Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004: Unbeatable Immortal Physiques

“Buzz!” The moment these cavalries from the Blood-devil Tribe sealed the area, Li Shuangyan exuded an astonishingly holy light. Time and space shook in this moment.

She stepped forward through the sealed area. Even this great trap couldn’t deter her path.

“Zzz—” At this moment, people finally noticed a crest on her head. This was the ice crown she obtained from the World Tree. The moment she put it on, it immediately sealed everything with a layer of ice.

The experts who attacked her were instantly frozen. Next came a series of shattering sounds. The ones that were trapped all broke into pieces, including even the Virtuous Paragons!

Void Imperfection Physique — this allowed Li Shuangyan to move freely under any problematic situations. Myriad techniques couldn’t touch her while her own dao would spread far and wide. It was destined for her to resemble a transcendent lotus.

“Use fire to stop her!” Wang Dongtian was aghast. He immediately issued the order the moment he saw her ice attack kill so many experts.

“Go!” Eight new cavalry divisions ran out. They used their longevity blood to accelerate a supreme art. It turned into a gigantic fire dragon that then flew straight for Li Shuangyan.

“Die!” Li Shuangyan was unperturbed in the face of the eternal existence leading the eight divisions. The Heavenly Sky Plate floated above her while she wielded the Six Dao Sword; the sacred physique was her only protection. Each of her steps created a new lotus flower to pave her way into battle.

“Playing with fire? I’ll show you a real dao of fire!” Seeing the fire dragon formed by the eight divisions, Su Yonghuang shouted and soared forward as well, leaving behind a path of flames in the air.

An endless extreme Yang fire descended. A sun began to rise in front of her chest. She seemed like a Golden Crow immersed in the sun, scorching the entire world.

Her own fire dragons roared. This extreme Yang fire turned into fire dragons and swept by everything. Miserable screams came about; many Blood-devil disciples were instantly burnt to ashes.

“Open!” Eventually, a Blood-devil paragon used an imperial weapon while borrowed the blood energy from several thousand disciples to support it in an attempt to stop the extreme Yang fire from assaulting the area!

“Extreme Yang Physique!” A royal lord was able to recognize the physique and exclaimed in shock as Su Yonghuang terrorized the world with her flame.

“I’m here as well!” Niu Fen also shouted. He didn’t need to transform, only continuing to rampage as a snail as large as a mountain. He slammed into the Blood-devil army and caused blood to flow. Wherever he went, one could hear the breaking of bones. Mangled flesh scattered all around him. Even a regular paragon would be blown flying while spurting blood from a shattered body.

This sect master had taken a vacation at the Grand Middle Territory before. He murmured in amazement while watching this scene: “The Cleansing Incense’s three great beauties as well as their three Immortal Physiques! I have heard stories about their recent rise; it seems that they were indeed true. One sect with three Immortal Physiques — this is more than enough to sweep through any sect or lineage!”

“It really is scary.” All the spectators couldn’t help but feel astonished. A paragon commented: “Three young geniuses have already become Virtuous Paragons with half-completion Immortal Physiques. The three of them together are simply unstoppable!”

“Void Imperfection Physique, Extreme Yang Physique, but what is the last one?” A great character from the previous generation checked out the three’s physiques. However, he couldn’t recognize Chen Baojiao’s physique.

“Maybe it is the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique, one of the twelve.” A different big shot responded, but he wasn’t completely sure and was only speculating.

“They came from Cleansing Incense, why are they helping Li Qiye right now?” A junior was confused about the three suddenly assisting Li Qiye.

The sect master explained to his junior: “You haven’t been to the Grand Middle Territory so you don’t know. Li Qiye came from Cleansing Incense; he is their prime disciple. Back when he was at the Hundred Cities, he murdered thousands in a furor and personally destroyed the Tiger Howl School! This was back when he was very young. Later on, he disappeared for a long time, so everyone assumed that he was dead. Who would expect him to show up now in the southern region.”

“Brother Hong, so you were aware of Li Qiye’s identity much earlier. How come you didn’t tell us?!” A different school master looked at the sect master with wide eyes.

“Li Qiye is infamous, and the Blood Race just happens to want to fight him. Why should I let them know?” This sect master smilingly spoke.

Li Qiye quietly sat on his throne and watched the four kill with a grin on his face. They were all groomed by him, so he was very happy to see their current accomplishments!

Chen Baojiao was swinging her saber with an unstoppable sharpness; Li Shuangyan was untouched by myriad arts and had a supreme and free presence; Su Yonghuang’s flame incinerated the sky and bullied the world. Lastly, Niu Fen was ferocious with his raw power. His gigantic body made it difficult for the enemies to hurt him.

In just a moment, the four of them tempestuously fought inside the great army. Even though the paragons from the Blood-devil Tribe had taken out imperial weapons, they still couldn’t stop the four.

The spectators outside were quivering while watching this scene in shock. The younger generation was even more disturbed.

“A paragon with a half completion Immortal Physique is unstoppable even when facing an imperial weapon.” An ancestor commented with a tinge of emotion.

“Grand Middle Territory, so many geniuses are there…” In the far distance, Bai Jian watched with several ancestors protecting him. He gently sighed during his observation.

Back during his youth, he had traveled the world and went to the Grand Middle Territory as well as the Eastern Hundred Cities. He understood the situations in these places very well. Now, watching Su Yonghuang’s unstoppable group inside this army left him feeling sentimental.

“There are so many Immortal Physiques over there. Just the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect alone has three. Then the Mortal King of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School also has a half-completion Immortal Physique. They also have Jikong Wudi… It is true that their younger generation is far better than the Barren Earth’s, better than the Blood Race’s as well.” Bai Jian sighed once more.

Even though the southern region had the “One Emperor, Five Saints”, the truth was that as one of the five, Bai Jian knew very well that they were not even a match for Ye Chuyun, let alone Jikong Wudi.

Despite the southern region being dominated by the Blood Race, it seemed that the current young Blood generation was not as great as those in the other domains.

In fact, he was not the only one who felt this sentiment. The other Blood experts who were watching this fight, especially the big shots, were amazed as well. The Immortal Physiques were simply unstoppable.

After seeing Chen Baojiao’s group dominating the grand army, Li Qiye chuckled and looked over at Wang Dongtian: “How long do you think your army can hold out for? If the only God Monarch your side has is you… I’m afraid this won’t be enough.”

“I’d like to see what you can do!” Wang Dongtian turned serious. He glanced at the portal in the sky. His God-Monarch rings pulsed even more with a great celestial world floating behind him. In the blink of an eye, he became the ruler of this celestial world, instilling fear and awe in all.

He finally wanted to take action and unleash their tribe’s ultimate attack. Prior to this, he was simply testing Li Qiye to see all of his methods.

“You alone are not worthy of testing the Young Noble.” As Li Qiye was still sitting leisurely on his throne, a voice next to him answered Wang Dongtian who was ready to attack.

A person appeared next to Li Qiye. Even Wang Dongtian couldn’t clearly see how he appeared. He wore a paper hat; it was Arcane Guru.

A little bit ago, he was blown flying by the Immortal Emperor’s sentiment. Nevertheless, Li Qiye wasn’t worried about him at all. He had a heaven-defying treasure protecting his body, so it wouldn’t be easy to actually kill him.

Wang Dongtian stared at him. His profound eyes narrowed and emitted a frightening glint.

“You all want to go big, so what’s the point of keeping it hidden!” Li Qiye laughed at Wang Dongtian: “Just let those hiding in the dark come out. How can you still remain calm while watching your disciples be killed like this?”

Wang Dongtian’s eyes slightly shifted after hearing this before raising his voice: “Elders, it is time for us to end this. Please come and subdue these juniors.”

After these words were spoken, three figures suddenly floated into the sky. Their appearance was accompanied by the arrival of their God-Monarch auras that flipped over the firmament like a rising tide. They had imperial weapons ready.

“Boom!” The weapons shattered the void and went straight for the three girls in the middle of the grand army.

The spectating ancestors in a safe distance palpitated when they saw God-Monarchs using imperial weapons. The vast aura caused many youths to directly kneel down from the pressure.

The three girls roared and, with a slash, Chen Baojiao unleashed her eight saber techniques. The Tyrannical Immortal Saber cut through devils and immortals to stop the imperial weapons. Meanwhile, Li Shuangyan’s sword turned into the six dao while her Heavenly Sky Plate stopped anyone from reading the heavenly fortunes. In addition to this, her crown of ice reversed the universe in an attempt to strike down a weapon.

Su Yonghuang had a crimson halberd in her hands. Her expertise made it resemble a soaring true dragon or a great sovereign making his appearance. Under her endless extreme Yang fire, everything was annihilated in the firmament. She alone stopped one of the weapons as well.

“Rumble!” The three girls managed to stop the weapons’ offense. However, one could easily imagine the power behind these weapons when God-Monarchs were controlling them. Although the three girls were strong, they were knocked flying with blood dripping from the corners of their mouths.