Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: Siege Before The City Walls

“Rumble!” Overnight, a grand army trampled the mountains and rivers. More than tens of thousands of disciples from the Heavenly God Sect rushed towards Cleansing Incense like a flood.

Many sects in the middle region were frightened by this sudden mobilization from the Heavenly God Sect. This was especially true for the smaller sects within its territory. They became timid in the face of this grand army.

“War.” Many experts present took note of this with changed expressions after seeing the tens of thousands of disciples.

Someone murmured in a daze: “The Heavenly God Sect finally decides to attack Cleansing Incense.”

Cleansing Incense and Heavenly God Sect had always been mortal enemies. It was perfectly described by two common phrases: swearing to never co-exist and vowing to never share the same sky. Everyone in the middle region knew about this.

But after that war, the two sects had a long period of peace without conflicts. So today, the attack from the Heavenly God Sect came as a surprise to many people. It came too suddenly without any foreshadowing.

Of course, the big powers that knew more about the story understood that this event was not so simple.

“Rumble!” The army of tens of thousands immediately ran to Cleansing Incense. The entire sect was completely surrounded and under siege.

“Clank—clank—clang!” Alarms rang in Cleansing Incense along with spinning circular lights. A grand formation immediately protected the sect. The gates were shut tight in preparation to fight.

The surrounding army didn’t make a single sound, but their weapons were ready. Arrows were drawn while their artifacts emitted frightening glows.

The harsh atmosphere from the army below the city pervaded the entire area.

Many small sects outside of Cleansing Incense fled without a trace while the vagrant cultivators escaped even faster.

Many great powers paid attention to this fight as well. Some even sent their experts here as scouts because they wanted to know the outcome of this fight. It could change the entire political climate of the middle region.

“Heavenly Jewel Mortal King, what is your intention?” Someone finally came out from the incense sect in the face of the siege. It was their first elder, Gu Tieshou.

His cultivation was much deeper than in the past, but he had also grown older as his hair was completely gray.

In recent years, Su Yonghuang, Chen Baojiao, and Li Shuangyan had been in charge of the sect. But now, with Su Yonghuang back in the Su Clan and the other two at the plateau, Gu Tieshou, as the first elder, had to take charge of the situation.

On the side of the Heavenly God Sect, the Heavenly Jewel Mortal King didn’t speak. An old man eventually came out.

His hair was completely blanched as well, but his back was straight and he had a powerful glare that could penetrate the sun and moon.

“Heavenly God Ancestor!” Gu Tieshou was moved to see this old man. He knew that things weren’t looking good this time.

The experts in the distance glanced at each other as well. The Heavenly God Ancestor could be said to be the creator of the sect. It became powerful under his leadership. Rumor has it that when Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was still in this world, he even praised the ancestor.

His appearance today meant that this war would continue until death. The previous war made Cleansing Incense fall into a sharp decline, so this one might take it to the brink of destruction.

“Your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect conspired with heretics to kill the cultivators of this world. Today, my Heavenly God Sect will carry out justice in place of the heavens.” His words were quite emphatic, everyone could hear him.

With a cold expression, Gu Tieshou retorted: “There are plenty of things to say to frame someone! If your sect wants to fight, we don’t mind trouble either. Come! We will not bat an eye.”

Although Gu Tieshou was not a contemporary master, he was a courageous man both in the past and present.

“Go!” The ancestor shouted while coldly glancing at the ancient sect. In his eyes, the sect was already doomed.

He believed that it would be a breeze to destroy the ancient sect right now due to his backing. Not anyone in this world would dare to offend them and no savior in this world would be able to rescue the ancient sect.

“Kill!” The great army roared and immediately divided into three sections before sweeping through the sect like a flood. They focused on the main branches of the sect like three sharp daggers aiming for the heart.

A Cleansing Incense disciple shouted: “Brothers, blow the horn! Kill them!” His name was Nan Huairen.

“Blmmm—” The horn resounded across the entire sect along with pounding drums, causing the earth to tremble. In the blink of an eye, the entire sect was boiling with a thirst for battle. All of its disciples were ready to fight to the end.

Luo Fenghua cried out: “Kill all of these dogs!” In his armor, he rode forward as the vanguard with a grand momentum.

“Kill!” Zhang Yu and Qu Daoli led the other disciples forward as well with no intentions of retreating. They ferociously rushed forward to meet the great army from the Heavenly God Sect.

Today, both Luo Fenghua and Zhang Yu had their own achievements. They had climbed to the Heavenly King realm and were strong enough to become protectors or elders in the sect!

The three hundred disciples from the Cleansing Jade Peak had found some success. They were taught by Li Qiye back then and didn’t let him down since they were now the core force of Cleansing Incense. In the past few years, there had been some illustrious exploits from this group.

“Kill!” The two armies clashed with an earth-splitting impact. Blood began to flow like rivers. The Heavenly God Sect had the numbers advantage, but the disciples from Cleansing Incense were fierce warriors. They resembled ferocious tigers leaving their mountain and mercilessly killed their way through their enemies.

“Buzz—” At the same time, another battle was raging on inside the sect itself. The Cleansing Incense disciples there were forming powerful battle formations to halt the sieging army.

These battle formations were prepared by Su Yonghuang. Later on, Li Shuangyan took over and, due to her training, the formations were much stronger than before.

The carnage continued with the Cleansing Incense disciples fiercely stopping the Heavenly God army. Each disciple was ferocious and persistent. They wanted the blood of their enemies to wash every inch of this land!

“How interesting, daring to attack Cleansing Incense when your grandpa is here!” The fiercest in the sect was Niu Fen. He shrank into his shell and rolled forward through all obstacles. Blood jetted along with flying pieces of human flesh.

Despite having more disciples, the Heavenly God Sect didn’t have the advantage.

The three hundred disciples from the Cleansing Jade Peak had an extremely fierce display. They were an unstoppable calvary that rolled through the enemy’s ranks under Xu Pei’s leadership.

Many powerful cultivators were astonished to see the excellent showing from the Cleansing Incense disciples. Even the Heavenly God Ancestor’s expression sank.

Although the previous generation of the sect was quite weak, the younger generation has become a firm pillar of support. This made the sect grow several times more powerful and could oppose the Heavenly God Sect on even footing.

“The older generation of Cleansing Incense is quite mediocre, but their youths are shining like stars with boundless potential. Such a sect can be described as being very vibrant in great spirits, it will definitely be able to rise.” A spectator murmured.

Even a sect master from a great power added: “No wonder why the Heavenly God Sect is in a rush. The younger generation of Cleansing Incense has such great potential. Once their wings are fully grown, it would be the end of the Heavenly God Sect.”

“Ancestors, summon the imperial weapon!” The Heavenly God Ancestor commanded with a dark expression after seeing the great army failing to break through.

At this point, more than ten ancestors appeared in the Heavenly God Sect’s camp. Despite their withered blood energies, their momentum was still quite powerful.

These dozen ancestors were controlling an imperial weapon. This was an artifact Cleansing Incense lost in the previous war!

“Boom!” They aimed straight at Cleansing Incense. After a loud blast, the gates to Cleansing Incense were instantly shattered. The majority of the disciples in the same direction were blown away. No one could stop such an invincible attack from an imperial weapon.

“Retreat!” Gu Tieshou was alarmed to see this and immediately commanded: “Counter with our own weapons!”