Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224: Liu Ruyan

The woman ahead had her face hidden behind a black veil. Regardless, just by looking at her graceful and slender figure that was accentuated by magnificent curves on top of her barely visible valley was more than enough to fill the heart with euphoria.

Zhuo Jianshi slightly frowned while sitting at the table after seeing this woman. However, she still maintained her elegance and calmness before speaking: “Little Sister Liu, do the elders know that you are here?”

Liu Ruyan let out a charming smile capable of inciting lust. She didn’t mind Zhuo Jianshi’s question: “Who among the elders doesn’t know that I love to interfere with your business? It wouldn’t be good if they knew I was here.”

Zhuo Jianshi had expected this answer, so what else could she say?

Li Qiye was still hidden behind the curling steam rising from his teacup as he looked at her and chuckled: “The descendants of the Liu Clan are all femme fatales. It looks like you have also inherited your ancestors’ bewitching abilities. This is indeed a great disaster for all living beings. Moreover, it looks like your Evil Devourer Graceful Law is not bad either. Your clan is a bit interesting to have this variation of the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique.”

“Young Noble, you speak as if only our Liu Clan specializes in seduction. Many people in the Heaven Spirit World call the women of our clan vixens.” She chuckled while staring at him in a bold and direct fashion.

Li Qiye laughed after hearing this: “Well, the women from your clan are indeed vixens, including your progenitor. Even though people say that she was a grand completion Immortal Physique user, she couldn’t complete the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique and instead ended up with this type of seductive physique. She was a beautiful temptress of the nine worlds that drove countless men crazy.”

“I am honored to hear such praise from you, Young Noble.” She covered her mouth while laughing. Despite being covered by a veil, her eyes could pass on amorous feelings. When she stared at Li Qiye, they were luminous with autumn ripples.

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “Girl, there is still a long way to go if you want to seduce me. Try again after you reach grand completion with your physique. With the skill you have right now, you are only embarrassing yourself.”

Liu Ruyan wasn’t offended at all. She gave a charming smile and said: “Since you say so, when I reach grand completion, I’ll try to see if I can get you into my red curtains.”

“Take me into your red curtains?” Li Qiye was quite amused: “You can almost qualify to be mine alone, but for me to marry you… Don’t dwell on this idea.”

“So you are saying that I still have a chance?” She flirted with a seductive chuckle. It was just as Li Qiye had said, this woman was definitely a vixen.

Zhuo Jianshi was still calmly sitting nearby despite Liu Ruyan’s flirtatious behavior. Her mature and elegant charm would make others palpitate in a different manner.

Li Qiye only smiled back at Liu Ruyan. He looked over at Zhuo Jianshi and asked: “Who is in charge of the Void Imperfection Three Schools right now?”

So it turned out that Liu Ruyan was the current schoolmaster of the Evil Devourer School. However, the Evil Devourer School and the Sacred Spring School had a very interesting relationship due to the intricate relationship between their two physique laws.

The physique law of the Sacred Spring School was the Surging Golden Spring Law while the Evil Devourer School’s law was the Evil Devourer Graceful Law. One cultivated into the Sacred Spring Physique while the other the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique.

The schools had three Immortal Physique laws. In addition to the two previously mentioned, the third was the Void Imperfection Physique Law.

Originally, these three should have nothing to do with each other. The Void Imperfection Physique was from the word “Pure” in the Physique Scripture. The Sacred Spring Physique originated from the word “Soft” while the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique came from the word “Yin”.

However, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou couldn’t obtain the Physique Scripture, thus his physique law was taught to him by a predecessor. In the end, he created the Void Imperfection Windchase Law.

This physique law created by the emperor was naturally weaker than the one in the scripture. Because of this, it also included some other things.

Inside this Windchase Physique Law were essences of pureness and softness. From this, future descendants had different interpretations. During the era of the Sacred Spring School’s progenitor, this person was able to understand the mysteries of the Windchase Law’s softness to create the Surging Golden Spring Law.

Furthermore, because pureness originated from softness, it meant that softness also carried the Yin affinity.

In order to make this Immortal Physique law even purer to avoid qi deviation during cultivation, the Sacred Spring Progenitor forcefully changed this physique law and removed the softness within the Yin affinity.

It was precisely this need for constant correction in order to successfully train the Surging Golden Spring Law that gave birth to the Evil Devourer Graceful Law later on.

It started with a female disciple. She was a femme fatale level beauty with a rebellious nature. She looked down on this correction, so she chose to go in the opposite direction of the Surging Golden Spring Law.

Her aptitude was very scary. Her reverse derivation of the Immortal Physique law had even surpassed her predecessors. She understood the word Yin and created the Evil Devourer Graceful Law.

Because the graceful law was derived from the golden spring law, the future Sacred Spring and Evil Devourer Schools would often mess with each other.

The Sacred Spring School believed that the graceful law came from the surging spring law, so their law was stronger. On the other hand, the Evil Devourer School believed that their graceful law was the result of surpassing the limit of the surging spring law, so their law could replace the former.

Of course, there was no result to this competition because the two schools had never produced another person that could reach grand completion, let alone one for each physique at the same time.

However, they saw hope in this generation with Zhuo Jianshi and Liu Ruyan. They were both extremely talented and cultivated their respective physique laws. The Void Imperfection Three Schools felt that they could finally see two grand completion Immortal Physique users in this generation. If this was the case, then the Sacred Spring School and Evil Devourer School could have a chance to see which was stronger.

Therefore, when the two girls were only ordinary disciples, they often clashed. And the competition didn’t end after they became schoolmasters. Whenever they were together, a fight would surely break out.

One could say that this was their fate, the reason for their continuous struggle until their final showdown at grand completion. Of course, it was not a life and death fight for these two. After all, they were still sisters from the same sect.

She revealed a lovable smile and said: “Though Sister Zhuo is older than me by half a generation, if we are talking about the leader of the Void Imperfection Three Schools, then it can’t be anyone but me.”

Zhuo Jianshi calmly answered: “The current leader of the three schools is First Brother.”

The First Brother Zhuo Jianshi mentioned was the schoolmaster of the Void Imperfection branch because he was the oldest in their generation and had joined the sect the earliest. In the school, many of the disciples had been taught by him before. Thus, he was not only their First Brother, but also their master of sorts.

Liu Ruyan chuckled in response: “Sister Zhuo, First Brother has been talking about stepping down so the role will fall onto one of our shoulders in the future, but I feel that I am much more suitable than you.”

Her claim was not because she wanted to seize power and take control of the Void Imperfection Three Schools, it was because the two of them had grown accustomed to competing with each other since the early days. It was not a good thing for the two to meet since it would always end with either Zhuo Jianshi challenging Liu Ruyan or the other way around.

Zhuo Jianshi sat there, neither supporting nor retorting to Liu Ruyan’s claim. Her demure and mature aura were truly special.

Li Qiye asked after finishing another cup: “What are you here for?” Zhuo Jianshi poured another cup for him, as if this had always been the case.

Liu Ruyan smiled coquettishly in response: “To steal Sister Zhuo’s man. I heard the ancestors have high hopes for her and I feel that I am not lesser in any way, so why can’t I vie for her lover as well?”

Such provocative words were let out in an incredibly trivial manner. Liu Ruyan had no semblance of a bashful girl.

“Oh?” Li Qiye looked at her and smilingly replied: “That’s not necessarily the case. Perhaps I prefer gentle and virtuous women.”

“I have never claimed otherwise.” Liu Ruyan sat down next to him with a soul-stealing allurement: “These are two different matters. Young Noble, you can like virtuous women and still have a taste for a seductive beauty. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive, right?”

“A little interesting, you are indeed a descendant of the Liu Clan.” Li Qiye was not shaken by her bewitching.