Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223: Quiet Aftermath

Peacock Land was still very quiet. The day came and went with no one daring to enter. They were afraid of the Peacock Tree’s wrath and another terrible blood refinement.

Li Qiye also enjoyed the calm and peace during this period of time.

In fact, many people had shifted their attention to the wars for territories and resources. The majority of the sects and kingdoms were busy waging battles in the Teeming Fish’s marine regions. They didn’t have the time or energy to enter Peacock Land. At the same time, the Teeming Fish became a dog with a dead owner overnight; they were ganged up on by almost everyone.

The breeze gently blew under the Peacock Tree. At this time, it looked completely different with verdant leaves. It emitted an exuberant aura after the replenishment. It was clear that it would be able to live for a long time.

Li Qiye’s harvest was quite sizable as well. He was able to devour the heavens’ punishment, giving him the ability to solve the problem of the Life Origination.

He was quite content with his gains since he was only missing one out of the four mysteries of the fate palace. Currently in his possession were the Ancient Void Rune, the Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter, and the Life Origination. If he could gather the final piece, it would be nearly complete for him.

He eventually opened his eyes after a while, feeling quite comfortable with a strange sensation due to the great vitality, similar to a rebirth. While glancing around, he noticed an exquisite jade table in front of him and a stove with smoke curling out of it.

There was also the sound of burning wood. On top of the table was boiling spring water at just the right temperature. The water was heated right when he woke up.

A pair of gentle porcelain hands were preparing tea with a pot and cup. All the movements were quite smooth and natural, showing great mastery.

Li Qiye took note of the master of these hands. It was a charming beauty. Even though she was still a maiden, she already had the sexiness of a mature woman like a ripe peach that others couldn’t help but want a taste of.

Who could it be besides the schoolmaster of the Sacred Spring School, Zhuo Jianshi?

She sat in a proper position while pouring tea for Li Qiye. This gentle and docile demeanor made her look like a newlywed bride.

He only smiled and took the jade cup, taking his time to sip the tea without saying anything.

After he finished, she poured another cup for him with the same grace. At this time, Kong Qinru appeared on the peak and stood there quietly.

Zhuo Jianshi noticed her arrival and put down the teapot then quietly left. She didn’t say a word from start to finish.

Kong Qinru came forward and kneeled before Li Qiye. Being the valley lord didn’t diminish the respect she showed him.

She looked at him and said: “Young Noble, I’m afraid I have to go back. The sect has summoned me.”

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “Go, a feast is about to begin. Many lands have lost their master with continuous wars being waged. The Exquisite Valley requires you to preside over these matters, so of course you will have to leave.”

She added: “If there is more news about the person you are trying to find, the valley will let you know right away.”

He only nodded without saying anything else.

Eventually, she asked: “When will we meet again?” She knew that he was only passing through the Heaven Spirit World. There was nothing here that could make him feel sentimental.

“We will meet again if it is meant to be.” He smiled: “You have a great ambition, a drive for change. Keep on trying, one can only be successful through perseverance. Dreams alone will not accomplish anything.”

She responded in all seriousness: “I will engrave your guidance in my heart.”

He nodded again and continued to drink his tea. The steam coming out from the cup seemed to be covering his face, causing Kong Qinru to stare at him in a daze. It was as if he was hiding in the mist; no one could see through his unfathomable self.

Eventually, he looked at her and asked: “Anything else?”

She hesitated for a moment before answering: “Schoolmaster Zhuo is quite exceptional. The Sacred Spring School was initially in a marriage pact with our Exquisite Valley. The schoolmaster’s fiancee was my first brother. Unfortunately, he died from misfortune before the two of them could marry. Schoolmaster Zhuo has been living as a widow for his sake. This can only be praised as having great loyalty and virtue…”

“What are you doing?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh before shaking his head: “Are you trying to find a wife or a concubine for me? Or perhaps a bedwarming maid?”

“I wouldn’t dare.” She said in a serious manner: “I was only afraid that you might have misunderstood.”

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and said: “Don’t worry, nothing can elude my gaze or trick my mind.”

She took a deep breath and respectfully bade farewell: “Young Noble, I hope that we can meet again. I will not let you down in the future.”

With that, she drifted away and disappeared.

Li Qiye looked down to continue drinking his tea. After a good while, Zhuo Jianshi eventually returned to the side. She poured more tea for him in the same natural manner.

Inside the tea’s mist, he looked at her and leisurely smiled: “Is this your own will, or is it the hope of the old geezers from your three schools?”

She only quietly sat there. It seemed that she would always be incredibly elegant and mature. This kind of noble grace made her even more attractive.

“If I can follow Young Noble, it will be our three schools’ honor.” Her soft voice was especially pleasant.

He smiled and said: “What do you want? Or rather, what does your Sacred Spring School want? A whale rider or an imperial seed?”

She pondered for a bit before softly answering: “Young Noble, what are you willing to give us?”

He leisurely responded: “I don’t need to leave behind anything for your three schools. In fact, I don’t owe you anything, it is the other way around.”

The truth was that Li Qiye simply didn’t want to care about these matters in this generation. Even though he was friends with Immortal Emperor Wu Gou, he didn’t need to protect the Void Imperfect Three Schools and definitely didn’t need to leave anything behind for them.

After hearing this, she gently sighed with a slight frown on her beautiful face. Even this expression had its own charm. Others couldn’t help but want to make her happy again.

Li Qiye continued to sip on his tea. In his eyes, all of this was as ephemeral as the wind and clouds.

Eventually, he suggested: “If, say, I want you to warm my bed since the only thing I want from your school is you, will you agree?”

She contemplated for a bit before looking straight at him while giving a sincere response: “Young Noble, if you fancy me, it would be my honor.”

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “I am not someone who likes to force others.”

“She might be unwilling, but I’m not.” A coquettish voice came about at this time: “I want to follow you and stay by your side, Young Noble!”

This voice was particularly enchanting and could steal someone’s soul away. Just by hearing it, one would imagine that it was a very charming woman.

A woman fluttered closer with the wind. Before even seeing her appearance, one would already be enraptured by her. Each of her steps was quite graceful, like a willow leaf amidst the breeze. Her ethereal bearing would draw countless uncontrollable gazes.

She stood before Li Qiye while dressed in a black robe that couldn’t hide her peerlessly beautiful posture. Her willow-like waist was apparent through the thin, silky cloth. Her bottom half had perfectly round buttocks that were accentuated even more by the black cotton yarn.

A dark gossamer top hid her well-rounded breasts, very few brushes could capture their soul-stirring gorgeousness. It was indeed a difficult endeavor to describe them with words.

In particular, they would sway in an astonishing manner with each of her steps. This was truly not for the faint of heart. She came before Li Qiye and deeply bowed: “My name is Liu Ruyan, nice to meet you, Young Noble.”

She was very close to him. An intoxicatingly pleasant smell was carried by the wind. In this close proximity, one would suddenly have the illusion that they were embracing her while basking in her delightful fragrance.