Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1934

“Therefore, War-Monarch, Are you prepared for the future? What will you fight for and with what power? Will you be able to protect your clan and race?”  Li Qiye stared at the emperor and asked.

The other three emperors were also fixated on War-Monarch. Though they weren’t aware of a few secrets, they still had their own speculation.

War-Monarch finally responded: “Sacred Teacher, let’s not talk about the future. I only want to know why you picked our clan. You once said in the past, that our clan is only a hound of World Emperor so it’s quite surprising to see this today.” 

The emperor’s skepticism was understandable. His clan was the biggest supporters of the Heaven Race. The moment a war were to break out between the hundred races and the heaveners, they would absolutely be the first imperial lineage to pick a side. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was the Dark Crow of the hundred races, their life-long enemy.

“Because I trust the four of you, regardless of your background.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

This was indeed a weird comment due to their volatile history against each other. Back then, they wanted nothing more than to decapitate the other side. They were fire and water due to the racial tension.

But now, Li Qiye said that he trusted them? It was quite an unbelievable matter to outsiders.

War-Monarch brought up another point: “There’s no lack of emperors on the hundred side too but you still picked us.”

Li Qiye calmly revealed: “Your group naturally isn’t the only one. There are others as well. You think you four alone can deal with the wildland? It would be suicidal.”

“That’s true.” War-Monarch nodded, not feeling slighted by the comment. As a ten-will emperor, he was aware of how terrible the wildland was. Starting a war here was going to be devastating as well.

If someone like Cycleless Devil Emperor died here in the wildland, so could they.

“One person or race can’t monopolize all the good things in this world.” Li Qiye said: “It is time to share the soup. The hardest thing in this world is getting started, but a new beginning might come for the hundred and three races. Who to say that one day, our races won’t walk hand-in-hand?”

“No one can predict the future.” War-Monarch agreed with a nod: “The world is always changing, perhaps you are right. Enemies of the past will become allies in the future.”

“That’s why I said that there needs to be a new start. I shall carve out this path but whether the emperors team up together or still fight like in the past, that’s your business in the future.” Li Qiye chuckled: “It’s a bit cliche but after sharing this pot of soup, I’m sure everyone will have a new perspective and might even sit down to talk together.”

Li Qiye paused for a bit before continuing: “When the fire of war rages in the sky, I’m sure everyone will trust those they have fought together with before. I indeed caused a war in the past, but today, I shall try and lead everyone into coming together!”

“Remembering the past and finding hope for the future.” War-Monarch had to admit: “Sacred Teacher, you have always been insightful. Alas, not everything in life goes the way we want. Even if you wish it so, the world might not listen.” 

“That’s fine with me.” Li Qiye smiled: “The direction of the world isn’t up to the people anyway, it is under the control of top emperors like you - we all know this. Plus, you think I care about the future? I am only opening a small path like the spreading of a curtain. The future will be in your hands. To be frank, to welcome the light or to be shrouded in darkness, that’s your responsibility and your choice to make.”

In a short time, the emperors became quiet. War-Monarch was especially moved because this was his time to face it.

“Sacred Teacher, will that day come so early?” He asked.

“What do you think? We won’t talk about the ancient and hidden days, just a quick calculation of our own era. There have been nine twelve-will emperors in the thirteen continents and several Ancient Gods. Plus, supreme Immortal Emperors such as Min Ren, Jiao Heng, and the others. As we reach the limit, declination is inevitable. How much longer do you think we have? What will you do on that day?” Li Qiye smiled while looking at War-Monarch.

The entire scene became sober. War-Monarch’s juniors were waiting for a response.

War-Monarch was their progenitor and strongest member. Thus, they would completely obey his order. His decision was going to be their own.

“You already have an answer in your heart.” Li Qiye smiled.

“In the entire world, not that many people will stand on our side.” The emperor said seriously.

The moment he chose the word “our”, there was no doubt that he had made his decision. Many would be puzzled by his choice due to his loyalty to the Heaven Race. He was usually the first one on the front line when fighting against the emperors of the hundred races. Alas, he was picking the Dark Crow this time.

Nevertheless, his loyalty to his people was precisely the reason for this decision!

“So what?” Li Qiye chuckled: “Kill all those who stand in our way! It’s a simple answer. There’s no compromise on this road; only friends or enemies. Either they die or we will. You think mercy will apply here?”

War-Monarch fell into silence. He knew exactly what he was going to face. Perhaps he would be raising his sword against friends in the future.

“And you, Sacred Teacher? What role will you play at that point?” He asked.

“I’m only the person opening the curtain.” Li Qiye smiled: “I won’t be the one deciding the future on this path. It is your group and everyone else. The light won’t be shining on me.”

“But you’re the one welcoming the light, Sacred Teacher.” The emperor said.

“No, I am simply lighting up a tiny spark. The result won’t be on me. If the rest of you let this tiny spark go out in the darkness, then I can only say, good riddance. Let everyone drown in darkness then. This isn’t to say that the future generation is too weak or that the enemy is too strong, but that the world is no longer worth saving!” Having said that, he stared at the emperor again: “Do you think they are worth saving? The world and your race?”

The emperor mused before answering: “In my life, I have massacred sects and suppressed the hundred races. As long as I have a single breath in me, my Heaven Race shall still stand strong. Though killing might be part of the process, an emperor’s responsibility is still to protect! Otherwise, why do the Heaven’s Wills exist? This is something even the high heaven can’t change since they are born in the world, not gifted by the high heaven. The moment one shoulders the Heaven’s Wills, they have a responsibility to protect!’ 

These resounding words from his became unchangeable mantras!