Chapter 205 : Attacking the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto (1)

Assaulting the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s grotto! Hearing this news, countless people were stunned, including sect masters and temple lords. Even the undying old men living in seclusion all rolled their eyes after hearing such news.

This signified the start of a war against the Ancient Kingdom, and everyone in the Grand Middle Territory knew the result of such a matter — sect annihilation!

At the Grand Middle Territory, there were very few heritages that were able to really compete with the Ancient Kingdom. One sect with two emperors in any era would be extremely frightening. Moreover, there was no sign of decline for the Ancient Kingdom in contemporary times, thus they could be described as the sun during the high noon!

In fact, there were ancient sects and hidden schools who suffered losses to the Ancient Kingdom. Some great sects and countries were destroyed by the Ancient Kingdom as well, but all of these factions could not do anything about it even if they wanted to take revenge. Bearing these grievances inside their stomach was the only option. Reality was cruel; opposing the Ancient Kingdom could only end badly and would often result in sect destruction. No one could escape from this fate once they decided to ignite a war against the Ancient Kingdom!

And so, upon hearing that Li Qiye was leading a group to attack the Ancient Kingdom, many people became dumbfounded for a while. No matter the cultivation, even if one was a powerful Heavenly King, they still wouldn’t declare war recklessly against the Ancient Kingdom.

However, this junior of fifteen to sixteen years of age was arrogant enough to challenge the Ancient Kingdom’s prestige, leaving many grand characters in silence for a long time.

As for the younger generation, they had different reactions and thoughts to this news.

For Young King Nantian, sitting high in his ancient chamber, his eyes coalesced after hearing such news. His royal aura was suddenly mixed with his blood energy, creating an encompassing sea of blood with Vermillion Birds flying straight to the sky that had the potential to incinerate all of the Nine Worlds.

Glinting with terrifying light in his eyes, Young King Nantian slowly exclaimed: “It is a shame that I cannot personally kill this kid!”

Li Qiye killing Nantian Hao, who was the cousin of Young King Nantian — this was an unforgivable vengeance to the Nantian Clan and the Heavenly Southern Kingdom.

“This kid is indeed a bit devilish. In my opinion, he is surely cultivating some incredible Physique Law!” An old man from the Southern Heavenly Kingdom stated: “However, Ting’er, you are blessed with a Saint Wheel aptitude. Your Life Law is unbeatable; one strike slashes the stars and another assaults the sky itself. If this kid doesn’t have an Emperor’s Possession, you only need three or five moves to kill him!”

Young King Nantian was a Saint Wheel aptitude. In the world, many people believed that the Fate Palace and Physique were more important than the quality of one’s Life Wheel. However, this was not the case.

If cultivated properly, a Life Wheel was extremely terrorizing. The better the Life Wheel, the more powerful one’s energy will become, and they will have more powerful attacks.

With his Saint Wheel, Young King Nantian’s blood energy was much more formidable than others of the same generation! He cultivated a peerless Longevity Law. One could say that his blood energy was endless. Other people could cultivate for one day to refine one drop of Longevity Blood, but he could refine ten drops or more in just one day.

Therefore, the Saint Wheel combined with a peerless Longevity Law meant that his offensive power was extremely disheartening! He could kill without using Life Treasures. A single leaf or dried grass in his hands would all be powerful weapons. The more ordinary Merit Laws under his utilization would have ten times the normal amount of power, or perhaps even more! One strike slashed the stars and another assaulted the sky itself — this was not only a legend, but a fact.

With a serious gaze, Young King Nantian eventually coolly spoke: “Hmph, Emperor’s Possession; when necessary, we can also summon an Emperor’s Possession! The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect isn’t the only thing in this world that has an Emperor’s Possession!”

Inside the Jewel Pillar Sacred School’s Heavenly Grotto, Saint Child Bao Zhu was also emotionally moved by such news! As someone who hid his skills, he was much more low-key than the other prodigies. Plus, he already fought against Li Qiye with his grand completion Saint Physique. He was very suspicious that Li Qiye was cultivating a supreme Immortal Physique!

After hearing such news, his eyes were glimmering with an unknown light, not letting people know what he was thinking!

“If the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect truly has the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — one of the supreme Physiques, then perhaps the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will be our target in the future.” Behind him, an old man spoke in a muffled voice.

Saint Child Bao Zhu was a natural born Sacred Mountain Physique, one of the two King Physiques within the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique!

With his grand completion, the foundation of his Physique was extremely solid. He kept a low profile in order to advance to the Saint Physique. Each of his steps were to lay a fortified foundation for his Physique. Even a grand completion Saint Physique would not satisfy him in the future.

His aim was for a grand completion Immortal Physique! And that would be the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, the most powerful and invincible Physique!

Simply thinking about it gave Saint Child Bao Zhu hopes and aspiration! He was completely confident, but his heart sank when it came to the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique.

The Jewel Pillar Sacred School was indeed the sect with the highest amount of Physique Laws in the Grand Middle Territory, and even in the entire Mortal Emperor World! His school even had Immortal Physique Laws!

They have a Hell Suppressing manual, which was a way to cultivate the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique! But unfortunately, this was an incomplete manual!

This was the reason why Saint Child Bao Zhu cultivated a King Physique Law at the start even though he was a natural born King Physique. If it was another disciple from a different sect with a natural born King Physique, they would cultivate a Saint Physique Law from the start because this was the easier method to achieve a grand completion Saint Physique.

Li Shuangyan was such a case. She was a natural born King Physique, thus she cultivated a Saint Physique Law from the beginning!

Saint Child Bao Zhu’s goal was the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, but with only an incomplete manual, he could only start from a King Physique Law to, step by step, improve from a King Physique to a Saint Physique before finally reaching an Immortal Physique! No one would dare to cultivate an incomplete law and thus, he focused on creating a solid foundation, instead, while he slowly and steadily built his Physique. This was the only way for him to not suffer qi deviation when cultivating an incomplete law in the future.

And so, when he was thinking about how Li Qiye was likely to own the supreme Immortal Physique Law of the Hell Suppressing branch, how could his heart not be moved?

After their battle, he was sure that Li Qiye was indeed within the family of the Hell Suppressing Physiques. However, he was not certain as to whether Li Qiye was cultivating an Immortal or Saint Physique Law, but there was a slight inclination towards the former!

The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, and a complete version on top of that! How could Bao Zhu not be excited? This was the thing he had always dreamt about. If he could cultivate such a law, then he definitely could reach grand completion Immortal Physique in the future!

Grand completion Immortal Physique! This meant obtaining invincibility! His heart began to burn vigorously with these desires.

Nevertheless, he did not lose his calmness and was not in a rush to immediately seize the Immortal Physique Law from Li Qiye. When the time was right and with the utmost confidence for success, he will strike!

Outside of Ancient Sky City, on top of a solitary peak, the descendant of the Sword God Sacred Ground, Bai Jianzhen, was embracing her sword while sitting on the ground in complete silence during the night sky, completely assimilating herself into the darkness!

As the Sword God’s descendant, she was a maniac for the sword her whole life. Bai Jianzhen was just like her sword, cold and emotionless with chilling murderous intent filling the sky! Even though she had a stunning appearance, no one would notice her beauty; they were, instead, in dread of her monstrous killing intent!

After hearing about Li Qiye wanting to attack the Ancient Kingdom’s grotto, her eyes glinted with two cold sword-like lights! Eventually, the sword lights disappeared as Bai Jianzhen fell into silence.

For someone who used the sword to prove her dao, and killing to enter the dao, her cultivation was more pure and emotionless than anyone else.

Her supreme Sword Dao was to courageously progress on without fear, just like a treasure sword. Meet gods, slay gods; meet devils, cut devils!

However, declaring war against the Ancient Kingdom — this matter made her question her heart! If it was her, would she be able to declare war against the Ancient Kingdom? Furiously washing the world with blood no matter who the enemy was, whether gods or devils, only living for the battle!

I am invincible! This was the most resolute fearless heart for a cultivator. Only with such a dauntless willpower would one be able to reach the highest peak!

So after hearing such news, Bai Jianzhen spoke to her heart in order to contemplate about this question.

In fact, Bai Jianzhen was not the only person thinking about this question. Many young prodigies and undying beings all wondered whether they would declare war on the Ancient Kingdom if they were in the same position.

Ultimately, many people only lightly sighed. At least, they would choose to compromise, unlike the arrogant and lawless Li Qiye who directly clashed against the Ancient Kingdom like this!

“Hmph, this thing doesn’t know life from death. How could a junior like him shake such a monstrous existence like the Ancient Kingdom!” There were predecessors from the last generation who coldly sneered. In their minds, Li Qiye did not know his limits.