Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1366

"Bang!" As the Swiftdao God was being pushed down more and more, another loud explosion occurred. The huge image behind him fused with his body.

With this fusion, his blood energy underwent an incredible metamorphosis. His divinity erupted, turning him into a real Celestial God. His supreme prestige seemed to have been granted by the heavens itself.

"Clank!" The hymn of the sword rang again. His sword turned as red as blood, as if all of his energy had been poured inside. It turned into a bloodsword capable of splitting the heaven and earth. [1]

This sword seemed to suddenly come alive due to its vibrant vitality. It was as if the young man had granted it this chance. With a hymn, the bent sword became straight again; it was now capable of shouldering the sky to stop the miniature tower.

All the spectators now saw two gods since his sword emitted a frightening divinity as well.

"Outside of being born in the wrong generation with Meng Zhentian, who else could contend against him?" Many people were astonished to see his current form.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" His sword continued to withstand the smaller tower while he walked closer to the real one. As he came close, the suppression of the small tower grew increasingly stronger.

Even though his sword — full of divinity — was no longer bending from the pressure, his body was withstanding an unspeakable suppression. Despite his soaring blood energy, he was the one bending down instead. He was like a true dragon in the sky and tried his best to stand upright.

Alas, even if he was stronger, he still wouldn't be able to sustain this situation. His body bent down again. He was only inches away yet it was impossible to reach. Eventually, he let out one more roar. The divinity of the sword radiated a dazzling light as he unleashed a heaven-defying slash at the miniature tower.

"Boom!" He used this attack to break the pressure from the tower and quickly retreated.

"Buzz." After he left the altar, the miniature tower disappeared. A light emerged again and gave birth to the same weapons that started to float around the altar.

The Swiftdao God quietly stood in front of this tower. The altar was protected by a powerful ancient force. As for the tower, it seemed to be guarded by the gods themselves. Anyone who approached would be suppressed with no way of entering. The spectators neither commented on nor mocked his failure.

Even a God-Monarch had been slaughtered in seconds, so him coming out unscathed has already proved his might. Even a Godking might not fare better than him.

His failure made many people feel hopeless. They knew that there was a matchless treasure inside the tower, and even if there was no treasure, this was probably a great place to learn the dao. However, what was the point of this great location if no one could enter? There was no one else for them to rely on. Even a Godking might not be much stronger than the Swiftdao God.

"Boom!" Suddenly, the entire continent quaked. A loud explosion accompanied by an immortal beam rushed to the sky.

Someone exclaimed after seeing this: "That's coming from the other location with the magical light."

This blast came from the place exclusively occupied by Meng Zhentian. At this moment, the ridge was erupting with immortal light. A door had been opened, seemingly connecting to an immortal world.

"Screech!" A phoenix cry suddenly came with a phoenix flying out of the door.

"Aoooo!" Next was a dragon roar along with a true dragon.

"Rawrr!" Then, a white tiger howled and jumped out.

In the blink of an eye, the four divine beasts appeared from the door. A true dragon, phoenix, white tiger, and black tortoise surrounded the four corners of this mountain. The mountain itself unexpectedly exuded a radiance full of divinity that wouldn't disperse. It became quite a sacred location.

"Are these the mythical beasts in the legends?" The spectators were shaken by this scene.

The four beasts emitted auras that left them breathless. Even a Godking was quivering because this force was truly fearful.

"They're not the real deal, they're only projections." A paragon slowly explained to the crowd after seeing through them.

This didn't make the crowd any less frightened. Just their projections were this terrifying? What if the real creatures were before them? Wouldn't all of them immediately die from the pressure?

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Wondrous sounds came from inside the door with a very particular rhythm. Outsiders could only hear these noises and nothing else.

It seemed that this was the sound of an immortal preaching a scripture, as if there were immortals on the other side.

After hearing this rhythm, a genius understood right away and exclaimed: "It's Meng Zhentian! He's trying to ponder the dao!"

A scared commenter murmured: "Will it be the dao of an Immortal Emperor?"

Someone from the older generation shook his head and clarified: "No, Meng Zhentian's self-created dao could have accepted the Heaven's Will long ago since it accepted him in the last generation. He is perfecting his own grand dao before taking the last step to becoming a real emperor."

"Rumble!" The moment these words fell, another burst of explosions came about. Violent lightning appeared in the clear sky. Each ray was as thick as a great serpent; they tore the sky vault apart and danced like wild snakes. The entire region was suppressed by the heavens. Heaven Spirit as a whole was affected.

"Bang!" Suddenly, a blaring blast resounded. A huge palm shattered the sky along with all the massive lightning rays. This palm seemed to be engulfing the entire world. Billions and billions of existences were left to its whim.

All were nothing before its grandeur. Even ordinary Godkings felt as if they were ants that could be crushed at any moment.

The sky lit up. The power of the nine heavens and ten earths seemed to be converging at this mountain. It gave the feeling that the master of the universe and myriad realms was presiding over this place.

The inhabitants of Heaven Spirit were aghast. The masses felt the impulse to prostrate and worship this power. It seemed to be representing the supreme will of the high heavens, as if a new emperor was being born.

This force awakened everyone, including the unparalleled existences that had been slumbering. Many ancient monsters opened their eyes.

One of the old monsters slowly commented: "It looks like Meng Zhentian is getting closer and closer to the throne. Who will be able to stop him from becoming emperor after the Heaven's Will is finished condensing?"

The cultivators on this continent and the Bonesea felt this domineering power. They fell to the ground, unable to withstand its pressure.

"Is someone about to become an Immortal Emperor?" Even the powerful ones turned pale from fear as they watched the power gathering at the mountain.

"It might be very soon. Zhentian will become emperor the moment the Heaven's Will appears again." Someone who was born in the same generation as Zhentian commented with a sigh.

Back at the altar on the lake, even a genius like the Swiftdao God turned serious and coldly stared towards the direction of the mountain.

Someone at his level understood the significance of this phenomenon as well as the current gap between him and Meng Zhentian.

"Come out, Heaven's Will, so that my master can become an Immortal Emperor!" Cao Guojian was also on this lake inside a Yin vessel. He was smiling proudly with an elated expression.

He came here the moment the altar appeared. Seeing this scene left him quite proud with an arched chest.

"Congratulations, Brother Cao. It won't be long until the Heaven's Will comes out. Senior Meng shall be emperor then." The ancestors from the Roaring Conch who accompanied him quickly adulated him.

The majority of the cultivators here were very envious while many wanted to start fawning Cao Guojian.

[1] This last phrase is an idiom referring to Pangu creating the world.