Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129: Mysterious Prisoner

“Boom! Boom!” More explosions resounded. Cleansing Incense also used their own imperial weapons — the Violet Imperial Hammer and the Black Tortoise Rod!

Of course, it wasn’t easy to utilize the power from these weapons. Those from the older generation, like Gu Tieshou, were even more powerless in using them. In the end, Xu Pei’s group had to retreat to the main mountain of the sect and worked together to use the two imperial weapons.

The Heavenly God Ancestor commanded: “Press the attack!” The other ancestors continued to use their imperial weapon to open a path straight to Cleansing Incense.

Xu Pei’s and Nan Huairen’s groups controlled one imperial weapon each. They used their imperial laws to protect the sect from the oncoming onslaught of the other weapon.

Even though the sect had the rod and hammer, they were still too young; there existed a big gap between them and the Heavenly God ancestors.

Nevertheless, they managed to hold their ground against the offense for now, resulting in a stalemate.

“All of you, follow me.” The Heavenly God Ancestor didn’t care about this field. He brought along several hundred experts to go straight for the Heavenly Crow Peak.

His goal was very clear. He wanted the manuals from the sect, especially their Immortal Emperor laws! In his eyes, destroying Cleansing Incense was only a matter of time. Even if his sect couldn’t break through right away, his backing was still there.

Because of this, he needed to rush ahead and seize the merit laws first. His sect required these imperial laws the most. If they had some, then perhaps one day, they would be comparable to imperial lineages.

“Kill!” The disciples guarding the Heavenly Crow Peak screamed and went to face the intruders.

In their eyes, the Heavenly Crow Peak was the heart of Cleansing Incense. Their treasures and merit laws were all located here. If the enemies could take down this place, then Cleansing Incense would lose for sure.

“Scram!” There was no need for the Heavenly God Ancestor to take action. The several hundred experts rushed forward to kill the Cleansing Incense disciples.

“Ah—” Shrill screams resounded. The Heavenly God Sect came prepared as they had prepared to rob these merit laws. These experts were all chosen carefully; they were experts among experts.

In the blink of an eye, these experts killed all the disciples guarding the Heavenly Crow Peak. They easily entered the peak and headed for the triangular square.

“Clang—Clang—Clank—” When these experts were rushing in, a man that was chained to a shrine stood up.

“Clank!” The man tore off his chains.

More metallic clanks echoed from the chains. This man took action right away. The two chains on his wrists resembled flood dragons leaving the water and went straight for the experts.

“Ah—” Now it was their turn to scream. The two iron chains pierced them like meat skewers, all several hundred of them.

The disparity in power was too great. Despite their great number, they were no match for this man.

“Who are you!” The Heavenly God Ancestor was startled. This happened too suddenly, so he couldn’t even react in time to save them.

“Clang—” The stout man didn’t say anything and swung his chains down with a ferocious and unstoppable momentum.

The aghast ancestor summoned his weapon and unleashed a supreme art to fight against this man.


They took their fight to the sky. The unknown man used his chains as a weapon to stop the ancestor.

Even though the ancestor had been famous for quite a while and the world was scared of him, he couldn’t seize the upper hand against this man. On the contrary, he was completely suppressed.

Everyone was shocked to see this. Many experts in the distance murmured: “That’s an imperial lineage for you, crouching tigers and hidden dragons are everywhere.”

Even the disciples and elders from Cleansing Incense were astounded because, from their memory, the burly man had always been locked in that place. No one knew who he was or what his background was. Even the first elder, Gu Tieshou, didn’t know where he came from.

They didn’t expect that the chained man was so powerful.

“Boom!” The ancestor’s defensive treasure was struck by the iron chain. He vomited blood and fell down from the sky. He staggered back more than ten steps before he could stabilize his body.

His face was unsightly to the extreme. His illustrious fame was notorious at one point, but today, he was not a match for this unknown person. How could he not be furious?

He finally shouted: “Dao brothers, please lend me a hand to destroy Cleansing Incense!”

The more naive spectators were surprised by this. So it turned out that the Heavenly God Sect didn’t come alone, they still had some backings.

“Rumble!” The void suddenly opened at this time. A vast mountain emerged before everyone. It pierced straight into the sky. Waterfalls fell down for a thousand miles with divine eagles circling about. Here was the dwelling of green flood dragons…

This majestic landscape suddenly appearing in the sky stunned everyone. They thought that a secret realm had shown itself to the world.

A Virtuous Paragon from the previous generation shouted: “Space Trample Mountain!”

Someone blurted in horror: “Space Trample Mountain! It’s finally here.”

This was a lineage created by Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Despite only having one emperor, many people believed that it was comparable to a sect with three emperors because many of his generals were still alive and guarding the mountain.

“Rumble!” While people were still gazing at the scene in the sky, a cavalry soared out from this flying mountain and entered the aerial space of Cleansing Incense.

This cavalry did not boast numbers — only a few hundred. However, it gave off the feeling of a bloodthirsty primordial monster.

Even before it joined the fray, one could already smell a bloody stench as if its appearance signaled the start of a massacre.

Leading this cavalry was an old man in black with a spear hanging on his back. He made others shudder uncontrollably due to his dangerous aura.

“Era Sentinel General!” In the horizon, an ancestor from a great power recognized this old man and blurted in shock: “A general directly under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!”

After hearing this, those who had heard of his name were frightened. This was a ferocious general under the emperor. Later on, he patrolled the Mortal Emperor World for the emperor. People were quite scared of him.

“A centipede dies but never falls down!” Era Sentinel coldly glared at the burly man with an oppressive murderous intent: “But today, no matter what power Cleansing Incense still has hidden, it won’t be able to escape demise. Your disciples should never have offended people whom they can’t afford to offend!”

The crowd was astonished to see Era Sentinel personally leading a cavalry into this battle. Even the disciples of Cleansing Incense knew that they were in dire straits.

The burly man turned serious as well. He knew that he had met a formidable foe!

“Xue Hongyi, you shouldn’t have come here.” A voice sounded at this time: “Back when your Space Trample Mountain schemed in the background and ordered the Heavenly God Sect to invade Cleansing Incense’s territory, these old bones didn’t want to bother with you. But now, your mountain actually comes to bully my Cleansing Incense, do you think we have no one to stand up for ourselves?”

A person emerged above the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. No one knew when or how he got there.

It was an old man that didn’t resemble an expert at all. He had an especially wretched and lowly appearance when he opened his mouth to reveal three yellow teeth. He simply lacked the style and bearing of an expert.

“Old Devil!” Everyone from Cleansing Incense was stunned to see him. Even Gu Tieshou couldn’t believe his eyes.

This person that came out of thin air was a celebrity at Cleansing Incense — Old Devil. He was a wretched old man that spent all day with women down at the Happy Crimson Pavilion!

Even new disciples didn’t care for Old Devil because everyone knew that he was only a lecherous grandpa.

Who would have thought that when Cleansing Incense was on the verge of demise, this perverted and wretched old man would come out to face Era Sentinel?

Era Sentinel’s eyes lit up with a terrifying light after seeing this old man as if he wanted to see through him.

“Mu Shaodi, is that you? You are the handsome and matchless Mu Shaodi?” He mentioned a name without any certainty.