Chapter 173: Heavenly Sky Plate (1)

After the descendant of the Divine Sword Sacred Ground stood to one side,no more cultivators were willing to give it a try. Even an Ancient Saint could not open this stone chest, other people more so.

“Anyone else?” The old man sat in his place and squinted his eyes to look at everyone.

At this point, many cultivators became silent. They finally realized that there was no such thing as a pie falling down from the sky. This old man took out the coveted Virtuous Paragon True Treasure and Longevity Treasure, yet he threw them like trash, one could only imagine how great his personal ability must be! If he couldn’t open it, and wanted to use treasures to seek the wise, how could they open it?

“I’ll try a little bit!” When everyone else was lost, a loud voice appeared. An awe-inspiring young man stepped forward with dragon steps and tigers strides.

This spirited young man stomped the ground and moved forward with impressive momentum. His gaze revealed a disdain of all under the heavens and he had a godly sabre on his back. Despite being sheathed, it still emitted a faint dragon roar and phoenix cry along with a powerful aura. With this sabre on his back, this young man became even more extraordinary, as if the dragons and phoenixes were his friends. This allowed him to soar to the high heavens!

“Trample Emptiness Mountain’s disciple!” A cultivator saw the crest of this youth and emotionally bursted out.

The expressions of many cultivators after hearing the name Trample Emptiness Mountain and secretly drew a cold breath. Trample Emptiness Mountain’s name was renown in the current era, and any Immortal Emperor’s lineages would be careful in dealing with them!

Trample Emptiness Mountain was a heritage created by Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was the most recent Immortal Emperor. His influence in the current era was greater than the old ancient Immortal Emperors.

In the current land under the heavens, anyone would be moved when the Trample Emptiness Mountain was mentioned. Fifty thousand years ago, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong shouldered the Heaven’s Will and became invincible. Thirty thousand years ago, Immortal Emperor then fought against the Black Dragon King until the entire Nine Worlds ruptured!

Even though Immortal Emperor Ta Kong already vanished, but in contemporary time, his prestige was still enough to render the gods frightened and retreat.

Today when Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s disciple appeared here on the Ancient Street, how could the expressions of the people here not greatly change!? In everyone’s mind, the Trample Emptiness Mountain was a unreachable existence up in the nine heavens, unfathomable with endless Emperor’s Power that could not be challenged by anyone!

“Ji Kongjian, disciple of the Trample Emptiness Mountain, ah.” A Royal Noble recognized the young man ahead, muttered in a moved tone.

Ji Kongjian stepped forward and looked at the stone chest ahead. He then lightly snorted and solemnly took out an item.

He lifted an inkstone in his hand. The inkstone was not big, and was like a coiling dragon. But as he was held the inkstone in his hand, it was like a sacred mountain with supreme majesticity. It pillared the sky above and suppressed the nine underworlds below, which rendered others amazed, it was obviously a godly item from a glance.

There was not a lot of ink left inside the inkstone as they were still rolling inside. Yet it was derivating its own grand world with all sorts of strange and amazing sceneries.

“Emperor’s Possession…” Seeing the Emperor’s Aura faintly exuding from the inkstone, an Enlightened Being involuntarily cried out.

Hearing the two words “Emperor’s Possession”, many cultivators unconsciously took a step back in astonishment. Immortal Emperor’s Possession, this was an item that could suppress the nine heavens and ten earths!

Seeing everyone moved like this, Ji Kongjian who held the inkstone in his hand was very pleased and slowly said: “This is the inkstone used by my ancestor. Ancestor grinded his ink here to write imperial proclamations to order the nine heavens and ten earths and reign over all existences!

Ji Kongjian couldn’t be blamed for being so proud of himself, this inkstone was not only simply used by Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, but he grinded the inks to write imperial proclamations and order the world, the Emperor’s Power and immortal intent inside was truly very powerful!


At this time, Ji Kongjian uttered a long roar and unleashed a palm with the inkstone. The ink inside was sent rolling like a parading True Dragon. The little amount of ink left formed a floating drop, turning into an Emperor’s word, the word “Open”. When the Emperor’s word formed, strands and strands of the Immortal Emperor’s universal laws emitted clanking sounds.

Even though this Immortal Emperor’s universal law was as fine as silk, but the Emperor’s Power and immortal intent suddenly exploded and jumped to the high sky causing everyone present to shiver and unconsciously want to prostrate themselves in worship.

But at this moment when everyone thought this would be able to open the stone chest, the Emperor’s word fell on top of it and only a “pop” sound occurred, it was not able to open the stone chest! The stone chest was still motionless and unharmed, as if nothing could ever move it!

“Impossible!” Ji Kongjian couldn’t help but screamed. He couldn’t believe this impossible matter!

Everyone’s eyes became bigger in complete disbelief! Emperor’s Possession was heaven defying. A bit of Emperor’s Power was enough to slay an Ancient Saint! But, this Emperor’s word was not able to open this stone chest contrary to everyone’s expectation!

“How is this possible…” Ji Kongjian took a deep breath. Even though an Emperor’s Possession wouldn’t dare to claim invincibility, but a powerful Emperor’s word was at a level of unimaginably power!

But this Emperor’s word was still unable to open the stone chest. This was the first time Ji Kongjian witnessed such an unbelievable matter. In his eyes, there was nothing an Emperor’s Possession couldn’t do!

“Emperor’s Possession is not bad.” The old man squinted his eyes but laughed and said: “But, compared to the black sword of the little lady over there, it is not even close. That black sword was used by Immortal Emperor Ye Ti at a young age, and bathed the sky with an ocean of blood. It slayed the gods above, and decapitated the ferocious devils below. Of course, if you want to try again, then continue, you still have two more chances.

The old man’s words frightened everyone present and they all glanced at the black sword caressed by the girl in black then took a step back from fear. No one thought that this black sword was a godly sword used by Immortal Emperor Ye Ti, even if it was only during his youth, it was still extremely frightening and dreadful thing!

Since the origin of the black sword was revealed, the girl in black’s gaze chilled into a murderous sword intent, as if it could annihilate the sky.

“Little girl, you are still far too lacking, even if your ancestor came, he would still have to walk the long way around me!” The old man leisurely spoke and did not put the girl in black’s killing intent in his eyes. Her killing intent fell upon body as if it was the spring breeze, not enough to reach the apex.

Even though the girl in black’s killing intent was monstrous and absolutely fierce, but she knew that she had met a powerful person this time, and didn’t dare to make a reckless move.

“Still want to try?” The old man took away his gaze, then looked back at Ji Kongjian standing in front of the stone chest and asked.

Ji Kongjian angrily stomped his foot and retracted his inkstone. Even though he was unwilling, he still retreated to the sideline. His inkstone was indeed heaven defying, but as an Emperor’s Possession, the ink left in it was very little, and couldn’t be used many times more. He naturally would treasure it since such an item could save his life in a dangerous threshold!

“Anyone else want to try?” The old man laughed and stared at everyone, then slowly spoke: “This old man will have this stall out here until the Ancient Street ends. If anyone wants to give a try, feel free to do so. Of course, I also welcome everyone to call your friends, and tell this good news to your friends and seniors. No matter who it is, as long as they can open the stone chest, then freely choose any one of the three treasures.”

The old man’s words left everyone speechless. Someone even wanted to jump up and curse at him, this is just a deception, right? Even an Emperor’s word was not able to open this stone chest, how could anyone else open it? Unless an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure or True Treasure came, otherwise, what item would be able to open this toy?!

Even though any of the three treasures up ahead was coveted by all, but when an Emperor’s word failed, others couldn’t even dream about opening it. What was considered an easy pie falling from the sky was now a dead thought to all of these people. Opening this stone chest was harder than ascending the heaven!

“Opening this stone chest, this matter is by no means difficult, just a breakfast meal.” But when everyone was silent, a leisurely and comfortable voice rang.

As these words came out, everyone glanced at its origin and saw a mundane kid. They immediately became unhappy, then they saw the two supreme beauties by this ordinary kid’s side, and they became even more annoyed, even Ji Kongjian coldly snorted.

“Little brother’s words are truly confident.” The old man lifted his head and squinted his eyes, staring at this ordinary looking young man.

Li Qiye who was always standing at the side to watch the fun at this time slowly walked forward and looked at this stone chest and calmly said: “To me, opening this stone chest is just an easy meal.”

“Hmph, boasting doesn’t rely on just words, but also experience and ability! ” Li Qiye’s words made many people present upset. There were Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and even Ancient Saints dreaded by all here! They could not open this stone chest, but, this fifteen year old little boy in front of them dare to boast! (1)
“Such big words!” Even Ji Kongjian coldly snorted. He took out and controlled an Emperor’s Possession earlier to use the word “Open” but still failed to open the stone chest. Now this nameless junior ahead dared to spout arrogant words, saying that it was as easy as a breakfast meal to open this chest. How could Ji Kongjian remain calm?

Li Qiye simply didn’t care about the crowd and looked at the stone chest, and revealed a smile.

The old man squinted and looked at Li Qiye, then said: “If little brother is so sure, then hurry up and open it. Once opened, you can pick any treasure of the three in front, why hesitate?”

Li Qiye glanced at the three treasures, and calmly said: “These three treasures, to tell the truth, although they are not bad, are not enough to enter my sight!”