Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111: Immortal Dao Decapitator

“Is that so?” Li Qiye glanced at the last sect master and leisurely responded: “I actually want to see what treasures you brought. If the four of you are together, you must have brought something extremely heaven-shattering. Little existences like the Space Trample Mountain and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom can only take out scrap metal, but you are different. What will you take out? What great treasures are still there from the coffers of the Thousand Emperors Gate?” He started laughing from anticipation after saying this.

The venerable shouted: “Little animal, we brought enough to cut you into pieces!”

His heart was dripping blood at this moment. They worked together to create the great formation. As long as Li Qiye entered, he would become powerless. Even if he was a God-Monarch, only annihilation would await him before Jikong Wudi’s Imperial Massacre.

In their eyes, if Jikong Wudi could kill Li Qiye, he would become famous once more and the throne would be his for the taking in the future.

But who would have thought that the sure-win blow ended with Jikong Wudi’s demise? This forced them to take things to the final step, making them use their ace!

This was something they wouldn’t want to do unless there was no other choice. Moreover, they definitely didn’t want to waste it on Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was quite heaven-defying, so the group knew that he must have some unfathomable dao protectors behind him. Because of this, the four of them decided to work together.

The last sect master even took out an extremely unbelievable item to use as the hidden ace to kill Li Qiye’s dao protectors.

However, his dao protectors had yet to appear, but they already had to use it on Li Qiye instead.

“Little animal, even if you are the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor or the child of deities, you still won’t be able to escape death.” The Divine Ancestor shouted as well.

However, Li Qiye interrupted him with a dismissive wave: “Okay, stop boasting. So what if I kill your ancient kingdom’s disciples? It is only a sect with two emperors, a bunch of dogs that can’t reach the apex.”

Such words left the crowd slack-jawed. A sect with two emperors was only made up of a bunch of dogs? Then other great powers didn’t need to exist in this world since they were so pitiful.

But today, no one dared to retort. Who in the current generation could speak such words outside of Li Qiye?

“You…” The Divine Ancestor was trembling with anger.

The sect master of the Thousand Emperors Gate commanded: “Attack now to prevent further complications.”

“Clank—” With his order, the entire area was sealed. The heaven and earth were separated with Li Qiye trapped inside.

Four great decapitators sealed the four corners. They were lever-blades that seemed to be decapitating everything inside the radius.

Li Qiye was at the center of this dead zone and had no place to run due to the surrounding blades.

“Immortal Dao Decapitators.” Li Qiye slightly grimaced at the four blades.

Others didn’t know about them, but he did. They were not only capable of killing immortals and devils, even the heaven and earth could fall prey to their sharpness and incredible origin.

Whoever was inside their cutting range would be in great trouble and escape from this region was virtually impossible.

“What are those things?” Everyone trembled a bit after the decapitators appeared. In an instant, the experts reacted quickly and retreated. The weaker ones couldn’t respond in time and immediately fell limp to the ground.

Regardless of how far away they were, everyone felt an extreme sharpness cutting into their skin.

They felt that both time and space were severed along with the power of the grand dao. It seemed that the moment the blades fell, they would slash the entire world and rip off all relations.

At this time, the chief ambassador, Venerable Ninesword, the Divine Ancestor, and the last sect master each controlled one corner of the blades and aimed them at Li Qiye.

They used their longevity blood to bathe these decapitators while pushing them closer towards Li Qiye.

It wasn’t easy to exert the real power of these weapons. Even though the four were quite powerful, they still had to offer their longevity blood. Moreover, the faster the cutting speed, the more longevity blood would be required.

For people close to death like them, these drops of blood were extremely precious. Thus, they only used a small amount to push these chopping blades towards Li Qiye in the center.

The moment the blades cut off the four corners of this region, Li Qiye would be decapitated inside sooner or later.

“Pluff!” Blood dyed his clothes red while the blades had yet to cut him directly. Even though they were countless miles away, the terrifying edges had already left horrifying cuts on his body and made his blood spatter.

“Open!” Li Qiye shouted. His blood energy soared to the sky and began to derive a worldly law.

However, the forces of time, space, and grand dao had all been severed. It didn’t matter if one had powerful blood energy or the most profound laws in this world, all would become quite weak and be unable to exert their true power.

Li Qiye channeled a merit law with incredible defensive power. However, this defense became quite feeble without the grand dao supporting it. Under the force of the decapitators, the laws seemed fragile to the point of being negligible. It was instantly cut into pieces by the blades.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Even more lacerations appeared on his blood-stained body shortly afterward.

“Open!” Li Qiye roared again and tried multiple times to counterattack. Alas, he couldn’t escape the all-severing property of the decapitators. His invincible arts were instantly severed while more wounds appeared on his body.

Venerable Ninesword cruelly shouted: “Little animal, keep on struggling. We will flay you into thin pieces just like fish.”

They continued to slowly empower the decapitators without any anxiety. The blades were still quite far from Li Qiye, but the sharpness emanating from them was still hurting him.

This scene made many people gasp and shiver. One paragon murmured: “They are still not cutting him directly. They’re so far away, but Fiercest already can’t withstand them. If we were in his place, we would have been cut to little pieces already.”

“Even Godkings might not be able to escape from this type of immortal blade!” An aghast spectator mumbled.

Everyone had seen Li Qiye’s powerful body before, but today, it was covered in wounds even before the blades reached him. How could they not be afraid of such terrifying blades?

“Open for me now!” Li Qiye howled again, but he was a struggling dog that couldn’t resist the blades. There was no spot on his body that was still untouched.

The four on the other side sneered repeatedly as they watched Li Qiye about to be cut into little pieces. They even deliberately slowed down so that the world could see the fate of those who challenged their prestige — a fate of being flayed into thin slices.

“What now?” Bai Jianzhen noticed that Li Qiye was no longer able to stand straight and could fall over at any time. With a shaken expression, she asked: “Should we help him?”

“No.” Mei Suyao shook her head: “The Young Noble must have a reason for telling us not to interfere earlier. We cannot ruin his business.”

“This is only his normal strength.” Li Shuangyan felt pain from seeing all the wounds, but she didn’t dare to take action: “Young Noble still has many killer moves left.”

She was aware of his full arsenal. At this time, he still hadn’t used an imperial weapon yet!

“Pop!” Eventually, under the constant channeling from the four, the decapitators inched closer. Li Qiye couldn’t hold back and suddenly fell over. He tried to get up several times but failed.

“It’s over for Fiercest.” Many people were shocked to see this. Some were even unwilling to watch.

“Bang!” While Li Qiye sat there awaiting death, a white hand descended from the sky and struck the four corners of this location, causing the earth to tremble.

Even the Immortal Dao Decapitators were shaken by this attack. Their brilliance started to flash uncertainly.

Someone shouted in high spirits: “Is that a Godking attacking?”

“Who dares to interfere?!” The venerable’s group was jolted from the quaking. They added even more longevity blood to control the decapitators. The blades emitted a terrifying immortal light. Anyone who came close would be slash into pieces by these rays.