. A huge palm came from the sky. Niu Fen roared and thrust both hands up to meet this incoming palm.

“Boom!” The exchange shattered mountains and rivers. Niu Fen’s gigantic body took several thumping steps back and smashed apart the hills behind him. Even with the eighteen solutions at his disposal, he was still not a match for this new enemy.

“It really is a descendant of a true god!” A person showed up in the sky and was surprised to see Niu Fen survive his palm attack.

He emitted an aura that would make paragons tremble. He stood in the distance in a supreme and sacred manner. It seemed that each of his gestures could reverse the universe and control the world.

“A Godking…” Not to mention the younger generation, even the big shots from the previous generation were startled and became timid.

A Godking had finally made his move. This meant that this storm was about to end.

“He is not only a Godking, he is one of the past leaders!” A Blood ancestor recognized this person and felt his scalp tingling: “He is the most amazing leader of the Blood Race after Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, the one who had control of all the Bloods in the nine worlds!”

“It’s that leader?” Another big shot from the Blood Race quivered and responded: “But he isn’t from the Blood-devil Tribe, why is he helping them?”

Those in the Blood Race who knew about this leader became quite jolted. This person ahead was a very old ancestor. Rumor has it that he had been sealed for a while and wouldn’t come into being ever again. Who would have thought that he would come out today for the Blood-devil Tribe?

The one standing in the high sky above looked down on the entire battlefield. Even if he didn’t try to put on airs, he still emitted a suffocating aura as a very powerful Godking. Moreover, he had once ruled over the Blood Race in the nine worlds and was considered the best leader after Immortal Emperor Chen Xue!

His eyes fell upon Li Qiye as he slowly uttered: “You do indeed have some amazing means. However, I have met many others with amazing means as well. It is your honor to have me personally come out today.”

“You shouldn’t have gotten involved in this matter, but since this is already the case, my old bones will have to check you out then.” A different feeble voice rang. Someone instantly jumped into the firmament.

This was an old daoist who was dressed quite shabbily. His robes were so dirty that no one would know when the last time he washed was. His eyes were full of drowsiness, making it seem as if he would fall over into a deep sleep at any given moment.

An old daoist coming out of nowhere and challenging the leader left many people confused. Everyone knew the leader. He was definitely a terrorizing Godking whose fame was not just for show.

However, this daoist that resembled a beggar who came out of nowhere and challenged him left many spectators speculating his identity.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing the daoist. He was from the Heavenly Dao Academy, Peng Keng!

“Heavenly Dao Academy.” The leader was definitely worthy of his prestige. He immediately recognized Peng Keng’s background — truly incredible.

His eyes seemed to pierce the eons as he gazed at Peng Keng: “Even though your dao is heaven-defying, you are still not my match.”

“Even an Immortal Emperor thought highly of you back then, so I know that you are very unfathomable.” Peng Keng didn’t seem to mind as he drank a gulp of wine and smiled: “However, how many moves do you think you will need to defeat me? Five hundred or maybe one thousand?!”

This response shocked many experts. If the leader who was even praised by an emperor needed five hundred to one thousand moves to defeat this old daoist, then just how powerful was this old daoist?

The leader glared at Peng Keng as if he wanted to see through him and find his weakness to deliver a fatal blow. However, Peng Keng was still relaxed and continued to pour wine into his mouth.

“Rumble!” At this time, space suddenly quaked. The portal in the sky finally opened. A bloody brilliance descended and blocked out the world. The entire Barren Earth could see this brilliance; it was truly too magnificent.

A vast country emerged from this bloody light. It was endless like a sea of blood with countless citizens living within. There were deities above these citizens, and even greater than them were three majestic figures that controlled this kingdom of blood!

The appearance of this bloody kingdom left many people astonished. Many sects in the far-reaching southern regions felt an extraordinary aura.

Needless to say about the spectators on site, they were rendered speechless from shock. The Blood cultivators had an even stronger reaction. They felt an urge to prostrate in worship as if this kingdom was the home of the Blood Race, the heavenly kingdom in the hearts of the Blood disciples! To be able to live in this kingdom was a great honor.

“It is done…” Even a big shot like Wang Dongtian revealed a happy expression after seeing the kingdom appear in the sky.

A very old Blood ancestor in the horizon lost his voice: “This, this is the Immortal Blood Kingdom!”

“Immortal Blood Kingdom? What’s that?” A junior had to ask since he had never heard of this name before.

“It is merely a legend, I didn’t expect it to be real.” The old ancestor stared at the kingdom in disbelief and murmured: “In the legends, the first Immortal Emperor of the Blood-devil Tribe had a vision — to build a supreme kingdom for their tribe…”

“… However, there was no news about this later on. The future descendants all thought that this emperor had failed. Who would have thought that he didn’t fail and only established it in a different form? Moreover, the other two emperors of the tribe exerted their efforts as well.”

At this point, this ancestor quivered and knew why the Blood-devil Tribe had the ambition to compete with the Blood Primal Ground and maybe even replace it.

The great army also looked up with strong emotions. If it wasn’t for the ongoing battle, they would have prostrated on the ground in worship.

It was just like what this ancestor had said, this kingdom of blood was created by the three emperors of the Blood-devil Tribe. They even used their own longevity blood to refine it. It had mysticisms beyond comprehension and stored an unimaginable power within!