Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2136

Outside Ye's Manor.

Ye Yu cupped his hands to the old man and the two middle-aged men in front of him. "Chatelain Jiang, lord of the Li Family, and lord of the Zhang family. I am really sorry, the great elder is resting so he can't see any guests for the time being. However, the three of you can wait for half an hour, the great elder should wake up at that time."

The lord of the Li family's slightly narrowed his eyes. "Let us wait for half an hour?"

Ye Yu nodded a little and smiled, "Of course, if the three of you don't want to wait, you can leave anytime you like!"

After that, he turned and left.

There was really no need for the present Ye Family to do things according to other's favor. Although the overall strength of the Ye Family was not as good as the other three families, all the Ye family members were convinced that in the near future, the other three families could only look up to the Ye Family.

Seeing Ye Yu leave, the faces of Li Yu and the others' suddenly looked surly.

Li Yu said unkindly, "This great elder of Ye's Manor gives himself such airs!"

The Chatelain of Qing City said dryly. "Now they have Ye Lang, so naturally they can treat us any way they please."

Standing at one side, the lord of the Zhang family, Zhang Lie, said with a smile, "This is 'when a man attains the Tao, even his pets ascend to heaven'. However, this great elder does things in such an arrogant and indiscreet way, it's not a good thing for the Ye Family."

With this, he looked at Li Yu and Jiang Nian. "Both of you, we still hesitate whether or not we will join hands. Now it seems that we have no other choice!"

Jiang Nian and Li Yu looked at each other. Soon, the three men nodded. Obviously, the attitude of the Ye Family made them have to join hands together.

After an hour, the three of them entered the meeting hall of the Ye Family.

The great elder went to meet them, and he cupped his fists. "I am really sorry. Recently, I have been sleeping too much. The three of you, please forgive me!"

Jiang Nian said with a smile, "Oh, it's nothing, you have been very busy recently. We understand you, we understand!"

The great elders gave a laugh. "Come here, please sit down."

Jiang Nian and the others sat down. The great elder glanced at the three people and smiled. "The three of you come to the Manor together today. Is there anything that I should know?"

Li Yu smiled and said, "We naturally have come here to congratulate the Ye Family for having obtained a chosen one which is a happy event in our Qing City! Congratulations!"

The great elder laughed and said, "Ye Lang has woken up and attracted the vision of heaven and earth. This is God's blessing."

With this, he took a sip from his teacup. Then he said with a laugh, "Thank you all for coming to congratulate Ye Lang."

At this time, Li Nian, the lord of Li family, got up and cupped his hands, "Great elder, there have been many unpleasant things between the Li family and the Ye family, please forgive me."

The lord of Zhang, Zhang Lie, also stood up and cupped his fists. "Great elder, if our previous conflicts have caused you any offense, please forgive me."

The Zhang family and the Li family once could be said to be deadly enemies of the Ye family, especially the Zhang family. The previous Heir Apparent of the Ye Family was killed by the Zhang family.

However, now the Zhang family and the Li Family had no choice but to bow their heads, because the Ye Family had obtained a chosen one who was able to attract the vision of heaven and earth. If this time they were unwilling to submit, they would have to submit in the future.

The great elder took a sip of tea but gave no answer.

With his silence, the atmosphere in the field was instantly somber.

Zhang Lie looked at Jiang Nian, the leader of Chatelain's Manor, who was not far away. Jiang Nian smiled slightly. "Great elder, we are all from Qing City which is a tiny place. In this small city, people meet regularly, it's inevitable that there are a few conflicts. Now the Ye Family is bound to rise. Its opponents will certainly be some rich and powerful families. What do you think?"

The great elder smiled a little. "Now that brother Jiang starts the topic, what else can I say? How about this: my family has had a very hard time in recent years. So you hand over the right to the gold mines to the Ye Family for the next ten years. How about that?"

Hearing his words, everyone's face suddenly fell, or to be exact, they were angry.

"Gold mines!"

What do these aristocratic families in Qing City depend on to survive? Of course, they lived on gold mines. The conflict between these families was also around these gold mines. There were some gold mines around Qing City, so every time a mine was discovered, they would basically have a death match! Not a single family wanted to give it up, because the gold mines represented their resources. If a family was deprived of resources, the people above couldn't cultivate and the people below couldn't train. If this situation went on, its extinction was only a matter of time!

Now, the Ye Family asked for mining rights for ten years at the very beginning, which meant that the other families could not gain anything from Qing City in the next ten years!

Although they wouldn't go so far as to be wiped out, they would go through a very tough time in the next ten years.

Not far away, Jiang Nian, the owner of Qing City, glanced at the great elder. He did not speak, and bowed his head to drink his tea.

However, within his eyes, it was all cold.

Not only Zhang Nian, but the other two's face also looked ugly.

Although they were ready to be ripped off before they came, they had never thought that the Ye Family would be so malicious.

The great elder looked at them and said with a smile, "Rest assured. Ten years later, Ye Lang will probably have become a man on the mountain. At that time, hehe..."

Hearing him say this, the expression of Jiang Nian and the others suddenly changed!

"A man on the mountain!"

It meant he would join a real, strong force in the world. The meaning of the great elder's words was obviously a threat! An undisguised threat!

"Once Ye Lang joins those forces, he would only need the slightest effort to destroy them."

When they thought about that case, Jiang Nian and the others exchanged a look. Finally, Jiang Nian got up and cupped his fists. "Since the Ye Family is in difficulties, the right of mining for the next decade around Qing City will belong to the Ye Family."

The great elder smiled and cupped his fists. "Thank you for that."

Jiang Nian nodded. "Then we have to go now."

After that, the four people turned and left.

At this time, Ye Yu walked into the hall, and he said in a heavy tone, "Great elder, this time you have offended them all!"


The great elder sneered. "Should the Ye Family be afraid of offending them now? When Ye Lang becomes a man on the mountain, it will take him less than a minute to destroy them. Only asking for mining rights for ten years, I have already shown them the greatest mercy."

After that, he went off in a huff.

Outside Ye's Manor.

Just when Jiang Nian and the other two went out of Ye's Manor, their looks became ferocious.

"That's going too far!"

Zhang Lie said wrathfully, "Once the Ye Family is in power, they are going to drive away and exterminate everyone."

Li Yu said icily, "That Ye Lang is the chosen one who can attract the vision of heaven and earth. Now that the Ye Family has Ye Lang, let alone us, they even look down upon the Chatelain's Manor."

Jiang Nian shook his head. "Stop it. We have to swallow our pride and bear this. You should not worry about it, we will wait and see. Good times don't last long, the Ye Family act so arrogantly and overbearingly that they will definitely encounter misfortunes someday!"

After he said that, they turned around and disappeared at the gate of Ye's Manor.

With the compromise of the Li Family, the Zhang family, and the Chatelain's Manor, everyone in the Ye family were puffed up at once!

In the past, the Ye Family was somewhat servile to the other families. But now, because of Ye Lang, the entire Ye family had gained confidence!

Moreover, many juniors of the Ye Family considered themselves to be the best aristocratic family in Qing City. Not only did those juniors of the Ye Family think so, even the elders agreed.

Now, almost everyone adored Ye Lang and some of them remembered Ye Xuan at this moment.

"Have you heard that Ye Xuan has not been out of his courtyard for a long time?"

"Does he dare to go out? Now, among the younger generation of Qing City, whom will Ye Lang be afraid of? No, it's among the entire young generation of Jiang Country. Brother Ye Lang is the most outstanding one! As for this Ye Xuan, I am afraid he is not even qualified to be Ye Lang's servant."

"It's true. Hey, if he prostrated to apologize in the beginning, he would be able to keep his life."

"Who cares of his life and death, do you know how dignified we youths of the Ye Family are outside? Yesterday I came across a Childe of the Zhang family. I slapped him in the face the very first time I saw him, and he didn't even dare fart!"

"Haha, I met the Heir Apparent of the Li Family in Yichun Yard who previously only put Ye Xuan in his eyes. But yesterday, I ordered him to fuck off, he didn't dare fart either, which really made me extremely delighted!"

"Isn't it? Now our Ye Family is in command of Qing City. All this is brought by brother Ye Lang. Go, go, let's go to visit brother Ye Lang..."

Inside the Prison World Tower.

Holding the Ling Xiao sword, Ye Xuan slashed ceaselessly.

Practicing crazily!

For Ye Xuan, what he had to do now was to become a swordsman. Having only his sister to depend on for survival, he was very aware of the importance of strength. Especially after this event, he understood more clearly: once a man falls into disgrace, he is no better than a dog!

Even if he did so much for the Ye family and made so many contributions, the Ye Family still abandoned him as they pleased.

A person could only rely on himself!

In the tower, Ye Xuan did not know how many times he had slashed his sword. But now, he was able to cut a hair with one single sword strike. It could be said that he was now a sword cultivator.

However, it was not good enough!

His current application of speed and strength could only be regarded as a common sword cultivator, and he still had a little gap from becoming a great sword cultivator!

When he was practicing, he wasn't aware of the time. Time passed quickly. In no time, the life and death appointment was only less than three days away!

This day, Ye Xuan went out of the Prison World Tower. Just when he was out of the tower, his brow wrinkled, because this was the time for Ye Ling to deliver food!

"Did anything happen to her?"

Ye Xuan quickly rushed to Ye Ling's room. At this time, Ye Ling was lying in bed and shivering, and there was even some white frost on her hair!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan's face changed greatly. He instantly ran to take out the white jade bottle. However, there was nothing in the white jade bottle!

"The Dan pills are all used up!"

Ye Xuan gave himself a slap. "Damn, I forgot that the Dan pills ran out. I really fucking deserve to die!"

With his words, he slapped himself again, and then he hurriedly rubbed Ye Ling's cheek and said in a trembling voice, "Wait, wait for your brother, I will come back soon!"

After he said that, he rushed out of the room like crazy and ran straight to the pharmacy of Ye's Manor.

"Ye Xuan is out!"

Upon seeing Ye Xuan, the news was spread soon by the juniors of the Ye Family, and some busybodies actually ran over to encircle Ye Xuan.

If it was before, they certainly would not dare to do so. But now, with the rise of Ye Lang, these juniors of the Ye Family did not fear Ye Xuan like before.

On the way, a group of juniors suddenly stopped Ye Xuan. Ye Feng, the group leader, was also the grandson of the great elder and the cousin of Ye Lang.

Ye Feng glanced at Ye Xuan and smiled, "Ye Xuan, you have hidden for so many days, how did you find time to run out today?"

Ye Xuan ignored Ye Feng and others. He continued walking toward the pharmacy in the distance. But Ye Feng moved to stand in front of Ye Xuan. He laughed, "Ye Xuan, seeing you in such a hurry, is your invalid sister going to die? If so, then I must congratulate you in advance. After all, you will have one less burden in the future, you..."

Right at this moment, before Ye Feng could react, Ye Xuan went straight to him and launched an explosive punch at his throat.


There was a sound of bones crunching.

Everyone was petrified.

And that Ye Feng widened his eyes, but his eyeballs were cracked.

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly pulled out the dagger at his waist and cut Ye Feng's throat.


Ye Feng's head dropped right away!

Ye Xuan put away his dagger, and he glanced at the juniors of the Ye Family aggressively. "Who dares mutter any dissent about my sister? I'll fucking make you unable to say anything more in your life!"