Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212: The Prelude Before The Storm

The withering of the tree meant that it was about to return everything to the earth. Many treasures would be thrown out along with a huge amount of worldly essence.

It was certainly a feast for any cultivator or sect. If they could obtain a great treasure during this frenzy, it would bring about a lifetime of benefits. They might even become wealthy overnight due to the great reversal of fortune. From then, they would embark on a road towards invincibility.

It wasn’t like such a thing had never happened before. In the past, some people had obtained the main roots of a dying treefather, allowing them to cultivate at a quicker pace and eventually become a Godking.

The entire Heaven Spirit World was excited as many people ran for Peacock Land.

“This death is coming too fast, I thought the tree would last for one or two more generations!” A real master from the previous generation heard this news and was surprised. He felt fairly hesitant.

Most were unable to sit still, but some experienced big shots were more cautious. They could speculate that even though the tree was withering, it could still struggle on for dozens of years or even a full century with its power.

As long as the tree was still alive, who would dare to scheme for the treasures and worldly essence? No one wanted to fight an ancestral tree, even if it was dying. However, some of them still became impatient.

After several more days, one more piece of news came from the Jade Sea. It stated: “Peacock Land is shattering. The Peacock Tree is bound to die in half a month if early or half a year if late!”

With this, these older cultivators could wait no longer despite their skepticism. They were unwilling to miss this feast, and so began to travel towards Peacock Land to verify this news.

In a short period of time, people rushed to this land to see if they could get a share. There were many charming spirits, treants, and sea demons, so it became quite lively. The lineages closest to Peacock Land had an advantage, they were there already by the time others arrived.

The inhabitants of Peacock Land were long gone. The land was deserted and lonely until all of these cultivators came along.

All sorts of cultivators showed up, ranging from treants covered in leaves and crab demons with a human head to beautiful and handsome charming spirits. Occasionally, one could see one or two human cultivators.

All the races were excited about the upcoming harvest, only the human race was mourning.

The Peacock Tree held a sentimental spot in the minds of many humans since it had done a lot for them. It was the second land of the humans, their home.

The withering of the tree meant that this land would cease to exist and shatter into little pieces. Thereafter, the human race would lose a stronghold and haven in the Heaven Spirit World.

Even though some humans wanted to do something for the tree, even their top-level experts were powerless.

Its lifespan had run out, so this was an irreversible situation. The only cure was life replenishment.

However, this was simply impossible. Even top experts couldn’t do it for this was a task tantamount to life replenishing an Immortal Emperor.

The cultivators rushing here found many cracks on this massive land. Seawater was gushing through the cracks and a lot of the vegetation on the continent had begun to wither as well.

The quaking was becoming more common, as if this place was about to crumble at any second.

“It looks like the Peacock Tree can’t hold on any longer, this land is falling apart. It won’t be long now. Even if it won’t turn to ashes, it will fragment into little pieces.” A big shot from the previous generation was not quite convinced in the beginning, but he changed his mind after coming here.

“The residents here probably knew that the tree was about to die so they evacuated first.” An expert wasn’t surprised to see the place empty either.

Some human cultivators came running onto the land in search for their kin to see if there were still families stranded on the island. This disaster was a time for the human race to unite. As long as there were still people that had yet to evacuate, regardless of whether they were mortals or cultivators, other humans would lend them a hand. In this dire strait, the humans had to rely on each other.

The Exquisite Valley did a great job of evacuating everyone. The human cultivators searched all corners of the land but didn’t find any people stranded. These helpers heaved a sigh of relief after discovering this.

The situation became more pessimistic as the days passed. Today, the earthquakes were extremely frequent, resulting in even more cracks and the invasion of seawater into the crevices of the land.

“Fall back, we’ll watch from outside.” A lineage who wanted a piece of this feast ordered their disciples to retreat. They went out to sea and began to play the waiting game.

The imminent destruction of the land made many sects leave this place. They waited for the death of the Peacock Tree right outside as well.

Experienced characters knew that when the Peacock Tree dies, this land would be crushed or even turn into smoke. At that time, the destructive force would be incredible.

An ancestral tree was an existence comparable to an Immortal Emperor. Just imagine the destructive power that would result from the collapse of an Immortal Emperor. If anyone dared to stay behind, they would be crushed in their final moment, getting nothing out of it.

The outer sea right now was stationed full of cultivators. Some big sects and ancient schools were keeping guard with different methods. One of the powerful sects used a great ship to float at sea and occupy the most advantageous position.

Another treant tribe took root in the seabed and had a huge towering tree growing from it. It twisted and turned into a favorable position for seizing the treasures. The moment the ancestral tree died, they would flip the earth over to seize the most valuable resources.

Some sea clans came in droves as well. They stayed in the vast sea and were ready to take whatever edge they could see…

Moreover, people from outside of the Jade Sea were gathering as well. The death of an ancestral tree was a great event, so even sects from farther regions sent disciples over.

As for the human cultivators, they stayed in this area with great confusion. Were they here to look at Peacock Land one last time? Was it to seize the treasures as well? Or could it be to say their final farewell to the Peacock Tree…

While many cultivators gathered in this region, a young lad appeared out of nowhere. This human youth looked quite plain. Even his blood energy was feeble, so he definitely didn’t resemble an expert.

He drew a large circle that covered the marine regions outside with the center being Peacock Land.

The majority of the sects were within the boundary of this circle; only a few cultivators were outside.

Many people found this young human cultivator’s actions quite strange. They didn’t know what this brat was trying to do.

At this time, he took out a sign and wrote a few words: “Danger zone, do not enter or die.”

He put these signs everywhere, causing the cultivators waiting in this area to look at each other.

They didn’t know what he was trying to do. Was this a nice reminder or a warning to everyone?

Another human cultivator couldn’t help but ask: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Of course, this youth was Li Qiye. He was particularly patient and approachable at this time; he replied with a friendly smile: “I am reminding everyone about how dangerous this place is. Countless existences will die, so for everyone’s safety, it is best to stand outside of the circle.”

His bashful smile was a bit unbearable. Those who knew Li Qiye would definitely not believe their eyes after seeing him smiling like this.