Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2248

Chapter 2248: 2248

He eventually left the cave and descended down the mountain .

From the main mountain were multiple waterfalls pouring downward . The other mountains in the vicinity had waterfalls as well but they couldn’t compare to the main ones . The main ones looked like rivers from the heavens; one could see them from a thousand miles away .

The waterfalls eventually gathered into a massive lake at the bottom, looking no different from an ocean .

Islands were hidden by the mists just like pearls on this lake named Alchemy Lake by others . One could see boats coming back and forth . The islands did have natives but the majority of people were just tourists .

Li Qiye focused his gaze at the waterfalls streaming down the mountains and continued to be impressed by Alchemy Immortal . He walked alongside a particular stream to make his way down .

Alchemy Hut had plenty of herbs and plants . However, there was one native thing only available in this place - Alchemy Wood .

Rumor has it that there was one divine tree growing somewhere on the main mountain . Each year, some old branches would fall down along the streams . This process would take a very long time so the branches were truly immersed in the water . They eventually sank to the bottom due to their immense weight and be covered by the river bed .

Another million years would pass then these branches would become Alchemy Wood .

Gestated by both the waterfalls and earth, they contained the essences of this land . This made it as precious as gold, or even more so .

Just a tiny piece would be quite costly . A particularly old one would have a sky-high price .

Many disciples in the system would try to find them in the streams . However, Longevity Valley didn’t allow for reckless excavation so it was quite hard to find them . Nevertheless, for a nobody, finding one would make them rich overnight .  

Li Qiye followed the stream and watched the current . He was a bit interested in this special wood, but not in and of itself .

He eventually made it to the great lake with its scintillating and golden surface, quite a beautiful scene .

The dazzlingness of the lake didn’t interest him as much as one tiny island with no inhabitants .

“There are spirits in all things, truly interesting . ” He commented with amusement .

He took out a shovel and began to dig the shallow water, ignoring the mud and soil dirtying his robe .


Mu Yalan and Qin Shaoyao have been trying to find Li Qiye for several days to no avail . This made them quite anxious until a disciple reported that he had appeared by the lake . The two ran there with haste with their fans right behind them .

They didn’t like these unwanted tails but they couldn’t chase them away either . They thought it would be so nice if their First Sister was here .

Fan Miaozhen had too many schemes . If she was here, she could easily lose these young fellas . Yalan and Shaoyao didn’t have this ability since they normally only focused on their own field instead of socializing .

The two had no choice but to be out in public right now in order to find Li Qiye . The most excellent among the crowd were Zhang Yan and Hu Qingniu - cranes among a flock of chicken . They easily overwhelmed their love rivals .

The two girls got on a boat and paid attention to the islands . Many suitors did the same . Miaozhen would have come up with ways to throw them into the water, but Yalan and Shaoyao couldn’t .

“Miss Mu, are you enjoying the lake’s sceneries?” Zhang Yan came forward with what he considered to be his most handsome smile - one as bright as the sun .

He was indeed a handsome fella with a strong background . Many girls considered him to be their prince on a white horse, but he only had eyes for Yalan .

“Finding medicine . ” She answered coldly . It wasn’t an act since this was her natural demeanor .

“May I ask which kind? I’m quite familiar with the ones here, maybe I can be of service . ” The rather quiet Qingniu seized the opportunity to jump in .

This normally arrogant doctor was a man of few words . He looked down on speaking to those he considered beneath his station . However, he wanted to show off in front of Qin Shaoyao, hoping to make a good impression .

“Thank you, but it is alright . ” Shaoyao shook her head and refused in such a gentle manner .

“The two of you are too reserved, we’re all family, no need for that . Plus, Longevity Valley is the orthodox branch, it is fine for us to be the errand boys . ” Zhang Yan quickly added .

“My medicinal trove has many different medicines, may I ask what you are looking for? Maybe I have it already . ” Qingniu came up with a way to make the beauty happy .

“That’s right, the two of you are being too polite right now . Longevity Valley’s problem is our problem . Just let us help you find whatever you need . ” A different youth said .

Yalan stopped replying and continued looking over at the islands while Shaoyao politely shook her head .

The two of them didn’t talk about Li Qiye’s disappearance, using finding medicine as an excuse .

Zhang Yan and Qingniu became awkward since the girls weren’t responding . Zhang Yan came up with something else and said: “Brother Hu, are there any interesting story during your medical journey?”

“Not much, just busy with finding medicine and saving people . I suppose I’ve seen some interesting illness recently and spent some time researching them . ” Qingniu contemplated before answering .

His answer was only to impress Shaoyao . He didn’t have time to waste saving people .

Zhang Yan didn’t have a response since he wasn’t good at medicine . Talking about this subject would only make Qingniu look better .

“However, Brother Miracle is coming out of his cultivation and will participate in the ceremony this time around . ” Zhang Yan changed the topic .

He knew about the relationship between Everlasting and Longevity, so this was a way to attract Mu Yalan’s attention .

“Mmm, I have heard rumors of him wanting to have a dao discussion with Longevity Sage . ” Qingniu immediately replied .

But he immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing because the sage was the two girls’ master . This particular topic could annoy the two .

Zhang Yan wanted to strangle the guy . He might be a good doctor but was so bad at idle chatting . He could save people but could kill a conversation right away . This was driving Zhang Yan crazy .