Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1484

“Clank!” After entering the valley, the general thrust his spear straight at Li Qiye.

The weapon carried a bright glimmer just like a shooting comet crossing through the sky. The attack was ferocious and all-penetrating. The deities and experts would tremble before this attack from an Apex Godking.

 Even though the spectators outside knew that this attack was aiming for Li Qiye and not them, they still felt a chill by their throat as if it was trying to pierce through it. They wanted to gasp but nothing came out. This was a very uncomfortable feeling.

The weaker cultivators outside fell down on the ground because this strike has enveloped this area. They couldn’t withstand this pressure and saw a vision of death.

“Clank!” Sparks went flying. This spear was indeed incredible but Li Qiye stopped it with a saber on his left hand. The Benevolent Saber emitted a brilliance jumping on its blade as if it was coming back to life.

This immortal light made the edge as bright as the snow. It looked just like a moon illuminating the entire area.

There was a majestic figure within the immortal light. It stood there was if it was opening a new age. It could sever the past and reach the future. No darkness in this world could hide from this figure.

“Immortal Emperor Min Ren!” A knowledgeable paragon from the last generation murmured and recognized the background of Li Qiye’s saber.

The smart experts gasped after seeing the true treasure seemingly coming back to life. Anyone could wield a true treasure but being able to unleash its imperial power was a different story. The weaker ones would be completely depleted after attacking with the weapon once or twice. 

Only sufficiently strong experts could wield these true treasures. However, this saber in Li Qiye’s hand was full of life with its imperial aura engulfing the world in just a moment. Without a doubt, this saber under his control could easily unleash an invincible imperial attack!

Keep in mind that even Godking might not be able to wake up these weapons because their awakening also meant winning their recognition to an extent.

In this awakened state, it meant that the weapon was at its strongest level. A peak-condition true treasure unleashing an imperial attack was much different from an attack by a dormant condition.

“Rumble!” The white general’s blood energy soared to the sky without holding anything back. It surged like a flood across the world. His spear became even stronger with a torrential of light. With his support, the spear tried to suppress Li Qiye with an unstoppable force.

There was no doubt that the white general deserves his fame. As an Apex Godking, he could use his own power to stop a true treasure.

“Boom!” The saber erupted during this first exchange. Boundless immortal light shot into the sky. The imperial power within frantically exploded as if an emperor has awakened and arrived on to the scene.

“Boom!” The erupting saber didn’t only blow the general and his spear away but also all the ice chains on Li Qiye’s body.

At the same time, Yonghuang’s entrapping ice shattered as well as she escaped.

“Die!” The general rose up again after being blown away. His spear unleashed a torrential barrage with loud detonations.

It looked as if comets were falling down from the sky. Each thrust could wreck a mountain.

“Clank!” The hymn of a saber echoed across the realms. The Benevolent Saber in the sky made everything else seems so dark in comparison. With one slash, the only thing remaining was its white-as-snow color.

There was nowhere in the world to hide before this attack. All darkness instantly vanished like smokes.

This was the first slash of three, Pacifistic Brilliance. This blade alone illuminated the nine heavens and ten earths. The world needed nothing more than just this slash.

The saber itself had a peerless power not to mention it was in its peak-form. This attack looked as if the emperor himself was doing the cutting and would decapitate a Godking.

“Boom!” Even the white general was blown away.

“Eat another one!” Li Qiye soared to the sky and gave chase while unleashing another blade straight at the general.

This particular slash had no variation and profundity. It only had the will of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Under his will, no existence in this world could resist.

Merciful Wisdom, the second slash from the Benevolent Saber. This slash contained the emperor’s will. Everything became extraordinary and supreme.

This one slash has turned into a peerless grand dao. At this moment, everything disappeared in this saber dao, leaving only the emperor’s will behind.

His will was unquestionable and could order the world. Because of this, many cultivators outside the valley couldn’t stand straight and kneeled to the ground.

The white general didn’t back down. He crazily roared and revealed his Godking’s rings. They came out and formed their own world. Each halo carried an Apex Dao. At this moment, he was standing at the pinnacle of the dao or even breaking through its limit.

A dragon roar resounded continuously. In this split second, his spear looked just like a true dragon coiling in the sky. Its draconic aura surged with the formation of a domain. Draconic runes as large as mountains floated within this domain.

At this moment, his spear has opened its draconic domain for protection against the emperor’s will.

This was one of his strongest attacks. He wouldn’t resort to it unless there was no other choice.

“A bit interesting, have another.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Boom!” His vitality erupted. The saber let out a long hymn and seemed to be transforming. It was no longer a simple weapon but has gained its own life force!

“Clank!” The world became clear after this slash. Everything became so brilliant yet ethereal.

Benevolent Lucidity, the final slash.

Under its power, there were no more questions in the nine worlds. No profundity in the myriad realms was worth discussing. The mysteries and the secrets of the grand dao were done for. Even the ancient rumors were so easily understood. All became obvious before this slash.

This was not just a slash but an answer to the grand dao of the world. Even the white general’s defensive technique became so vulnerable.

At this moment, it seemed as if the Benevolent Saber was grasped by the emperor’s left hand instead of Li Qiye’s.

Just imagine the power of this strike from an emperor himself. An Apex Godking was nothing before its might!

“Retreat!” Even Zhentian was shocked before this saber’s power. He instantaneously entered the valley with incomparable speed. He grasped the universe and took control of the grand dao.

With a loud bang, an extremely long path appeared between Li Qiye and the white general. It seemed to be crossing through the realms and time. 

The world became frozen. More ice chains came down to suppress Li Qiye again.

“Bang!” Despite Zhentian’s effort, the emperor’s saber still cut through this long path and continued for the general.

He was blown away by the slash. His spear was cut in half and his body was merely skirted by the blade yet it still left an extremely deep wound. His blood dyed his robe red.

If Zhentian was a split second later earlier, the general would have been split in half just like his spear.